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Author Topic: A Greek Tale  (Read 1291 times)

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A Greek Tale
« on: June 22, 2010, 02:41:44 PM »
The sun was slowly setting down. Kallisto walked slowly towards the river holding a large vessel in her right hand. The grass was tickling her bare feet but she seemed not to pay any attention to it. She was a beautiful woman of 23 years old, with long dark wavy hair and sparkly green eyes like precious emeralds. She wore a white peplos which covered her delicate legs, only revealing her ankles. Kallisto reached the crystal clear river and set down the vessel. She bowed down on her knees and leaned towards the water. Her beautiful figure reflected in the deep waters as she formed a cup with her palms and sank it into the cold river. She washed her face with the water then reached for the vessel besides her and filled it with the refreshing liquid. She stopped for a moment and admired the beauty of the nature, the last rays of sun reflecting in the water.

Kallisto sighed softly, lift the vessel up and started walking back to her home. She lived outside the village with her father, in a small house near the forest. Her father told her when she was old enough to understand things, that her mother was the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. She knew she wasn't just a common mortal but she didn't like to act like a demi-goddess. Despite the fact her mother was the one sharing love for everyone, Kallisto was never lucky with love.

She walked through the field and then the dense dark forest until she started to see her home through the tree line. Her father was working near the house and smiled to her as she entered the house and put the vessel on the table. After that, she went and opened an encrusted wooden chest. Inside it was a beautiful yellow peplos, one she used to wear on special occasions and today it was special day. The villagers were holding a feast that night to bring offers to Zeus. She let her white peplos fall to the ground, revealing her beautifully sculpted curves. Quickly, she got dressed with the golden peplos, arranged her hair and put a yellow flower in it. She left the house, waved at her father and started walking in the direction of the village.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2010, 04:24:39 PM »
Watching eagerly from a nearby branch on a nearby tree was two small eyes bleeding through leaves. The minion of a certain someone keeping close watch on a soon to be bride, when one can not have first place he goes for second. Hades was down below, keeping a tight lip on his domain but an ever watchful eye on Kallisto up above. Second to Aphrodite herself, though keeping a leash on a dog you don’t own always takes expert movement of the pawn pieces on your chessboard.

“There she is,” Hades spoke to his large pet Cerberus, “My Princess, in all her beauty! Just ready for the picking, like a ripe apple from a tree, she’ll be so perfect. Yes,” The dark lumbering figure slowly swiped his hand over a bubbling like cauldron, “Now to call the fates and cut the one of her last ties to the mortal world... her father.” Chuckling, no, cackling to himself as he beckoned the Moirae (The Three Witches of Fate) to his side. “Dear sisters,” Hades greeted with oddly open arms, “I’ve a grand proposition for you.”

“You know we only cut the strings as they form,” The prettiest of the three responded.

“But what is a favor between friends?” The girls responded with a snort but were listening. “I wish a mortal life taken early. My princess and queen needs a-“

“Alright, Hades but we’re not taking anyone to young this time,” Interrupted the tallest of the three.

“Perfect. He is an old man anyway. Soon to grace my steps without my meddling, he is simply taking too much time.”

"Point him out and get out of our way," Said the short and ugly one as Hades did exactly what he was told. Grinning a pleasant grin at the thought he had of getting things into motion. The first pawn moved on the gameboard and one of the most important.

(OOC: So being a bit eager to RP I figured I'd make things aware etc. BUT I'm not jumping ahead and killing people off before the two main characters get their chance to mingle. Also... any minor NPCs you guys want me to play just drop an OOC hint in the post and I'll run it. :D )

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2010, 01:35:49 AM »
The air had its familiar smokey feel about it as Bianor sat on the anvil staring into the dying flames of the forge. As the second son of the villages blacksmith, it fell to him to ensure the fire was out. It was in these times he would think about his life and where it was leading, not likely to inherit the family's livelihood he was expected to find an apprenticeship from another trade.
 At 26 he was getting on in terms of settling down in life. A fact his father and elder brother made well aware to him every chance they had. He moved over to the door to get some fresh air when he happened to glance down the road out of the village, there she was Kallisto in all her glory, ready for the feast tonight no doubt, he thought to himself.

