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Started by Surrender, June 21, 2010, 03:16:53 PM

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I just finished reading 'Gone With The Wind' for the millionth time, and finally, it struck me.

The author leaves you wanting, leaves the ending like there will be a sequel, but has never written one, for reasons of her own I am sure.

The story of Scarlett is a fascinating one, and it's a story that defined the era. It details the fall of the confederacy through the eyes of a spoiled brat of a southern belle, a girl who is as beautiful as she is rotten. Through out the book, she marries a man who loves her simply to get back at someone else, and after he dies marries her sister's fiancé for his money, and finally, after her second husband is dead, marries the infamous Rhett Butler.

This is what I'd like the role-play to revolve around. Scarlett's relationship with Rhett is dysfunctional at best. They are so well matched in behavior and style that it's incredible, they are each as sarcastic, selfish, stylish, and determined as the other. Rhett is the only man who has ever matched wits with Scarlett, and the only
man she couldn't control, the only one who could see through her beautiful face to the ugly person underneath. And, despite everything, he comes to love her for her deception, for her beauty, and for her desperation.

However, Scarlett is too obsessed with the unrequited love of a childhood friend to see Rhett's love, and when she finally realizes it, she's lost him.

I want to rewrite this. I want to give her time to realize his love for her and be able to persue the most passionate and mind blowing love the literary world has ever heard of.

If you are interested in this story and feel up for the challenge of taking on the character of Rhett, please PM me. I, of course, will play as Scarlett.

Thank you,