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Author Topic: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]  (Read 1237 times)

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New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« on: June 14, 2010, 07:20:15 PM »
So, lately I've had some ideas, a few mullings if you will. I have a lot of RPs going, but they're not enough to keep me entertained enough. I realize that I have a lot of spare time here on base, and I love expanding my literary finesse. So... I am asking for a few females, who are interested, to join me in curing my boredom and your own and potentially creating a fun RP out of my odd ideas. Most of them are revolving around television series, and not anime. Wow, right? Okay, here goes...

"Lost in a Daydream"

Doctor John Dorian had been working at Sacred Heart for over 8 years. Working his way to Chief Resident and then halting, JD had had problems advancing from there. Intern after intern and day after day with Elliot and Turk and Carla, it eventually began to wear him down. So, after much consideration, JD decided to take a hiatus. Moonlighting at several clinics accross the state as he tried to figure out what to do. After nearly six months, he returned, finding drastic changes. Turk had become the lead surgeon and Carla had taken some steps to advance her own degree. Cox had become Chief of Medicine and seemed to have the same effect as Kelso. However, Elliot had left the hospital entirely. She left for a completely different state. However, the new chief residents were an image to behold. Two buxom doctors with the same conflict of interest: money v. care of the patients. JD decides to hand around, taking up an offer for a supervisory position, whose main points of contact, were the two doctors. But which one had caught JD's eye, and which one had darker intentions for the gullible director?

"Larger than a House"

Cuddy and House? You wish... Instead, there is a new man in Cuddy's life. He's tall, strong, and without a limp. Cynicism is still included. This man, however, is not a doctor, in the sense of medicine. He is just a professor of literary arts that begins frequenting the hospital due to a family member's terminal illness. The man ends up being more than a handful for all the female staff, but will House try to expediate the man's illness to just get him out of his ward? (Note: House is a MINOR character. Cuddy and the man who I haven't named yet are the main characters.)
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Re: Odd cravings [Looking for females]
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 02:36:25 PM »
Based on favoritted pr0ns:

"You dare insult me?" [BON, NC]

While sitting outside of the boss's office, Braedon awaited his interview. A graduate of MIT, he was definitely not a dull bulb, but, reading through his resume, he notices he made a few clerical errors. With a heavy sigh, he begins to fold the paper and walk out. Being a perfectionist did not help him at all anymore as he was about to leave. Before he left the lobby, the door opened and he heard his name. With a wince, he turned and headed into the office. The piece of paper was snatched from his hand by a petite, stern looking woman. Her glasses-covered eyes gazed over the paper and immediately began picking out the faults. Throughout the interview, she degrades him and ridicules the slightest of errors he makes in his speech. Nervous and demoralized, Braedon decides to leave before his pride is annihilated. Before leaving, the woman makes one insult too many and the man turns and bull rushes her, pinning her on top of the desk. What to do now, right?

"Tour guides"

What is there to do when you're in a foreign country, the only person on a tour bus, and the hostess of the tour is amazingly hot and seems to be interested in you? Note: The bus itself is the stage, making it very visibly for outside vehicles to see.

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Re: Odd cravings [Looking for females]
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2010, 03:58:33 PM »
Original ideas:

"How big is too big?" - Taken

Alexis was the most attractive girl in Steven's college literature class. A massive chest and a slim, flat belly, with visibly toned thighs and a shapely buttocks. She had a thing for finding guys and toying with them. Her desires seemed simple: a night of no-strings sex and then a possible addition of your number in her phone. However, this week, it was Steven's turn. The girl swooned over him for an hour after class, trying to get his acceptance, but Steven replied "No." Shocked, she tries to find out why he said this, and finds out that he is grossly emfatuated with a very small, very flat-chested, adorably cute girl in his world history class. And, to him, Alexis meant nothing. Would she stand for this? Probably not. She turns slightly stalker in her pursuits of Steven, trying to sabbotage his chances with this other girl. (Note: This is supposed to be high humor, with the story revolving around Steven and your character, and Alexis is a playable side-character for both of us.)

