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Author Topic: A Victorian Tale (Artemis and Moonbaby)  (Read 557 times)

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A Victorian Tale (Artemis and Moonbaby)
« on: June 21, 2010, 03:38:08 AM »
A quick Summary of my character: Artemis Highmore has server nearly thirty years on the grand estate of Duke William Banesfield. Born into the life, he spent his youth in the fields, working under the hot son. Eventually he was chosen by the Duke to be the apprentice of the stable master. With the passing of the stable master in the winder to Artemis' twenty fourth year, he was elevated to the position. He has spent almost four years in the position, loving the work and the animals with passion and holding a deep loyalty to the Duke.

The sun hung in the western sky, making its steady progress towards the distant mountains. The air hummed with the summer insects, busily going about their short lives with an energy that outshone humans. Mixed with the ever present buzzing were the scrap of a metal fork and the soft collapsing of piles of hay. Horses neighed in their stalls, watching their keeper as he went about his labors. The thick muscles of his body, a body carved from manual labor and menial work upon the Duke’s grand estate, worked in perfect harmony as he moved about the stalls, clearing them of refuse and sifting out new straw for the beds of his companions, the Duke’s horses. His mane of black hair hung upon his sun darkened shoulders, clinging slightly with the sweat of a day’s labor. His lips were split slightly, a soft hum issuing forth as he focused upon his task.

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Re: A Victorian Tale (Artemis and Moonbaby)
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 04:38:15 AM »
The cicada seemed to droned over all the other noises of early summer on the Banesfield estate. The hum of the bug, only seemed to make it the air hotter, but perhaps that was a given is one was to be annoyed by such a thing.

The blood curdling scream that cut through the hot summer air like an icy sheath was enough to send chills down any man's spine. The sound of hooves pounding the the earth with a merciless conviction, joined the haunting siren's scream and in the distance down the long estate drive, a rider could be seen.

The rider came into view, her dress whipping into the wind behind her like the sail of a ship. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back the ribbons that had been holding it place, pulled free by the rushing air. The dapple grey mare she was ridding had its head down and had all the reins, leaving the girl with zero control. She screamed again, moments later, a coach coming into view and another rider chasing her, or catching up rather.

Odd for Banesfield Estate to have visitors.

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Re: A Victorian Tale (Artemis and Moonbaby)
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2010, 06:51:19 PM »
[OCC- Sorry for the delay ]

The scream rocked Artemis to the core and he nearly dropped the fork in panic. His gray eyes darted around the grounds before he could manage to locate the scream. Rushing back into the stables, he pulled a mare from her stall. Gripping her hair, he swung onto her bare back, his heel kicking into her flanks. The mare bucked once and tore out of the stables, running towards the approaching mare. Artemis was tucked close, racing down the long drive as he tried to sort out what exactly was going on. Seeing the woman in trouble, he tried to locate the reigns to her horse. He saw them dashing in the dirt around the legs of her mare.

Kicking the horse on, he angled his mare directly towards hers, wanting to spook the horse as best he could. Growling softly, he kicked his legs into his mare, pulling her mane to cause her to pull up sideways in front of stampeding mare. His muscles tensed, bracing himself for impact should this little move not stop the horse. He also looked for a chance to jump onto the other mare should the opportunity arise.