*sigh* Never would I have a chance with a girl like that. Muttering away as he headed back to the forge to douse the remaining embers.
 He removed his leather apron and hung it up as he heard the back door creak open. Strolling in, his father looked round, inspecting the worktops and forge. Nodding silently as he passed by the days work he came face to face with Bianor.
Dropping a number of coins into his hand and grunting he turned around and walked back out. Smirking Bainor pocketed the coins and made his way out into the cooling evening air.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2010, 01:17:49 PM »
Kallisto followed the narrow path to the village. As she got closer to the Greek establishment, she could hear the loud noises that were coming from it. The villagers were celebrating, no doubt. That year had been a good one for the village, their crops were richer than ever and no major conflict appeared  between the inhabitants. The villagers were very thankful to their gods and goddesses and organized a feast to honor the most powerful of the gods, Zeus. Kallisto reached to village's gates and walked peacefully on the narrow streets until she reached the heart of the village where the imposing temple stood under the starry sky.

There were large torches lit and placed all around the center of the village. In their soft light, she examined the surroundings and decided to sit down on one of the temple's steps and watch the celebration. Some of the people were dancing and drinking wine, while others were gathered in small groups discussing. She liked to participate in these events, because living outside the village would make her feel lonely sometimes. Yes, she had her father, whom she loved with all of her heart, but she felt the need of a much younger company, of an age similar to hers.

She sighed gently and looked at the sumptuous statue of Zeus which could be seen through the temple's pillars. She didn't notice a small group of people approaching her and when she turned around, it was too late to leave as they blocked her path. It was a group of three local young men and she could feel they had been drinking lots of wine that night.
"Oh beautiful Kallisto, what brings you tonight to our humble village?" laughed ironically the tallest of them.
She didn't want to cause any trouble so she bowed down her gaze, looking very uncomfortable. All she wanted was to enjoy the night in anonymity but it seemed this wasn't possible anymore.

"Leave her alone!" she heard a young man's voice coming from nearby.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2010, 09:58:58 AM »
As Bianor strolled along the path after leaving the forge he decided to go give praise to Zeus. The temple was not far and he had time before the main feasting began. A massive building with glowing white pillars and brightly coloured marble flooring, Bianor walked through and stopped in front of the towering statue of the god. He knelt and started offering his praise.

Just as he started he heard some voices passing close to the temple.

*hiccup* "This piss poor wine gets weaker every damn year, so much for a bountiful harvest" commented a harsh throaty voice floated on the wind.

"What you expect these days, everyone seems concerned with their money" a second voice said.

Bianor moved over to the side of the temple, not wanting to be noticed by anyone, he edged himself close to the entrance to make a hasty retreat incase they came in.

"Here lads" a third voice emerged "Look aint that Kallisto standing there"

"Ho ho, how about a little fun lads"

Anger rising through him Bianor slinked from pillar to pillar following the trio.

"Oh beautiful Kallisto, what brings you tonight to our humble village?" He heard one of them say, he could just see Kallisto bowing her head. His anger at the drunk fools messing around with her burst and he moved around to the side of them and moved out of the temples Shadow.

"Leave her alone" His voice no more than a growl.

The trio span round to face this unexpected voice to see Bianor standing there, a look of fury on his face.
"Whats it to you smithy, keep your sooty nose out of it" The tallest one of the the three rasped. Chuckling away his companions started fanning out just slightly ready to fight if it came to it.

"Can you not see the lady feels uncomfortable, just leave her alone and go back to your drinking"
Bianor stood his ground, he glanced past the men to see Kallisto stood there staring at the scene, no doubt thinking what a fool he was. The tallest guy walked over and faced up to Bianor. "Think your tough and stand up for the whore? What if we just had a bit of fun with you then moved onto her, letting you watch hey, how does that make you feel?"

