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Author Topic: Personification of your Inner Beast  (Read 849 times)

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Offline JguyTopic starter

Personification of your Inner Beast
« on: June 20, 2010, 01:48:42 AM »
Everyone has what they would called an "Inner Beast". That little voice in the back of your head or in the pit of your stomach that tries to crawl out in times of stress. It represents those primal feelings or urges we all get that are not allowed in polite society. I am curious as to what you picture your beast and what it personifies.

My beast is that of lust and possessiveness. I always have to keep those particular urges in check otherwise bad stuff happens. Here is how I picture that beast of mine:

It rests on a long snake tail, as thick as a mans waist. Its chest is broad and bare, light reflected off the sweat it perpetually has. Eight, many jointed arms sprout from its shoulders and down the side of the torso. Each ends with hands with long fingers and sharp, dirty nails. A mouth rests in each palm, teeth like bricks with a tongue darting in and out, slick with spit. Its face...its face is never the same, always shifting. Matted, greased hair tops its skull as a wide mouth splits its face, a tongue impossibly long coming out, teeth like those in its hands. A wild, animalistic light sparks its eyes as they constantly peer around in search of...something

Is always sliding, crawling, crawling forward, desire building, wanting to grasp onto, cling to, possess everything and anything it can get its hands on....and then consume keep with it....always.

Sabbat has a similar thread on the personification of you muse here, check it out:
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Offline Sabby

Re: Personification of your Inner Beast
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2010, 02:30:23 AM »
My Beast is the shadow of my Muse, which is described in the Your Muse thread.

While my Muse is whimsical and indirect, dealing with it's mood swings (whether high or low) by gently asserting them, my Beast is it's exact opposite, direct, firm, and oppressive without ever needing to express itself with actions. While Freefall will display himself and his feelings in many different ways, often with little reasoning towards the method, Gale is ever present and always looming over me, always enforcing her influence on me, still and serene.

Resembling Freefall, her furred ears and tail and wings are not shaggy and soft, but glossy and neat. Her skin is either dark gray or enshrouded in shadow that shifts too subtly for my eyes to see, fur and feathers also a deep gray, black at the ends. Hair as dark as coal lays straight perfect down her back, a simple, unadorned brown cloth wrapped about her chest and hips all to keep her modest, feet bare. Her face is cruel but passive, dark eyebrows narrowing if she feels agitated, eyes pools of black ink, with only a hint of a silver crescent in them.

If ever I feel insecure of something, she is near me, watching me, crossing her arms and willing me to believe things I know aren't true. She is my jealousy, my possessiveness, and while if I upset Freefall he will huff or sulk or make a scene, Gale will simply step in front of me if I ignore her, burning holes in me with her eyes. It is very hard for to look away and ignore her poisonous influence. I can only ever shun her until she gives up, and those victories are very hollow, but she will simply return, another time. It is my constant struggle.

Where Freefall is wild and untamed in both appearance, personality and actions, Gale is a foreboding and oppressive stillness, in her appearance and behavior. Their very names are polar opposites, Freefall a gentle and careless drifting, like a leaf, and Gale a powerful and fearsome storm that will always seem still and harmless whenever I am not engulfed in it, watching the edge from afar... yet when I am swallowed by that storm, I find it hard to concentrate on anything outside of it.

Freefall is... admirable in his attempts to shoo her away or usher me off, but she scares him >.> easily. If I'm feeling like crap, and Gale does that to me, Freefall is more likely to just sit with me and be miserable.

Offline Aviva

Re: Personification of your Inner Beast
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2010, 07:05:55 AM »
I am not sure this is my "inner beast2 exactly though tends to be what I feel within when I feel stressed or in danger.

I tend to feel the inner beast is feline, with dark silky hair but roughed up in places from recently being in a fight. Bright green eyes, sharp teeth and surprisingly long claws. The back raised quite higher and into a arch with fur in spikes along the spine.

Though a rather short description the feelings given tend to be search and destroy those feeling threatened by.

Something seems to pass from inner to outer at these times as my eyes that re naturally brown turn bright green and most that see my face as these feelins appear tend to suddenly feel the urge to leave me alone.
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Offline DudelRok

Re: Personification of your Inner Beast
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2011, 11:05:59 AM »
My inner beast is an angry fellow, trapped in a cage, is covered in dirt and filth and has lost (or may never had) the capability for speech. Everything from his caveman's mouth is shouts and unintelligible cries of rage. His hair is short and looks as though it has been cut with a very large and very sharp knife... because it has. He wears nothing but a loincloth and will grab at anyone who DARES get close enough so that his arms can reach through the bars. Once he has someone, he does his best to make sure they feel as much pain as they can in the little time that he might have them.

When the cage is opened and he is let free, it is far from good. His first thought is to destroy, his second is to rape and his third is to kill. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is safe from him... not even those who he might have loved while sitting quietly one night before sleep.

However, despite all of that, when he finally runs out of energy he sleeps like a baby. Nothing will wake him, not being cut with his own knife, and when he does sleep it seems he is almost forgotten by everyone who he harmed. Though that last part is because he leaves me with the mess to clean up.

Offline octaviath

Re: Personification of your Inner Beast
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2011, 05:08:12 PM »
The beast that dwells within me...the entity that lurks within the shadow of my soul and whispers to my heart is one that is both terrible and beautiful. It is a creature born out of lust and agony...sweet, sweet agony. The kind of agony that fills your lungs and drowns you in a sea of voracious hunger for sins of the flesh...

   Hiding behind my eyes and smile, this serpentine-incubus grins and slips forth his forked tongue to graze across his lower lip slowly. Sitting upon his warped throne of human flesh and bone, he hooks one clawed and slender finger, enticing one to step closer with that sly smirk which he always wears. He speaks without moving his lips, his voice is soft and calm, as if a dozen angels were speaking all at once and dwelling within that chorus...a vile hiss echoes loudly. His pale, gaunt face is seemingly flawless with deep set eyes of a piercing gold that glint in the darkness beneath his raven bangs, his pupils narrowing to mere slits as he sizes you up.
    His body, for the most part, is that of a man, save for the scales that run up the curve of his back and line the outsides of his arms and thighs. He rises from his throne completely bare and as he moves his motions are almost graceful, slithering his body around those who have dared to step close enough to whisper empty promises of lust and love into their ear before flicking that wretched tongue against their cheek. In this, he savors ones taste...he can smell their desires and their darkest dreams and it is in these things that he finds sustenance.
    He is a trickster, a liar, and a deceiver to both men and women. His is a hunger that is insatiable and knows no boundaries. Nothing is sacred in his twisted mine and no one is safe so long as that primal urge for pleasure breathes within them. He is vampiric in nature and cares nothing for the well being of others...

Who will be his next little pet and slave? Well, let us pray it is not you...and that I can hold him back for as long as possible..