"Where are we again?" - Taken

Picking up a hitchiker was not on the list of things to do for Adam. But the girl seemed to be distressed, so he pulled over and let her into his cozy four-door sedan. His trip to Virginia was delayed further when the little (but admittedly cute) girl asked if she could be taken home to Pennsylvania. At a gas station about 200 miles out, he discovers something odd about the girl. She talks to herself, in a multitude of voices, and argues constantly between them. One seems often angry, another innocent, one more seems timid, and yet one more is overly flirtatious. Ignoring this for a moment, they continue to Penn State. Suddenly, her voice changes and she screams, "No! I said Indiana!" and another says, "Where are we?" Adam stops the car and turns to her, asking where she really wants to go, to which her happiest voice replies "Road Trip!" To his dismay, its growing dark and he's headed in the opposite direction of his destination. What happens now? He uses his card and rents the only available room at the Holiday Inn and decides to hope that things are less confusing in the morning. But what does she do?
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Re: Cure for the itch (no pun intended) [Looking for females]
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2010, 07:18:59 PM »
Another idea:

"I don't care" - Taken

The title of a famous song, yes. The ideal of one crazed teenager... Again, yes. The notion that the world cares is lost on a delinquent named Leonardo "Leo" Rett. Jumping into one convenience store to steal a pound bag of Reese's Pieces, Leo succeeds in making it out the door, but a particularly quick worker is fast in his heels. Making a sharp turn, the clerk stumbles over a woman, who screams and starts pushing him over. The teenager disappears into the alley that was target of the turn and begins hopping trash cans. There is suddenly a wall, blocking the escape route. The teen tucks the bag of candy into his mouth and looks to the fire escape to his right. He jumps and grabs the bottom rail of the ladder and pulling himself up. He climbs up and up before reaching the roof. There he parks himself and starts eating the candy. Enjoying his newfound solace. Suddenly, there is a noise behind him. Turning... who is that?
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Re: Cure for the itch (no pun intended) [Looking for females]
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2010, 08:15:30 PM »
Feel free to reply or message me. The massive amount of spare time allows me to check this regularly... Twice every ten minutes.

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Re: Cure for the itch (no pun intended) [Looking for females]
« Reply #5 on: June 17, 2010, 03:53:04 PM »
So, here is an anime idea:

A Covetted Contract - Taken

Azmaria, the new head of the Magdeline Order, has acheived her status at a very young age. The story of Rosette and Chrono resonate throughout the annals of the new order, describing the fated pair as the saviors of the human race. As the prayers of their deeds ascend, it becomes apparent that the depths of Pandemonium have darker secrets also bubbling to the surface. The Sinners defeated and the Wardens lost on Earth, there is a sudden struggle for power and a surge to escape. The escalating conditions below spur a spike in demons rising through summoners and worshippers. The unforgivable actions earn recognition and full attention from the order, their own personnel acting quickly to stifle the uprising of demons. However, the string of summonings amount to a conclusion that each is being orchestrated by a new power trying to break from the earth's crust. The occurences became much more severe and the lives lost much more numerous.

The words of the new psalms are soon sung. A number of people reminding the church of the trials and accomplishments of the Fated Pair. Without warning, a kind-hearted soul summons a demon. Her body becomes bound to the demon, which proves to be a sacrifice in itself. The demon is vicious, cold and violent. But cannibalistic. Demons become the fuel for the newly contracted devil, which takes a massive toll on the stamina of the girl. After each fight, she becomes weaker and weaker, until the demon realizes that without her life force, he would have to return to Pandemonium. Instead of becoming more of a parasite, the demon became a symbiote, assisting the girl by giving her life through his own corrupt soul. At first, her body rejects the tainted spirit, but soon she finds herself in the same boat as the demon. As soon as she accepts his dark grace, their relationship changes. And it is discovered that the demon... is the reincarnation of Chrono.
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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2010, 07:46:50 PM »
Like an Outlaw - Taken

Gene Starwind or Starwind & Hawking enterprises has just passed. Leaving an aging Jim to fend for himself in the world's constantly growing and competitive businesses. Reluctantly, Jim is forced to hire some extra hands to pilot the marvelous Outlaw Star. A proficient pilot is paired with an ageless Melfina, but the chemistry she and Gene housed will never fade. Instead, the additional crew members become a sexual interest to the pilot, named Daemon Hartte. But Jim, frightened of the collapse of his crew, fires the other crew and keeps the pilot. Frustrated, Daemon takes off with the Star and begins life as an outlaw. But he finds it hard to pilot with just Melfina constantly urging their return to Jim. After a short spell, they do, only to find Jim had died. Now, the owner of the grappler ship must find a crew. He heads to a planet called Neptune 6, and there he begins the search for another crew. ... Soon, a buxom female comes looking for a trip to space...
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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #7 on: June 18, 2010, 04:11:11 PM »
I'm getting more action from these updates than my actual RPs. New:

