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Author Topic: Wesily Rita Davenport  (Read 766 times)

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Wesily Rita Davenport
« on: June 17, 2010, 10:43:51 am »
I don't really know where else to post this. I'm definitely requesting a game with this character. I could play her at any age, in any place. Her history is designed in such a way. I will be keeping a daily journal of her thoughts, and posting that (not actually daily but fictional) SO! in addition to rp responses, if some one could let me know if I'm in the right place with this thread, and also where i should put her daily journal thread. One last thing, I don't have a photo of her yet, irony?

now... on to the madness :)

My goal here is to create a character that closely resembles a human being. Now, to some degree, every writer does this, but there is a level of dedication. I've never taken myself to the level of dedication I plan on going to. When I dedicated myself to a character like this before, a strange thing happened. I begin to subconsciously act like the character. It never became dangerous. I never had a personality disorder of any kind; but it was never the less, interesting. I like to do this with female characters because I'm not a girl. Therefor I'm instantly tapped into the unknown (I will never be a woman, it's totally impossible to have the memories of seventeen year old girl, now that I'm twenty-one). To be able to write a story in a world so close to mine is convenient. through this method I have discovered a way to grow through meticulous self inspection; performed through something I love to do: write. (for reference, watch extensive interviews of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, I follow his creative theory) So, as a summary: I'm going to create a girl, and I will attempt to make her as real as possible, by making her as unique as possible (bare in mind: tricky tricky). With this new character, will come massive enjoyment for all of you... and me.

I write nearly everything in past tense:

   Wesily Rita Davenport had light hair, but she was not blond. Born to Gregory Davenport, a thirty two year old banker and esteemed gentlemen. He was known around his home town for nearly going professional in the Golf tours around the world in the early nineties. A loving man, but overall blind to the bigger picture. His wife was Delilah Cooper, married in 1983. Delilah was born to unmarried parents, hippy types, in 1961. Their daughter came into the world with fiery hazel eyes on November 1st, 1987 at 10:00 in the morning, New York City. (for all astrologers out there,thats: Sagittarius rising, Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Libra mercury, Scorpio venus, Libra mars)

   Wesily was a very excitable child. She was energetic and difficult to calm down. This of course led to sports. Soccer, softball, tennis, and golf. In her early adolescence she was tall and thin. She made for a great athlete. After being regarded as the star player she entered high school with a very strong ego. She worked as a barista near her highschool. Westa wore her heart on her sleeve and talked freely to most everyone. She was boy crazy as soon as she had the assets to reel them in. She was known as a tease amongst the talkative circles of boys. Because she would never go as far as they wanted her to. The rumors had a few causes: they were true, she didn't have sex for a long time. Her first few boyfriends were frustrated young men.  She was also gorgeous, so the temptation of her warm body was right there all the time, and she loved to makeout. She was mostly scared of one man, her father.
   Then Atherton O'Connor came into her life. He was a family friend, she was given permission to go out with him. Their parents didn't doubt them for a second. Atherton was a respectable young man. He had already graduated high school, and his first year at university was rather spectacular.  Wesily was the honorable daughter of Mr. Davenport, arguably the most respected name in the state. Her grandfather was a politician. Her uncle was a judge. Her older brother was filling the Davenport name with dignity. So, when Westa went with Atherton to the country for a weekend, or what have you, everyone was under the impression that they would stay... pleasant.
   Atherton tried. He was respectful and kind. He was handsome and easy to like, but by that time, Wesily had a wild streak. She'd discovered rum, and cigarettes. There was a moment in Atherton's car the third time they went out, before anything had really happened. Wesily had to let him know who she really was. So she convinced him to buy her rum and cigarettes.
   Within a month, Wesily had seduced Atherton O'Connor. She had finally found a man that was worth her time. Her father wouldn't kill either of them, and no one was going to know either way. When trust is granted, lying becomes an opportunity. Her strong sexual nature flattened Atherton's assertive sense of style. She fucked that boy in more ways then one. She loved him, that was for certain. Eventually he got scared of her and ran away, but Wesily wasn't satisfied, now that she'd had a taste... she was an addict at heart, probably got it from her hippy side of the family. After Atherton, Wesily got new friends, she mixed with new crowds and everyone started calling her by a new name. Westa. WESily riTA, makes sense. She got her new friends to call her the nickname, soon teachers followed, then family. With the new name came the true identity. She was no longer Wesily, proper Ms. Davenport. She was Westa, the blacksheep.
   The last two years of highschool was hurricane season. She fell in love three more times, and got tossed around a little bit. The rum and cigarettes got mixed together with the sex and the friendships. By the time she turned eighteen, all the rules had disappeared and the world was a scary place to try and traverse. Her artistic passion comes through a few outlets but she is most happy when she has a camera in her hand. (photo)

I said earlier that i could rp her at any age, but to go any older than twenty five seems silly to me. I don't really know who she is passed that point. She attends college at USC away from her family, she's known for faking foreign accents in the bars all over the state.

as time goes on, more and more will be added to her "profile". in the form of public records, sports reviews, teacher references, letters to and from family, and the above mentioned daily journal. I don't plan on restricting myself to just one character, but i would like to be known for this girl on this site. SO again, i will request a little assistance as to how to concrete her information. thank you.