Backing off slightly Bianor smiled at the man, although there was three of them, being the son of a blacksmith had given him a strong and fit body, sparring with his brother gave him fighting experience. The anger rising inside him *how dare they disrespect the lady* he thought to himself. Without thinking he took a swing, slipping the taller man on the chin and sent him sprawling. The two others stood there gawping at what had just happened and start advancing on Bianor. Taking a crouching stance he readied himself for them.

Just then a group of revellers from the festivities wandered over shouting their thanks to Zeus. The two men left standing wanted not to be found here fighting and quickly grabbed their companion and dragged him off. Once all parties had moved off Bianor looked around to find Kallisto walking off towards the village square. He jogged over to her.
"Ar...are you oki?" He asked, his heart in its mouth as she turned to him with a wide stare. Those beautiful emeralds like deeper than oceans, she look fragile at that moment.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2010, 12:57:45 PM »
The fates draw their string and gently ready Kallisto's father's life in their hands. Cackling and laughing like shrews as they slowly drew the poor man's life and stretched between two long hands. Then, with the quick clip of scissors, the old man's life was ended, falling over in his fields while tending to some minor work for the night before tending to the festival. "We have done what you asked," Said the short and ugly one, "No leave us to our work!"

"Excellent, now to check on my little-" The figure moves to what he was looking through to the mortal world with. The bubbling cauldron showing the eyes of a small creature bobbing and weaving among the human crowds, a squirrel to be exact, and that creatures eyes saw one heck of a sight. A young man coming to the aid of a damsel, “What’s this!? What are you showing me!? Who is this and why is he touching MY Kallisto.” In a rage the figure smashed fists down and spilled the liquid in the boiling pot over on the ground, the sizzle of the magical-like potion burning the ground. “SISTERS I NEED ANOTHER ONE!”

“You’ve played enough with fate.” The three Moirae chimed together, “Kill him the normal way.”

“Wenches,” The figure of death cursed under his breath before forming an idea. “We shall wait and see, at first. Follow them and keep watch while I go talk with someone nasty.”

The little squirrel then moving up to the young boy and Kallisto with a cute little smile, a messenger from the gods and a token of good luck, it sat and stared at the two for awhile to see if anything would become of them.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #6 on: June 25, 2010, 01:28:03 PM »
Kallisto lift her gaze up and saw a beautiful young man approaching them from inside the temple. His eyes were sparkling with fury as he was looking at the trio next to her. She didn't recognize him at first but then she remembered she'd seen him not long ago when she passed by the village's blacksmith. The young man was now standing next to the men. She remembered his name ... Bianor.

"Can you not see the lady feels uncomfortable, just leave her alone and go back to your drinking" he said in a firm voice.
She looked at him embarrassed but feeling grateful for his intervention. One of the men replied to the young man's words with more offending words at her address. She could see Bianor's face cloud with anger as he attacked the man who said those horrible things about her. His companions seemed surprised by his attack. She studied his body for a moment, he was tall and well built, he could have easily defeated the other two young men.

Kallisto stood up from the steps and started walking off towards the village square. She tried to draw as little attention as possible towards her as she was leaving the scene. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her and turned a bit alarmed. It was Bianor asking if she was okay. She bowed her head down, a soft shade of blush appearing on her cheeks.
"Yes, thank you very much for your help" she said in a soft voice.

She was embarrassed about what those men said about her in front of Bianor and she turned away from him. She started walking slowly towards home but her heart was filled with fear at the thought those men could be following her on her way home. She felt the touch of a firm hand on her shoulder.

"I can't let you go alone, not after what just happened. May I join you?" he said to her worriedly.

She nodded in acceptance and they both started walking towards the village's gates. She didn't dare say anything to him on their way through the forest. They reached close to her home when Kallisto felt something was wrong. There was no light, nothing that would signal somebody was home. A cold shiver ran through her body as she started running towards the small house with Bianor following her closely. She quickly opened the door but there was nobody inside. Her father should have been inside by that time as it was very late. She rushed outside and ran towards where she last saw her father when she left for the feast.

Kallisto saw a body laying in the grass. She felt her feet tremble and her voice perish slowly as she knelt down next to the body. She touched her father's  body but it was cold and breathless. Heavy tears started running down on her cheeks as she leaned and put her head on his chest. 