"Enjoy the Ride"

There's nothing like driving fast and speeding beyond the limit of everything, including the car's engine. Who knew oil was combustible? So, the fiery ball of metal comes to a clattering halt, the red paint now resembling charcoal and the frame looking comething like wire coat hangers. But, oddly enough, the driver falls from the seat, unscathed. Well... for the most part. Naked and flesh feeling like it was still on fire, the man cups his privates and begins walking. Slowly his skin begins to become less enflamed, but there is a searing burn in his veins. He can still feel the fire.

Had he not been naked, he may have considered the occurence a little more. Because he was naked, he stepped on broken glass and fell over into the road. A passing truck, distracted by the burning heap runs over the prone body. The large crew cab comes to a screeching halt. And, as the woman driver steps out of the vehicle, the man sits up, feeling his broken bones fusing back together and his torn skin mending itself. What in the world is going on? And what would the female driver do in her newfound situation.

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2010, 06:05:45 PM »
To die tonight...

What would it be like living each day like it was the last you ever had? Probably pretty crazy, but some don't get that one day warning. Sitting at home, alone, an aging man is sitting silently on his armchair, reading a magazine. Suddenly, theres a raspy sound behind him. Jolting forward, out of the chair, he turns and sees the world go black. The following morning, police determing his death was of natural causes. But Death knew otherwise. A pull at his last string ended his existence in the mortal plane.

But, being the grim and the reaper was becoming too much to handle. An eternal existence to drive life from bodies was becoming more and more bleak. So, suspending his powers for a day, he decides to go out and enjoy himself, just once. Besides, if he doesn't like what's going on, he can just kill someone, right? But where to go? What to do? Who to screw... ?

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #9 on: June 22, 2010, 02:56:08 PM »
Wow... people still like my ideas.

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2010, 07:29:05 AM »
Right side of the bed

Today, I woke up, like every other day. I trudged through my life, trying just to make it back to bed at night.

And that was the last status update from a 19-year-old named Drake Forst. For, that night, he went to bed like normal, after kissing his dying mother good night, after making sure the lights were off and doors were locked, after making sure the pills were securely locked away. Drake rest his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. As total darkness encompassed him, he felt alone. Quite suddenly, he was opening his eyes to a massive ox-looking creature. A tongue lashes out and soaks his face. Apparently, he tasted bad. So the ox dismisses him. Drake raises a gloved hand to his face and... gloved? And what was that sound when he lifted his arm from his... daggers? What in the world. Slowly, he rose, examining his attire. Where was he? What happened when he fell asleep? And who was this woman boasting a tail running at him, sending the ox-creatures stampeding away? And... lastly, what the hell was a dinosaur doing, even though it looked nothing like he had ever experienced in textbooks?

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #11 on: July 01, 2010, 06:33:23 PM »
The Wolf X [EX for violence]

The last of the immortals. A beast so violent it was captured and detained in the core of a mountain. Vaulted in steel and forgotten. Decades. Centuries pass. Suddenly, there is light. The mountain itself begins to crumble as a mysterious mechanism drops through the vaulted ceiling. The expeditionary team finds what appears to be a mummefied corpse. Skin dried to bone and a hollow body. Organs long turned to dust, eyes long since burst and torn from their sockets, and bone seemed to crumbled at touch. After careful extraction, the mummy is removed from the cell.

Above ground, Earth had become a world of steel. A wasteland of metal and concrete. All the greenery long since used to facilitate the creation of the metropolis that encompassed the planet. The mountain was set for destruction to make room for another building. Each building erected housed enough for an entire country.

The mummy was crated off to what was once a renowned government building, now turned museum for the centuries. Inside, the corpse was subjected to various age testing and DNA tests. The findings were astonishing. Predating the B.C. time period, the scientists there marvelled at their discovery. Until, during their celebration, something happens that causes an ounce of blood to spill across the mummy's chest.

In a matter of minutes, a young, female marine, piloting a XV-980 battlesuit, gets called to the proceeding massacre. He and he troop arrive to find a lone survivor, bathed in blood and the entire building staff nothing but stains on the walls, ceiling and floor. She harbors suspicions, but the survivor soon proves everything she didn't suspect, then everything she did.

