A time travel rp set in holland/belguim.

Started by playfullchick76, June 12, 2010, 08:28:33 AM

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I've done time travel ones set during World War 2, and I'm doing two, but I thought of this one after reading about something in a ww2 book.

It would go something like this. I would be in an F22 Raptor, during war games exercises over the country, or it could even be during WW3. My plane would be damaged, and something would happen, that would transport the plane, and myself, back in time from 2012 to 1941 Belguim or Holland, depending on what country you want it set in the most. I would eject from my plane, which would explode as the set self destruct does its job, and parachute down.

I would parachute down, with no idea at first that I had been transported back in time just over 70 years. I would be found by a member of the Resistance, as there was an organisation called the Comet that moved shot down airmen and jews through europe to safe countries.

If this appeals to anyone, do let me know. Its a specific set and themed one, i know.