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May 23, 2018, 04:34:25 AM

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Author Topic: Werewolves, Vampires and Wizards, oh my! (TrueBlood-esque Supernatural game, UN)  (Read 418 times)

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

(((NOTE: I do not care your OOC gender, but the IC gender of your character must be female.)))

Formed in 1838 by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, the Enochian Scribers were a holy group of humans skilled in the language of Angels, which bestowed tremendous power. They made sure the Supernatural stayed hidden from the world, at the same time ensuring the continued existence of said Supernaturals.

Present in every government of every nation, the Scribers have tremendous reach, but they do not use it for political aspirations. Instead, they inform the heads of state that can be trusted of the nature of the world, and aid them in working with the Supernaturals.

Now, three years after the creation of a synthetic blood (there's the TrueBlood bit), and the revelation that Vampires and a trove of other Supernaturals exist, the Enochian Scribers have been forced to change how they operate. No longer keeping the Supernaturals hidden, they now act as a police force among the Supernaturals, ensuring that rogue Vampires, Werewolves, etc. do not bring unneeded attention to their more unsavory acts.

Now, on to the RP: My character is a young Scriber initiate placed in the Maryland Department, where there have been an abnormal concentration of Supernaturals for the past two hundred years (along with Louisiana, they're the two most densely populated Supernatural populations in North America), and, since the Reveal, the Scribers have had considerable trouble dealing with the Supernaturals who were opposed to making their existence public.

Your character would be a Supernatural (Vampire, Werewolf, something else) who runs in to my character during a ritual performed by a rogue group of Succubi. An intense sexual attraction is forged by that ritual and links our two characters together. However, the mix of the demonic ritual with my character's Enochian divinity has made both of us a target for the Scribers, as well as the ruling group of your particular Supernatural (Vampire Clan, Werewolf Tribe, etc.).

We are forced to go on the run together, as we cannot be separated because of the ritual. We are trying to clear our name and purge our beings of the demonic taint, which is growing, feeding off the Enochian in my character, and the Supernatural essence of your character. Basically, we're a ticking time-bomb of chaos and magic.

Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Suggestions?