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Author Topic: ROH background and ideas  (Read 323 times)

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ROH background and ideas
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:30:22 AM »
My standard Sci-fi setting is the Republic of Humanity. I want your imput.
the year is 2487, and the Republic is at the height of it's power, after the third world war the ROH grew out of the UN, with the three major powers on their knees, their populace weary of endless warfare, and many people turning to the UN for assistance. The UN reformed into the Republic of humanity, heralding a golden age of exploration, science, culture, and faith.

The Powers that be:
the ROH as three major components.
The American Republic: Starting as the United States, the AR evolved during the war when the US was forced to absorb many of south america's republics to keep them out of the federation. in order to keep peace, the US gave them full citizenship, with rights and privelages of states. this eventually developed into a massive allicance of seperate republics, giving authority to a greater republic above them. they are known for being vehimently independent, masters of high technology, and the first to develop FTL drives.
The Russian Empire: when china imploded under wartime stress Russia became the east's primer superpower, along with an expansionist agenda, capatialist system. Russia's leader declared himself Czar Dimitri Ryzalok the First in 2139, they are now a constutional monarchary based on england's system. the Czar has little power legally, but his word can turn an election in one way or another. He is called upon to break ties on the Parliment floor.
the Empire is known yto have access to some of the best drude materals an industry on earth, they tend to be earthy, and their politics cutthroat. 
The Mid-Eastern Council: Having abstained from the great war, the middle east was unified in response to a growing threat from The Persian Empire in Iran, the eventual war saw much of Iraq and Iran rendered uninhabitable. but this combined with threats from the fanatical Union, unified the three major monotheistic faiths, they are not one church, but religious debate is done over morning coffie, not with bombs. This caused a bloseming of culture understanding. They are known for powerful culture, skilled intelligence warfare, and being easy debaters.

The Great War: Sparked by the Union's expansionist agenda, WW3 was so brutal due to the Planetary defence grid preventing the sides from using much more than atomic weapons.
The US: Reeling from economic hardships after scirmishes with china and an overabundence of skilled labor, the United States began to look upward instead of outward. the US was the first to colonize the moon, and claimed it as their territory, this did not sit well with many nations, but the Space elevator project brought prosperty and a sense of "We can do Anything" to the United States which sparked an ecnomic recovery. it was from this elevator that the Nuclear defence shield was deployed. they had a scientific blooming as many of europe's intelligencia left the Union for the US and Russia.
The Eastern Federation: Orignally an ecnomic alliance between Russia and China when relations with the US collapsed, the Federation became militarized in response to the Union's attempts to expand. as the war dragged on, russia facing the Union in the east, and China facing the US in the west. China's civilan population broke out in open revolt over atrocities commited in south america. China broke apart into infighting as a result.
The Union: Growing out of an intelectual movement, the Union was the unification of the European and African unions. sadly they began to percute anyone not in line with their "enlightened science" causing an exodus of religious communities. using reasons copied from the US war on terror, and taken to a bizzare extreme. the Union viewed religious ideas as ignorant and standing in the way of "understanding" they began to expand claiming that other nations were "harboring Enemies of The Union" this said most of europe's culture was preserved by the people who imigrated to other nations.

(I have more later, but my family wants the phone)
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