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Author Topic: Help Me Finish a F/F D/s Story  (Read 888 times)

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Offline NinaNTopic starter

Help Me Finish a F/F D/s Story
« on: June 19, 2010, 08:54:14 am »
This is a request for a writer to take on a role for a story that is already in progress.

Due to numerous circumstances beyond my control, my writing partner for a favorite story of mine, is no longer available due to r/l issues.  In this story, my character (Jane) works for a boss (Lisa) who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants is Jane.

Here is a brief thumbnail of the story so far, and I will include a link to the full story at the end, for those who think they might be interested.

Lisa is a high powered executive type.  Jane, my chracter, works for Lisa.  Jane is married, 2 kids, and her husband is out of work.  Jane can ill afford to lose her job.  Oh, and Jane had (or nearly had) a lesbian experience as a teen, but was interrupted by her mother.  She never had another experience before getting married and stating a family, though her curiosity never left her.

Lisa wants Jane, and, on the pretext of a late night at the office to 'catch up on work' seduces Jane, reawakening her lesbian tendency, and, before the evening is through, Jane has returned her boss's favor.

That's as far as the story got, but there was so much more I wanted to explore with it.  First, Jane was to decide that she could not engage in an affair with her boss.  Jane is a good girl and besides, she would never risk her marriage or what an exposed affair would do to her entire family.  And yet, the events of their first evening together have awakened a part of Jane that she had buried ever since her interrupted encounter with her girlfriend.

Lisa, on the other hand, won't take no for an answer.  The story never progressed beyond their first encounter on the Boss's couch, but, through a combination of enticement and coercion (Perhaps Lisa has pictures or video from a hidden camera?) Lisa will pressure the semi-willing Jane into further encounters, and with each encounter, push her to more and more outrageous behaviors.  (See my ons/offs, be creative)

I really wanted to have Lisa making ever greater demands both on Jane's body and sense of propriety, and on her time, which in itself might bring about an exposure risk.  I had no idea how such a story would end, but I always wanted to find out.

Are there any dommes out there willing to take on an existing role?

Alternatively, I would be willing to take on Lisa's role if you'd be more comfortable in Jane's place.

Here is the link to the original story:

Additional info (added 6/23):
All that has been completed so far in this story is Lisa's seduction of Jane.  She has not yet shown her true intentions, much less her methods, and Jane has no idea that Jane is planning to control her by any means necessary.  The first scene was primarily a prolonged scene of sex.  From here on, I see sex as a necessary element, but certainly not a predominant one as Lisa tries to control Jane, and Jane struggles to control her life, her marriage, and, her feeling for her boss, which could ultimately, trump everything else.
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Offline NinaNTopic starter

Re: Help Me Finish a F/F D/s Story
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2010, 04:47:23 pm »
Still seeking a co-author for my story.  Please PM me if interested.

Online Haibane

Re: Help Me Finish a F/F D/s Story
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2010, 06:14:15 pm »
Just as a friendly bit of help if you don't mind me offering - in the past I have found it is very very rare to locate a player willing to take over an existing character because it is quite hard to play in-character to what has gone before. You may have more success if you restart the game anew with a new writing partner.

That said I do hope you find someone able to take up the reins. I know how unpleasant it can be to be in a game you love and your writing partner is taken away by real life.