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2010, 01:53:08 AM »
As they approached the house of Kallisto's father, Bianor felt the tension radiating from the girl. Something was wrong.
Kallisto started running to the house and he jogged over, still not sure what was wrong. She then rushed out the back door into the garden, following just behind her she stopped suddenly just past her he could see a body laying there, slumped on the ground.

As she knelt he moved and stood behind her as tears washed down her face, he put his arm on her shoulder to steady her.

"Why....why" She repeated, half stuttering as the emotion poured out, she slumped forward and cradled her father in her soft arms wishing him to wake.

Bianor walked around the garden to see of any sign that would explain what had happened but none was there.
Heart attack he surmised. Turning back to face Kallisto he moved up to her knelt down and looked at the body. He had seen death before so it did not phase him, in his 15th year his mother passed away through sickness, watching her slowly dwindle away had numbed him, his emotion and feelings bottled away.
He brought his hands up to move her hair out of her eyes, he dark locks glistening in the last rays of sun where tears had soaked in. She lifted her head and gazed into his eyes, her emerald pools. She looked so vulnerable, so alone.
He helped her up and moved her into the house and sat her down on the floor, he moved to the hearth and got a small fire working. He sat down next her and she fell into his arms, nuzzling into his shoulder crying, in the distance he could hear the festivities starting.
"How can they carry on without knowing what has happened" he thought to himself.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2010, 04:39:08 PM »
"A snake?" Hades says with an annoyed question. "All you could summon up for me, today, was a snake!?"  A small impish creature was making minions and beasts for Hades to toss at mortals for pure fun. A creature not important enough for any to really know but a creature that did it's job. "Of all the beasts and creatures mortal and god have dealt with you bring me a snake!?" The imp shivers and cowers in fear, the wrath of any god not something to be messed with. "Fine, send it after the mortal male and make sure he gets the message that staying with Kallisto means his death."

The squirrel that had been doing it's job and watching the two love birds. If Hades had been watching he'd have enjoyed the tears but the comfort would have driven him even more angry than he was at the stupid little beast who spawned the snake. A monster that would be meeting young Bianor in due time. Not now, but very soon.

For now, the two had their time if they wished it. The festival to celebrate Zeus going firmly and fast as the harvest bounty was shared among  gods and mortals alike. A grand party of dancing, drinking and fun was unaware to the hardship and events that had only just transpired just a moment or two ago. Everyone but the two in the hearth seemed to be enjoying the grand time.

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2010, 03:49:34 PM »
Kallisto stood there crying, warm tears rolling down on her cheeks. She couldn't believe what happened to her beloved father. Everything was okay when she left for the feast, he was working in the garden and he looked happy and safe. Now there he was, laying cold before her. Still in shock, she felt Bianor's hands helping her get inside the house and she watched him absently while he lit a small fire. Without her father she was all alone in this world, nobody to protect her, nobody to advise her when she was in trouble. The loud noises coming from the village startled her for a moment but then she realized they were coming from the feast where nobody was aware what happened in the forest.

A pleasant warmth filled the room as the logs slowly burnt in the hearth. She saw Bianor take a seat next to her and sighed softly.
"He's always been here for me for as long as I can remember. I never knew my mother in person but he never blamed her for having to raise me all by himself given her "situation". When I was 5 years old we moved here from the village. He was worried that the fact Aphrodite was my mother, could attract unwanted attention and trouble once I grew up into a young woman." she said in a sad voice looking at the flames. "We lived here ever since, nothing disturbed our peace until tonight ..." she sighed as another warm tear formed in the corner of her emerald eye. "I don't understand what happened but it wasn't his time yet!" Kallisto said angrily while tears started falling again. She leaned and put her head into Bianor's lap, her eyes still looking towards the fire, watching the strange shadows the flames created on the walls. She felt his hand run smoothly through her hair trying to calm her down while his other hand gently wiped some of the tears on her cheeks. Deep down inside she was happy he was there with her through those difficult times, even though he was almost a stranger to her. "Thank you." she murmured slowly as she fell asleep in his arms.

