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September 22, 2021, 11:57:16 am

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Author Topic: Looking for partner(s) for a WWE-based roleplay (MxF, maybe FxF, light to NC)  (Read 834 times)

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Congratulations, if I didn't scare you off with the title, you're either here because of genuine interest or morbid curiosity. Yes, you read that right, I am looking for a WWE-based roleplay, as in World Wrestling Entertainment.

I know WWE is in a current, much-loathed PG-13 era... but that is not what this rp is going to be about. But I'm not talking about bloody fights, as a matter of facts, the fight will take more of a backseat. What I have in mind is that me and my partner take up a "Superstar" and/or "Diva" and another one and then create a sort of angle for them. If some of you might recall the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge thing, that is roughly what I am talking about. Maybe a triangle sort of relationship, which would be traditional could work, but really, if it's that or a twosome... or more, I leave up to my partner.

We pretend that the whole storylines, the animosities, the characters... they're all real. They do behave like that backstage, etc. yadda yadda. And so, while details are to be worked out with the partner, I'd propose several plot ideas I'd like to work out. Note that, unless specified, I'd really like to use existing personas of the WWE. I have no problem with using some of the stars of the past, for example Jeff Hardy or The Rock, but other than that, I'd like to keep it rather up-to-date.

- A Diva or Superstar gets on dirt on another and uses that to blackmail them into a relationship
(examples maybe: Pictures of CM Punk drinking alcohol, The Miz's embarrassing high school pictures, just generally stuff that might conflict with the image the blackmailed star has)

- A Superstar/Diva continuously defeats a Diva's boyfriend/Superstar's girlfriend (also a wrestler) in the ring in order to impress him/her
(how well that works is left up the partner, but in general it would involve the superior Superstar/Diva aggressively pursuing the Superstar/Diva)

- A Superstar/Diva trying to get in good with the GM of their brand in order to gain favours and easier opponents
(like that horrfiying Edge/Vickie-thing... only with much less squick) (also, as for the GM, we could have another wrestler fill in for the current ones OR an original GM)

- Superstar/Diva and the Fan
(basically, the admirer from afar and the object of his/her worship meet, get to know each other and then closer... of course, the fan would be an original character)

- Abduction
(same as above, only not as light-hearted, a Superstar/Diva is abducted by a rabid fan... could also be tweaked so that the kidnapper is another Superstar/Diva)

Basically speaking, the ratings for all of these games would be light and Non-con at worst. I myself am pretty flexible as to who I am playing, male, female, I can do both and I do not particularly care for the actual gender of my partner and how it may or may not contrast that of the character he/she is roleplaying... it's called that for a reason, after all. As for pairings, they can all be played either MxF or even FxF. All I care about is that the WWE-employee you might choose is played consistent with the persona they exhibit on TV and at the same time, not just reduced to that.

I am also willing to take on more than just one request, so if I haven't lost you already, do shoot me a pm if you are interested and I'll get back to you as fast as I can manage.