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #12 on: July 02, 2010, 05:07:30 AM »
Where the rubber meets the road [EX, BON, NONCON]

Sex. Magical? Sensual? ... Romantic?

Only if you're with the right person.

Looks to kill, a square jaw and angular facial features, with a strong chin leading a well musculed neck, which trailed into a chest of pure muscle and a physique that caused many to turn their heads and instantly become jealous, blonde hair and blue eyes topped the embodiment of the epitome of the Arian population, driving a brand new sportscar, cherry red in color, with numerous sexual encounters and the backing of 90% of the school behind him... Andrew was the perfect male.

But... this story isn't about him. No... its about the guy who was always in the background, slaving in the shadow of Andrew for the better part of his entire life. As Andrew's popularity increased, his knowledge of his oldest friend seemed to matter less and less. And that was alright for Tyler. He didn't mind in the least that he got the credit for making to game-winning pass, or prom-king, or favoritism from the staff, or having Andrew sleep with all of Tyler's exes before they were exes, or that Andrew steals lunch, money, and homework from Tyler all the time, or the fact that, while rooming together in college, Andrew fucked Tyler's girlfriend on Tyler's bed and was forced to sleep on the couch because Andrew's girl was sleeping on Andrew's bed, or that Tyler was always used by many women just to facilitate their meeting with Andrew.

No, he didn't mind too much at all. Tyler had gotten used to it. Now a graduate and working at a law firm, he watches as Andrew becomes the lead on all of Tyler's cases, sleeps with the boss and her secretary, and even beds every grieving widow that comes through their office. However... there's one girl that seems to show no interest in Andrew. The copy girl. A petite, strawberry-blonde with the cutest of freckles and glasses. She, to Tyler, is adorable. But his interest in her does not go unnoticed and Andrew, wanting to destroy Tyler completely, begins to make passes at this girl. Finally, Tyler snaps, becoming a beast between the sheets. Bondage, blood and sodomy, Tyler begins taking what he wants. And he wants nothing else except to have this girl writhing beneath him... tied, gagged, bruised and breathing hard from screams.
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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #13 on: July 08, 2010, 05:37:50 PM »
TWisted Tail [Exotic]

Life was rough, growing up as a rabbit. You were a rare breed. Natural athlete, smart and sly, healthy, and... best of all... wary of even walking out the door. Its not like a hawk or fox would come and snatch you up and eat you. No, that truce was signed between herbivores and carnivores a long time ago. But Rabbits... rabbits are always cautious.

This was the first twenty winters of Evritt, who preferred to be called Vr. His parents were senile when they named him. His name made him sound old as Gramps. But Vr wasn't an ordinary bunny. No, he is the last that is able to reproduce as a male of his species. Female suitor after female suitor came calling at his door... but rabbits are excellent judges of quirks and Vr did not find Mrs. Cottontail in any of them. With parents pressuring specific choices from him, Vr grows impatient.

He runs. He runs from the city, gets about a mile into the outlying forested areas and discovers a peculiar thing. A beautiful thing. A lonely-looking lady with rich black fur, a bushy tail, and two stripes extending from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. The only thing is... she's a bit jumpy. And we all know what happens when a skunk gets jumpy.

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Re: New ideas, updated constantly [Looking for females]
« Reply #14 on: July 11, 2010, 04:42:38 PM »
Smooth Toxicity [Bon, EX, maybe NC]

Charm. Undeniable, unequivocable charm. A presence of mind of being haughty, self-centered, and narcissistic. Ideas of insatiable lust. A drive to lay every woman on the "Rack." The feel of flesh then the tether of silk or nylon straps absorbed the lush of passion. Followed closely by the taste of blood red wine. With looks of the kind that seemed to be sculpted by the ancient Greeks themselves, all of these were a frequent reality.

Without a doubt, Lamont was the epitome of masculinity and sensuality, and sexuality. Laying a different woman each night... only to have those women never be heard from. Ever, again. But who would be compelled to tie the lusty idol to condemnation with accusation? These women could just remain missing, for all anyone cared, so long as the next got her chance with the alluring gentleman.

Lamont swept women off their feet and pierced hearts with his wiles. In more ways than one did he pierce them...

Until her. Some other ethereal being in disguise. Seduced as she was... she would only laugh at the bindings and sour his lips with a violent passion at the first taste of her blood.