Kallisto woke up scared from a terrible nightmare. Her father died and his soul descended into the dark Underworld ruled by the ruthless Hades, instead of following the path to the calm Elysian fields. She shook her head to drive away that awful image and looked around. The fireplace was now cold, only some ash and soot reminded her of last night. She stood up and went to open the door. Bianor, who was in the yard looking at the sunrise, turned towards her, as he heard her approach him.   

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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #10 on: July 03, 2010, 02:02:22 AM »
Kallisto drifted off to sleep in his arms and he remained there holding her. The feelings were confusing, he was sad for her but there was a terrible anger in him, an anger at her father for leaving her.
"No," he thought to himself "it is not his fault"
He heard the first bird call, dawn approaching. He did not realize how long he had been sat there cradling Kallisto. He gently laid her down and headed towards the door. As he opened it the crisp air hot him and he could seen the brightening sky to the east. He took a deep breath and yawned, glad that because of the feast the market place would be closed that day.

As he stood there wondering whether to just go home or not when he heard footsteps behind him, turning he saw Kallisto approaching him. She stopped near him, her eyes still red from the crying of the previous night.
An awkward silence descended as they stood there staring at each other. Bianor feelings of anger and sadness evaporated as he looked at her face. With the sun slowly rising the first rays hit her soft skin and she appeared to glow. He cursed himself for thinking of her beauty at a time like this.
Kallisto was the first to break the silence.
"Would you like some food?" She asked with a quivering voice.
"That would be nice" he replied, thinking it best to stay with her for now.

Bianor walked up to her and she took his hand, leading him back into the house. He took a seat by the worktop as she bustled around the kitchen area.
It suddenly hit him. HER FATHER! The body was still just outside, how had he not seen or remembered it? Had Kallisto seen it whilst they were out there.
Quickly he stood, Kallisto spun around and she saw the look on his face.
"We must tell someone, your father needs to be put to rest" he said urgently, as she stood there her face creased up and tears began to form around the edges of her eyes.
Suddenly she left the house, running as fast as she could. Bianor made after her but figured that she no doubt wanted time to herself. He left the house and went to the body, it still lay there, unmoved and untouched. He started off towards the village to tell the guards.
As he was walking he wondered if Kallisto was alright.
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Re: A Greek Tale
« Reply #11 on: July 03, 2010, 06:18:02 AM »
Cursing and raving about the luck he had woven from gaining only a simple snake to go after a young weak mortal, Hades moved himself back to where he was once before. The bubbling pot now being filled with more minor minions, doing bidding of the under-lord's ruler, one of them looking oddly failure. An older gentleman paying his dues before being granted passage to the pit of souls. "How long do they intend to let you wait, father of Kallisto?" Hades was almost mocking in the words he asked, moving to the pot more and peering inside.

On the other side of the mortal coil the following squirrel beast was eying the scene as he was told. Keeping an ever watchful eye and making sure to keep distance so as kept unseen. Do not shoot the messenger, one would say, as the little fuzz ball showed Hades' plan backfiring horribly. Driving a woman's father to death as she meets a new man only pulling them together.


That fist of his cam crashing down once again spilling the cauldron over and making a horrendous burning mess on his otherwise pristine and dark boding floor. "This isn't working!" Turning with his rage set on anyone that would take it, Hades struck out at what was left of Kallisto's father. "Until your daughter becomes mine, your spirit shall not rest!" It was then that the old man's spirit returned to his already partially rotted corpse. Bianor long gone by this time, though the old man who was once Kallisto's father not the man he once was. His spirit caught between the two plains, his body now a walking capsule of emptiness. "And send that snake before I decide to go bother Athena for something worse!"

Not much encouragement was needed for the little beasts, minions and souls who wanted to be freed to do as they were told. Quickly the highly poisonous snake was dropped not far from where Blanor was now walking. The snake would stalk his new pray, being large in size but that not the real fear. A snake of a poison so powerful it was feared that a single drop could kill Hercules himself, though the snake itself being typical in strength. "Kill the mortal so I might not bother the fates, once again!"