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Author Topic: Fedora's Idea Repository (Mostly M/M) New stuff: Metalocalypse, Skyrim, Oglaf  (Read 1165 times)

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Offline OneirosTopic starter

Disregard this first post >.> I realized most of the old stuff here I couldn't get motivated over anymore.

Oh, oh. I thought of another plotlet that I want to do.

I love WoD vampires. I'd still love to do a M/M rp based on the WoD vampires. I'd love some kind of master/slave scenario, which could be either vampire/vampire or vampire/human, with non-con elements.

...just going to leave this here. If anyone is similarly struck with plot bunnies upon seeing this, contact me.
(ps: Go read Oglaf!)
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Offline OneirosTopic starter

Ivan the Apprentice/Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 11:34:49 PM »
I'm a little obsessed with this random idea. I present you with this short, five-page comic from (which is epic, btw - you should read it if you haven't).

... hilarious. but I also have a bit of a thing for Sandoval/Ivan.

The author/artist was especially being a tease with this short story arc, because it's pretty unusual that they hint at this kind of thing but don't show it >.>


Is anyone willing to RP an Ivan to my Sandoval? Keep in mind, I'm very much a dominant personality, and Sandoval is just unpredictable enough that I will probably play him as either subtly or overtly sadistic (I'm willing to be a bit flexible). And Ivan is totally a bitch who needs some dominating. Well, some more. <3

Here are a couple other short comics (one page each) that shows what kind of 'relationship' these two have:

Basically, the Xoan ambassador seems to have some kind of crush on Ivan, who goes along with it because Sandoval is (apparently) a good friend of his Mistress, whom he both is attracted to and scared the hell out of by. Mistress seems to enjoy tormenting Ivan and so apparently lets Sandoval do whatever he wants with him. Also, Sandoval is apparently lovably batshit-insane.

I may be willing to allow someone to bring a Mistress into this (see the rest of the comic for who 'Mistress' is, it's not extremely long and she figures very prominently). Whisper me if you're interested.
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Offline OneirosTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2011, 09:29:39 PM »
Okay, so. People who know me know I've been playing Skyrim a lot lately... especially with internet trouble, I'm forced to do things offline more until I get the router replaced.

I have two words: Ulfric Stormcloak.

The first time you see him, he's bound and gagged, and that's been stuck with me ever since. I want to get an M/M game going.

I'm a little torn between whether I want someone else to play him (so I can get him gagged again, possibly with a cock - dude needs to shut up occasionally) or whether I want to play him (because he has that aura of dominance I love). Note: If I'm playing Ulfric, I'd prefer playing against another human character (eta: or elf! forgot they don't count as human), but they can be any of the human races. If you're playing Ulfric, I'm probably going to be a Nord.

I'm still having internet problems at I tend to be a bit slow when doing games, so take a look at my O/O's and keep those things in mind. If there's any takers, PM me.

I may also be enticed to play a different game set in Skyrim, with or without canon characters, and possibly even heterosexual or lesbian depending on the exact nature of the game. But Ulfric is really on my mind right now.
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Offline OneirosTopic starter

New stuff!
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2012, 09:21:11 PM »
Oceans of Time(NC)
I still really want to do a game with Sandoval(the elf) and Ivan(the apprentice), from Oglaf. I find the dynamic between them hilarious. This would probably got at least slightly into NC territory. I'd prefer playing Sandoval but I could possibly be persuaded to play Ivan if you're convincing. Sandoval will be the top in this scenario regardless of who's playing him. Be aware Sandoval is not going to just overpower and rape Ivan - that is so not his style. But Ivan will certainly be coerced or manipulated somehow, and barring some kind of magical intervention, does not appreciate the Ambassador's advances as a rule.

This is a Skyrim RP. I love me some Farkas and Vilkas. Seriously. I think they're hot. I really, really want to play a game as Farkas and have someone else play Vilkas for me. Yes, it will involve incest, but they're twins, so it's hot. I would prefer playing Farkas, and he will generally top. Also, if you didn't already know - they are werewolves. So hot werewolf twins. Come on, I can't be the only one wanting this. I don't like getting NC mixed into my twincest, so it's going to be consensual but might have light bondage involved.

The Blind Man (BON-NC)
I've been really wanting an RP involving someone who's lost their sight recently. There's a kind of beautiful tragicness about it. I'd like to play the blind man, and he will definitely be a DOM. He will not be whiny, self-pitying, he will be angry, and determined to prove he can fend for himself even if he's suddenly become helpless. The contrasting character can be almost anything, they can even also be a Dom if that's what floats your boat, and then we can have some delicious power struggles there. This is a very bare-bones RP idea, so if you're interested, let me know what kind of story you'd like to turn it into. I'd prefer this story not take place in an especially modern time period.

The Fastest(BON-NC)
...I'm almost ashamed to say this, but this is a Metalocalypse RP. Yeah, I went there. *sighs* ...okay, so. Though I've mostly kept quiet about it lately, I like TokixSkwisgaar. A lot. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, THE WRITERS OF THE SHOW KEEP GIVING ME FUEL. It's practically canon at this point! Anyway. I have a couple caveats: Toki goes on top. Skwisgaar does not fall in love and, in my mind at least, is semi-openly bisexual. The dynamic between the two will be biting, spiteful, and pretty angry (ie, metal). Punching will almost certainly be involved. This RP will probably take place sometime before Toki started getting drunk constantly in the show, I can't recall exactly what point that started right now, I need to rewatch it. Willing to go into slight NC territory, but it'll probably just be dubious consent rather than full on NC.

Ever see the fake trailer for Satan's Alley they made for Tropic Thunder? Here, I'll link it:
Yes, I know, it's hilarious, but it's also an intriguing story. I don't want to do it with monks though, I was thinking priests. Or a priest and... I don't know. Choir boy? The priest is feeling horribly guilty over his attraction and trying not to give in, the younger man clearly wants him to and tries to seduce him. I would like this to take place in a slightly historic setting, the early 1900s or 1800s. The priest will probably be older and the other man younger, but the priest does not necessarily have to be the top in the relationship. I was thinking I'd play the priest, but I can be persuaded to switch.
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