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Author Topic: Trial and Error [Private]  (Read 2704 times)

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2010, 11:03:46 PM »
Emma hurried round the table and knelt by his side.  "Are you alright Leon?"  She asked worried.  She had never seen anyone behave that way while asleep before.  "Here, let me help you up."  She offered.   "You fell, you frightened me.  I hope nothing is broken."

She knelt there beside him, her heart warming because he had called her name.  Not some phantom from his past, but her name.  He had not forgotten it.  "Perhaps you need to eat and rest in a sturdy bed.   You are not looking well.  My parents should be here soon.  My father will know what to do.  He is good at healing.  The little I know, I learned from him." 

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #26 on: June 29, 2010, 11:22:59 PM »
Leon blinked, looking at her oddly. Had he been hallucinating? Nevertheless, she was here now. Smiling, he hugged against her, burying his face in her chest. "Thank you, Emma.. I am so grateful for all that you have done for me. I am sorry that I scared you," he told her, shivering at the dream from his past. He had to save the world soon, before he began losing it. Everyday was worse than the last. He thought he was the only person alive until just a few hours ago, when he met Emma. He shuddered again.

"Please, I would be elated to have some food and a warm bed," he told her, finally giving in and allowing his usual demeanor to give way. He pulled back, looking into her eyes. "Promise me that you won't die too...."

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #27 on: June 29, 2010, 11:33:08 PM »
Emma looked at him perplexed.  "No one can promise such a thing, Leon."  The request rather unnerved her.  "Here, lets get you settled and I will feed you and put you to bed."

Once he was settled, she went around to the food picking out the choicest meats, and the sweet smell of cooked green beans with onions, carrots and a touch of brown sugar.  Carefully, she ladled the helping onto a plate, added a large piece of sliced fresh bread, smoothing a small amount of butter on top.  Turning, she grabbed a fork and knife, walking around the table to his side and placing the meal in front of him.

Whatever he had been dreaming, it brought out something inside of her.  He had obviously experience something truly horrible.  And her hand instinctively went to the back of his neck and gently rubbed.  "You eat and I will get you a glass of cool milk."  She said turning.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #28 on: June 30, 2010, 12:44:14 AM »
He looked down into his lap sadly, wondering why he was the only one who seemed willing to live. Why does everyone have to die? he asked himself like a foolish child, even though he knew the answer, though another question was the one that piqued the most interest. Why am I the only one that has ever survived? Why do I keep living? I should be dead....

He seemed to have found a sort of weakness in Emma, bidding her every whim and wish. It seemed hopeless to fight against her will. Was this her power? Leon seemed simply calmer and more relaxed in her presence, let alone when he touched her. He nodded as he began to consume the delicious meal before him, almost mechanically. It was warm, and his body even became warmer just by devouring bite after bite.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #29 on: June 30, 2010, 12:58:47 AM »
Soon a fresh glass of milk was sitting beside his plate.  So pitiful did Leon appear, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him.  "You saved me in the forest, and so help me, I shall return the favor.  This I swear."  She was glad he was eating well.  It would help him heal during the night.  Of course, she knew the healing spices that would help hurry the healing process and made the food taste even better.  "When you have finished, I shall place you in my bed.  It is soft and will keep you warm from the night air.  Do not worry yourself tonight.  Tomorrow is another day, we shall worry tomorrow."  Kissing his forehead, she returned to her duties, preparing the meal for her parents.

Waiting for him to finish.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #30 on: June 30, 2010, 03:02:31 AM »
Leon felt touched by her words, surprised that anyone would take a favor he'd done for them so far. He smiled weakly at her before continuing to eat his meal. When she began to speak again, he listened but made sure to eat as he was nearly finished. He drank down the milk and smiled as she kissed his head. He shivered, but ignored the rising emotions within him. He quickly finished everything and breathed out in a satisfied manner. He watched her, seeing that she still wasn't quite finished with her parents food. Deciding not to bother her, as she needed to complete the task before he barged into her life again, he just rested himself on the table again, falling asleep like before.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #31 on: June 30, 2010, 03:31:46 PM »
Emma suddenly realized it had grown very quiet.  The little sounds of Leon eating had stopped without her noticing.  Turning around, she simply shook her head as she saw he had fallen asleep once more.   "Oh Leon."  She said with a sigh.  But, she decided it was time to put him to bed.

Walking towards her room at the rear of the house, she opened her door wide and went inside.  First she pulled back the bed coverings so he would be able to get in easily.  Then, going over to the window, she drew the curtains so the last rays of sunlight didn't bother him.  After she felt it was ready, she came back out to the main room and walked to Lean, saying softly, "Wake up, Leon.  Please wake up.  You would be so much more comfortable in bed."  Joscelin him to wake him, she continued to talk to him.  "It would not be good for my parents to arrive seeing you like this.  Come, let me help you to bed." 

Putting her arms around him, she tried to lift him a bit, hoping it would help to wake him up so he could help get him to her bed.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #32 on: July 08, 2010, 01:43:29 AM »
As she shook at him, he woke up in a haze. He was a little delerious, but as she tried to lift him, he quickly regained his composure and stood up. "Oh Emma, I am so sorry," he admitted, feeling like a burden to her. He turned and followed her, her slender, fragile form guiding him through the house and to her room. He looked at her and shook his head. Before she could even protest, he stopped her and continued. "I am not going to sleep in your bed, that is not only unfair to you.. But I am the guest and this is your house, so you deserve to sleep in your own bed. I won't take it," he just slumped himself against a wall and lowered his head.

"I can sleep here."

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #33 on: July 08, 2010, 03:53:22 PM »
"No, you cannot.  I shall have my way with this, now come."  Emma pulled him to the bed and before he could protest again, she gently pushed him down upon it, lifting his legs so his head was forced down.    She had to smile, she knew that now that he was laying down, he wouldn't have the strength to get up. 

Gently, she pulled off his shoes and tucked him under the blanket.  Rubbing his head, she whispered, "You have a full stomach, and so tired.  Sleep now, and by morning, I promise you will feel so much better."  Kissing his forehead, she quietly left the room, closing the door behind her.


Emma continued in the kitchen for an extra thirty minutes before her parents arrived looking tired and haggard.   They had worked an extra hour in the fields, but their efforts made it possible for them to bring home a large basket of food, which was a welcomed sight.  As her parents freshened up, she quickly put the food on the table with the place settings.  One for each of them.  The pie, she left on the hearth to keep warm.  Her parents arrived at the table just as she had finished pouring them milk from a pitcher she always kept the fresh milk in. 

Sitting down herself, she waiting for them to serve themselves first before getting her own food.  As she did, her father looked across the table at her,  "Seems everyone is talking about you, Emma.  Care to explain?"    Emma cringed, she had hoped to explain Leon to her parents before anyone else had gotten to them, but she guessed it was just too good to hold in.  Putting her spoon down, she slowly looked up at her parents.  "His name is Leon, I found him in the wood earlier this afternoon while looking for berries." 

Her mother glanced at her father with a  sigh, then back to her, "How many times have we told you not to go deep into the woods, Emma?  When are you going to take the threat seriously?"   Her father just continued to look at his daughter.  "But why did you bring him home, Emma?"  He asked frustrated.  "Didn't you even think about the risk to the village?"   Emma looked at both her parents, "Of course, I thought of the risk, but, Father, there is no evil inside him, and he saved my life when a man attacked me.  I owed it to him."  She said softly.    "I brought him here because he is hurt and very ill.   I can help him, you know I can."  She looked from one to the other.  "I couldn't just leave him there.  And after he saved my life, I knew I wanted to do all I could to help him."

Emma waited for her parent's reaction.  Even with the concern and frustration in their eyes, she knew they would accept this.  Hadn't they taught her to use her gifts for the good of their people?  How could she change her ways now, just because he was from the outside.  "He's in my room.."  she said softly, "and tonight I will lay with him and heal him."   Her father just shook his head and looked down at the food.  It was her mother that spoke first, "Emma, is he really that seriously ill?  You have to be careful, child, don't waste your gifts on unworthy strangers."  Even though her mother spoke the words, in her heart, she knew Emma had already made up her mind.  Emma had always been open to anyone that needed help.  She was like an untouched  lamb that never saw the bad in people.   Then her father looked up at his only child.  " be it.   And I wish him good health.  May your instincts be right, my child."   

They continued their meal in silence until the pie was brought to the table.  Not many in the village could make deserts like Emma could, practically out nothing.  So they smiled and talked about their day until time for bed.  As her parents said goodnight, giving her a kiss on her forehead, and a worried last look, they retired to their room.  Emma cleaned up, put things away and stoked the fire in the fireplace, adding a few logs before going to her room.

Slipping inside, she softly closed the door behind her.  Walking over to the bed, Leon was in a deep sleep.  She smiled, he would probably not wake up until late morning.  That was good.  It would give her plenty of time.  Slipping out of her apron, dress and shoes, she snatched up an extra blanket, placing it over Leon and the rest of the bed.  It would be a cool night and as he heals, she knew he would go from hot to cold throughout the night.  It would be a long one for her, but nothing she hadn't done before. 

Carefully, she slipped under the blankets and sheet, her body facing his, as she put her arm around him and began to feel what was wrong.  As each pain entered her, she dealt with them one by one.  Sometimes the pain was excruciating, others more bearable.  But what she hadn't expected, was the pain that had nothing to with his injuries.   It was hard to separate them from the physical healing, and she had never encountered this before.   But she held on throughout the night.  And by the crow of the rooster at dawn, she was wet with sweat, exhausted and fell back on her side of the bed unable to stay awake any longer.  Now she would sleep and the last of the painful images would be slowly removed from her nervous system.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #34 on: July 17, 2010, 12:58:38 AM »
He wanted to fight her, but he just couldn't. Leon was far too weak and fragile at the moment to fight back, let alone not accept Emma's gracious offerings. He frowned just before passing out, but his mouth cracked into a smile when she kissed him lightly. His slumber coming fully and punctually as he snoozed quietly until the next morning. However, his sleep was well, he did have a recollection of a few events that happened from his past.

"Leon.. Tell me we'll be friend's forever, please?" Anesha would ask Leon for the billionth time since they were kids. He would just chuckle and nod, blushing as he kissed her forehead. "Always Anesha, just because we're betrothed, doesn't mean we'll stop being friends," he assured her, "Besides, I'm invincible, rem-?" Suddenly the young couple was blasted by a dark, cackling energy. The blast separated them, which forced Leon to struggle to his feet, watching as he watched a demonic, dark figure slice her in two. "Huh? Anesha! Noo..!!" he cried, watching as his wife to be and long-time friend was cut down before him. "Damn you!" he cried, but before he could act, a powerful blast knocked into him. Electrical energy coursing through his body as a powerful being stood before him, laughing sickly at his misfortune. The shadowy figure stomped on Leon's head....

As he regained consciousness, Leon blinked his hazy eyes until his vision was clear and he could see all of the death and destruction that had befallen his village. Tears began to stream down his face as he saw Anesha's upper body face-up, a look of anguish having spread over her face, her eyes were watery with tears of pain and sorrow. "No.. Anesha...." Leon turned away and brushed his hands over her eyes, closing them respectfully before standing and stumbling forward, regurgitating from the sight and sorrow of the things around him. It was a few more minutes before he recomposed himself, moving around to see everyone was slaughtered, everything burned to ash and devastated.

This was the beginning of Leon's dismay and when the world began to crumble before Kizare's rule, ultimately spelling doom across the land. However, Leon went on a quest to gather the chosen Children who had the Gift. Legends say that the seven Children of Eden had gifts that could purge the world of evil and cleanse even the darkest pain. He hoped that with their help, he could save the world and maybe even bring back those who were lost to him that day so long ago. However, what Leon didn't know prior to his mission was that the world was falling under Kizare's rule at an incredulous pace. Leon couldn't keep up with the spread of the darkness, which forced his mission into a corner from the start. It was doomed to fail. But somehow the small village of Hyarka was spared, untouched by evil, but for how long? He was led here to find the remaining Child of Eden, which he was sure he'd found in Emma, but he had to be sure.

That next morning, Leon's eyes winked out slowly to find a half-nude Emma laying atop him with her arm locked around his neck. His face flashed a hot red, but kept his cool as to not wake her. Did.. We..? No, that's impossible, I would have remembered, thought Leon wildly as he tried to think of a rational reason for their joined bodies. However, he had to admit, he did enjoy the feel of her skin against his own.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #35 on: July 19, 2010, 12:32:13 AM »
Slowly, the door to Emma's room began to open, and the head of an older woman peeped around the door.  When she saw that the man Emma had brought to their house was awake, she motioned for him to come, then closed the door quietly so he could get dressed.  Going back into the kitchen,  she nodded to her husband.  "He's awake, and that poor child looks like she fought the devil himself all night long.  Our guests seems to be a bit perplexed."  She chuckled, going to the stove and tending to the eggs, bacon and biscuits cooking there. 

"I hope he doesn't wake her or the healing will not be completed."  Emma's father worried.  "Oh he'll let her sleep, this I'm sure of.  The look on his face was of complete shock."  She glanced over to her husband, "I could almost hear his thoughts.   Wondering if they had danced beneath the sheets last night."  The woman just shook her head.  "I still can't believe she helped this stranger, of all people, and in these times."  The woman just shook her head completely baffled by this child. 

"Well, we have to have faith, Mother, that she knows what her limits are.  After all, she isn't like us.   This entire village has tried to help protect her all her life.  Perhaps this is a door to a reality we never let her touch, maybe we were wrong in sheltering her so."  He said sadly.    Picking up his cup of morning tea, he had no more to say on the subject.  And it seemed his wife did not either.  So they waited in silence for the stranger to join them.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #36 on: July 20, 2010, 12:11:02 AM »
Leon turned his head slowly, seeing a mature woman's face peer at him. Embarrassment and fear struck him cold, wondering if this was Emma's mother. If it was, the image she saw could not have been a pleasant one and he wasn't sure if he was ready to face the consequences. He wasn't even sure if what appeared to be so, was true. Leon just looked back at Emma, and sighed. Damn it....

As he crawled out of bed, he looked to see his clothes were folded neatly on a small table. Emma.... Leon just shook his head and proceeded to don his clothing. He laced his boots up snugly, as he always did, and ensured that his light, tan cloak covered his entire body. He tied and seated Keibatsu at his left side, the length of his blade resting calmly at his side. His ruffled his hair up a bit and then turned to open the door. He looked back at Emma before walking out, only to return to her side, tucking her in before proceeding to leave.

In the kitchen, Leon's senses were filled with joy at the smells of delicious cooking. He was famished, to say the least. As he approached the two adults, Leon looked at them apologetically. "I.. I'm very sorry for being a burden on the two of you. But.. She insisted that I stay. I.. Can never truly repay her.. Or you," he spouted quickly, flushing red from embarrassment. "However, now I must be going.. I have a date with the Village Chief," he finished, quickly turning on his heel to leave.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #37 on: July 20, 2010, 04:44:58 PM »
The woman that had peaked into Emma's room spoke first, "Now just hold on there, I didn't make this huge breakfast for just the two of us.  Besides, we have a few questions for you ourselves.  So unless you want me to follow you calling out obscenities, I suggest you sit and have a bite with us before you run off to see anyone."  She pointed a ladle towards the chair opposite her husband.  "Right there will be fine, Leon."  She turned around and began to scoop up his food.

It was then her husband spoke, "Don't mind Emi, she is a good woman, just worried about Emma is all.   The name's Kytok, and I give you fair warning, never ignore Emi, she can swing an iron pot better than any man would figure."  He said, rubbing a memory of such a time on the side of his head. "So, how are you feeling?  You are lookin pretty good for a man that was as in bad shape as you were last night."  Kytok took a nother piece of his bread and some eggs as he waited to see what this Leon would say.

"I'll tell you how he is, he's perfect.  And our little Emma is in there carrying that burdon of his on herself.  That's how he is!"  She glared at Leon, "And you don't even have the decency to let the child awake so you can thank her properly.  No, just go rushing out the door like it was no big deal.  Well, in this town, it is a big deal when someone brings you back from death's door."  Emi, put her plate down on the table and sat.  She stopped looking at Leon, and with a more gentler voice, she said,  "And there's more food if that doesn't fill your stomach."

Kytok, just let his wife rant, something he learned to do after 30 years of marriage.  "What my wife is unable to say in a civil tone is the fact that each time Emma heals someone with the sort of damage you had, she sleeps and will not wake up until the hurt, infection or disease flows out of her.  She may sleep many hours or even days, since we don't know what all your injuries were, we have no idea.  And we have to leave for work, there will be no one to watch her, to protect her.   Unless you will give your word to return after you talk to our .....Chief.... ,as you put it, and return here.  Do we have your word?"

No one spoke of the situation Leon had found himself in that morning upon waking, or what his business was, they didn't inquire about where he came from or what his business was.  It was as if they had no curiosity at all. 

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #38 on: July 21, 2010, 01:30:57 PM »
He stopped, just staring on with reluctance in his eyes at the door. He grit his teeth, wishing that this were easy, but nothing was ever easy, not anymore. Leon had a few choice words he would've like to have spat in their direction, but decided against it and faced them. He bowed and solemnly returned to the table, sat himself down, and simply allowed them to vent. It was in their right, he guessed, since it was their home, their daughter, and their resources that he'd used up.. Even if it was inadvertently. He also picked up on "Emi" having apparently contributed to the name "Emma" and the two seemed to share a sort of punctual attitude, Leon remembering how aggressive or assertive Emma had been on more than one occasion.

As he took the verbal beating, Leon hovered his palm of the end of Keibatsu's hilt. He contemplated provoking her into striking him, so that he could cut her down in self-defense, but decided it best to just let her believe she had all the answers. Women almost always seemed to operate best in that way, especially since having met Emma and her mother. It bothered him a bit that these two women were among the last women on the planet, when all the world was consumed by darkness and chaos. His body became impatient when the food was set before him, quivering with the angst of finally getting some food to fill his famished hunger. Sighing, he nodded and began to eat quickly and ferociously, however not without his manners. Life alone and in danger had taught him to eat as quickly as possible, but not barbarically so as he was still as much of a gentleman as he was a speed eater.

When he finished his first plate, he solemnly pushed it aside and licked his lips, patting them softly. It was his turn to speak. "Please," he began, taking in a deep breath to heed them a warning that he would be answering everything in the next few minutes. "Mister Kytok. Misses Emi. I apologize, but I can't exactly explain to you what I have been through for the past several years.. Or what the rest of the world has, as it seems your beautiful village here has yet to be touched by anything outside of itself in quite some time. The world is dying, this much I can shed light on. So when you ask how I feel, I can tell you that I am indeed perfect, in comparison to the world around me...." Leon paused to allow that to sink in for a moment, before continuing.

"Emotionally, I am not sure I'll ever be stable again. Before all of the world's despair began, I was nothing more than a simple young man. I was betrothed to my most treasured friend and one of the most elegant and radiantly beautiful girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The scars that were caused by witnessing her being bifurcated before my eyes.. Are  likely to never heal, but I wouldn't expect you to understand. Nor anyone else," he paused again, reflecting upon his own past. Tears well into his eyes for a few moments, but he quickly wipes them away and smiles. "But, physically I am healthy. I heal fast, but not this fast, I admit. Your daughter, Emma, is a very young woman and is capable of great miracles.. Any man would be lucky to have her in the coming future, but my mission is to ensure that the world has a future to look forward to. That.. Is why I am here."

The young man before them quirked a brow, "What makes you think I would leave her here alone at all? Let alone while I go and talk to your Village Chief." The youth, fumbled around in his cloak, wondering why Kytok was so disturbed by Leon wanting to speak with the Elder in the village anyways. Finding what he'd been rummaging for, he pulled out a coinpurse with several gold coins in it and allowed it to thump down onto the table. "This won't do you any good outside of your village until the world is restored, but it is a small token of my gratitude," Leon shook his head, causing his ocean of reddish-brown hair to prance about before settling again. "And no, I would never leave her, no matter the circumstances. I will stay with her until she awakens," he promised.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #39 on: July 21, 2010, 03:26:47 PM »
Kytok and Emi listened to everything he had to say calmly and respectfully.  They never flinched as he described the outside world, but a sadness did come into their eyes at the loss he had endured.  When he had finally finished his meal and his speech, as if on cue, Ami stood up and began to clean up the breakfast and Kytok got up and began to gather their things for the job they would be going to.  Not another word was spoken until they were about to leave the house, when Kytok turned and said, "Thank you, Leon, for explaining things and keeping an eye on Emma for us.  Please make yourself at home.  Consider it your home as well."   Glancing outside towards the sun, he made one last comment, "You should have about two good hours before the Chief will not be available, I would make the most of it.  Emma will sleep at least three hours.  She will be safe until you return."  Kytok and Emi closed the door, leaving Leon on his own.

Emma was still asleep, oblivious to everything that had happened outside her door.  Instead she was dreaming horrible dreams of carnage and death.  These things came along with the healing of Leon, something new, strange and frightening that she had never encountered before.  Perhaps this was why it was taking so long for her to wake up.  It required the healing of the whole world, and how does one accomplish such a thing?  So she slept on.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #40 on: July 21, 2010, 10:27:29 PM »
His eyes bounced between the two as they traded thank yous and offering him tips along the way, which Leon was grateful for, despite the fact that he was unlikely to leave. Leon only nodded, though he wasn't prepared to leave Emma alone in the home. He watched the couple leave, sighing as they seemed to have let him off the hook. Running a hand through his hair, Leon contemplated what he could do while awaiting Emma's consciousness to return. He really needed to see the Elder, but wasn't sure how to do so when he promised to protect Emma. Then, suddenly, he realized what he could do and stood to return to Emma's room.

Craftily, Leon creeps into the room, trying to keep silent as he begins to remove Keibatsu from his side. Afterward, he slips the blade under the sheets next to her and his own begin to glow a hot white as he spreads his fingers, calling forth a form of barrier. His hands too glowed with that same white, emanating resonance the flowed from his palms. It was his energy condensed from his own pure soul, which would serve perfectly to protect her. A powerful, white barrier formed around the bed, illuminating the entire room with its glow. It was powerful enough to keep even the strongest of men out, however the barrier was best used for combat, as it only worked one way. So he could strike from within, as anything could pass through from the inside. "That should do it," he whispered, turning to leave the room and heading for the village elder's hut.

Upon reaching the small hut, Leon rapped on the door and awaited a response.

[OOC || I'll let you play the part of the Elder.. Let's say it is a woman. Age anywhere from 30 - 85. Haha.]

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #41 on: August 10, 2010, 04:43:20 PM »
The door slowly creaked open to reveal an elderly woman at the door.  She had heard of the strange man that Emma had brought into the village, so she supposed this was him.  "I was wondering when you would get here."  Pulling the door open further, she stepped partially behind the door to let him in.

Upon entering, she carefully closed it behind him, glancing out at the few who were watching the man closely.  Turning back to the room, she motioned towards a chair, "Sit, I will get us some refreshments and you can tell me what it is on your mind."  Walking into a little room off from the living room, you could hear the clinking of glass on glass, a plate being taken from a shelf and placed on something wooden.  Then things being stacked on a tray that the woman eventually carried into the room and placed on the table in front of the stranger.  Pulling a chair up to the other side of the table, she started to pour him some wise and offered him a plate of fruit and sweet bread before sitting back in her chair.

"My name is Loril, I am the eldest of the tribe, and I know you have much to tell me.  So start with your name."

Crossing her arms across her lap, she patiently waited for what this man had to say that was so important to him.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
« Reply #42 on: August 11, 2010, 10:55:48 PM »
Leon nodded, bowing slightly as he walked through the doorway. He just silently followed her instructions and awaited for her to be ready for his tale to begin. Looking around, he seemed to notice that they were not alone. Leon appeared to be quite popular, but was it for the right reasons? He kept his vigil, making sure not to allow one of these members to get the better of him, if they were to come after him in any case. Finally, the woman returned and set up a small welcoming platter for him, which he was grateful for, but only took a few slices of an apple.

"Well, to begin, my birth name is Kamishini Raionshin, but I have always been called Leon for short. My mother used to say that Leon was the perfect name for me, because it had so many great meanings behind it, and yet no God, Hero, or any other icon of people has ever had that name. She said I would be the first known "Leon" to be known worldwide." Leon breathed, lowering his head as he fought back the urge to mourn for his mother, then sighed and continued. "As for why I am here, I need to know if the last Child of Eden still resides in this village. The world needs one of the Children and everyone else is dead.. I watched so many people die...." Leon sadly looked into his lap again, composing himself.

He spent the next several minutes explaining what had happened with his own village, how entire country sides were turned to nothing but black ash and chaos. Telling of his travels around the world in search of finding hope, or another living being that wouldn't be murdered before his eyes yet again. He even told her of his family and that he was the only one left, except this village. That he had met up with three surviving Children of Eden, but they all perished in their last push against Kizare's forces, everyone died... Everyone except him.

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Re: Trial and Error [Private]
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Loril listened patiently to what Leon had to say, nodding from time to time at parts that were of great interest to her.  She noted the heaviness of his voice when he came to certain parts, and could feel his sense of loss and sorrow.  Her thoughts went to Emma, who she knew had healed this man the night before and she wondered how she would be when she finally awoke.

When Leon had finished completely, she leaned forward, taking his hands in her and said reassuringly, "Do not despair, Leon.  Yes, the last child of Eden lives within this village, has all her life.  She knows nothing of the world outside.  The horrors you have encountered have never touched her before yesterday, when she made the choice to heal you." 

Letting go of his hands, she sat back once more looking deeply into his eyes.  "We have been waiting for this day, but not with happiness or joy.  For it was prophesied that one day a stranger would arrive at our village, chosen by Emma and lead into our midst, broken and in pain.  And here you are."  She let that sink in before continuing.  "And now the day has arrived and we are all worried for her and for you."

Taking a deep breath, she sighed, "Give her time to heal, then you must tell her what you need from her.  Do not hide it from her, she is not to be denied the truth, no matter what.  And take her gently into the world, let her adjust before putting her in harms way.  For she has no idea who she is, or the powers that lie dormant inside of her."