An old idea fleshed out (MxF)

Started by Arion, June 14, 2010, 04:50:30 PM

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A bit of a craving here, so I'm hoping that this takes off...

A while ago I posted some idea of mine,  and then life intruded and I wasn't able to post on them for weeks.  Rather than listing them all again or bumping the old post to the top, I'm going to just flesh out what seems to be the most popular of them, and see if anyone's interested in it.

The original idea was as follows:

1) While the heroine is passing through a deep forest, she happens across a group of elves; unbeknown to her, the elves have just gone into a period of intense heat, and they invite her to join in their fun.  Should she initially refuse, they're more than happy to do some "convincing".

Here's my thoughts on that one:

The elves of this world are not the standard Tolkienish elves; while they are both tall and inhumanly attractive, they're also very alien to humanity; enigmatic and reclusive, they hate the younger races, and think in ways which men could never understand.  They follow their own ways, bowing to no king of mankind, and are held in a mixture of fear and wonder by the other races.

These elves are effectively immortal; though they can be killed, they have a lifespan that extends into millinia and more.  The very thought of being intimate with a human, who grows old and dies before their children even hit puberty, is disgusting to them, akin to molesting children.

But the younger generation of elves (those less than 3000 years old or so) have taken to "slumming" with human men and women, seducing them and having intercourse with them as a kind of game.

Our heroine then is traveling along a wooded road to a coastal city when she 'happens' across a group of young male elves, five or so of them who are also traveling.  Seemingly friendly they invite her to share their fire for the night, offering her food and drink.  But what she doesn't know is that they've planned this encounter, and have been watching her for miles.  One of them offers to share his bed with her, and relishing the thought of intercourse with one of these ancient beings she is more than willing.

But they have yet another desire:  they've come for a gang-bang.

I'm looking for this to include oral, vaginal, anal, DP, and possibly some light non-con (depending on whether or not the heroine likes the idea of taking on multiple partners at once).  If an interested partner wants, it can include more, such as her being tied up, hard non-con, and most anything.  Anal is also optional and can be dropped if need be.

Looking as always for female partners for this.  Anyone who is interested should pm me or post here.
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