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April 11, 2021, 02:06:16 pm

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Author Topic: Two (smutty) Ideas from Lithos  (Read 790 times)

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Two (smutty) Ideas from Lithos
« on: June 19, 2010, 05:47:13 pm »
Greetings everyone!

I have heaps and bounds of time now that it is summer, so I have been thinking of something nice to kill my time and figured that writing story or two could do the trick just fine. These are a bit (well, mostly) on the smutty side, but then again right now so am I so that should be quite fine for me.

I will list two vague ideas here that I have, and I am interested in anyone who might be willing to talk about them a bit more with me and maybe even to bring a game out of them. The second idea specially is something I have been curious to try, but finding someone to play it might prove to be a bit of a challenge. Forum, Email, IM, IRC are the formats in which I am ready to play these. Neither of the ideas portray very realistic situations, and as such roleplay is the way to go.

I am looking for submissive female characters for both, but specially the second idea can be very challenging to write for such. I am curious to see if that particular seed will bring any fruit. Either of the ideas can be easily modified to allow variety of anthros or other humanoid races or such, in each idea the important thing is the basic premise, place where it happens and races of characters do not mean nearly as much.

Idea 1: (near) future slavery:

In this setting we live in near future earth, with its social structure greatly changed by third world war, and global economic collapse that stopped it before it could even really start. Those people and organizations that actually own land where to grow food are prospering and and hold power beyond measure. Those that were centered on market have nothing left. Good old concepts like forced labor and slavery are back and more or less accepted part of society. In this world we get to follow one of the decadent new class of land owning nobility starting to experiment with good uses for his newly acquired toy. He has acquired good deal of experience in enjoying the fruits of his position of power, and is hoping that he can figure some entertaining use for this new girl – boredom has been his greatest enemy lately.

This will most likely be BDSM flavored rather smutty romp, just far enough in the future to allow some interesting toys and devices to be introduced and near enough to not need to re invent whole world and surroundings. This idea is unoriginal beyond belief, perhaps for that reason it could be interesting to see if something entertaining could come out of it.

Idea 2: To improve one's master

This can happen in a world like previous one, at alternative modern time, at some fantasy world or pretty much where ever. However, main premise and idea behind this story is to have usual experience roles swapped around a bit. Idea is to have rich and powerful person who has not had much sexual interest in anybody nor any real experience as a Dom to acquire very, very expensive and extremely experienced and well trained pleasure slave. She is very valuable due to her training, skill and attitude, but of course would like to serve a master that would actually be firm, skilled and perverse enough to be worthy to handle one such as her.

She has been trained to withstand and enjoy things that her new owner probably has not even thought about before. He bought her due to her beauty, and he is smitten with her, offering her freedom for staying at his side he tells her that she is free to give him answer out of her own, free will. The problem is, she really is a slave, and she desires to be nothing else. She takes great pride in thoroughness of her training and in all that she is able to do to please her master. Instead of overjoyed at the offer, she finds it insulting, and being sold for life and the man not wanting to give her away, it feels to her as if rest of her life has just been wasted. She refuses, telling him that she was bought as a pleasure slave and she will serve him as one – nothing else.

She wants to be able to live the rest of her life with using everything she has learned so she starts long and tricky process to start to shape a man worthy of her in both his willpower and perversity out of her new master. Due to her position it is by no means easy thing to do, but she hopes that there really is something that she needs in there – if only she is be able to bring it out.

I would love to play out this second idea, but it is very different from what people usually expect of M/s scenario. If there is someone out there that would be able to fill the part of the slave in this particular story, and actually play her in the way suiting to the story, I would be overjoyed to play this. Needless to say, this will most likely end up being quite a bit smutty as well, with very eager and experienced pleasure slave dead set to get a man worthy of her service out of somebody that is not familiar with handling and using a slave at all.

Should there be someone interested in either of these or some modification of them, do not hesitate to send me a PM saying so, and we can see if we can get something started. I would likely not notice a reply in this thread so direct contact is the way to go.

With best regards: