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May 27, 2018, 06:51:01 PM

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Author Topic: Some of Ptolemy's historical and fantasy roleplaying ideas. [N-CON, M/F, M/M]  (Read 394 times)

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Offline PtolemyTopic starter

I am simpily going to list some ideas that I've thought of recently, and I think that they would be really awesome to collaborating on writing with someone.

Drop me a PM if any one of these interests you.

Section 1: Historical

1. Scarlet Red over Pure White [N-CON] -  It's early December, 1917. The One and Great Russian Empire under God and lead by Tsar Nicholas II is collapsing. Already in the February of this year the Provisional government ended Tsarist autocracy, but the October revolution is trying to impose even more radical reforms.

The roleplay would take place in the city of Petrograd (Modern St. Petersburg]. Many nobles have taken refuge in the mansion of Baron Andreivich Kuznecov. While the Baron does maintain a small personal security force, they won't be able to hold off the Bolshevik supporters currently sieging the mansion's inner walls. Not just the Baron's family has taken refugee inside the mansion, but many other Noble families. After all, with the plebian peasantry in revolt, who else have they got to look to? They will only survive if they stick together.

M/F - I would take a male role, specifically, a Bolshevik, while my writing partner (Hopefully you) could take the role of one of the noble women. The age and other physical attributes of the noble woman will be, of course, up to you, seeing as she would be your character. A young virgin who has only just come of age, or someone older. As I said, up to you.

2. Scholarly training - In ancient Greece, young men who wished to be educated often came under the wing of older philosophers and polymaths, who would teach them the ways of harnessing their true intellectual power. One thing that was requested was that the young man give sexual favors to his senior.

M/M - In this setup, I would be willing to take the role a young, ancient Greek male, who had just come under a wing of older philosophers (You), who would teach him, but would try to request favors from him.

3. Way back home

A boy who left for military service when he was rather young has just returned home after a lengthy military campaign (The Peloponnesian War, perhaps?) a few years after coming of age. Know grown and knowing what he wants, he  would either take his sister as his own, or his mother after coming back.

M/F - I would be willing to take the role of the young man, while I would hope my writing partner would be willing to take the role of either his sister or mother.

Section 2: Fantasy

1. Speak of the Devil W [N-CON, possibly S/M]

A young man unexpectedly died, and in this world, the concept of the Biblical Hell is a bit turned around. There is pain and torture, and eternal suffering in fire, but for a select few, the Devil offers a chance to 'redeem' themselves. The young man died, and is reborn in this hell... It's an offer he really can't refuse.

M/M - I would be willing to take the role of the young man in this concept, and my partner would take the role of dominant Devil.

I will update this topic with additional ideas later on.

I am open to almost any historical or fantasy idea. Just send me a PM, and describe what do you have in mind