Those who "hunt" elves [NON-CON, BON, potential for more]

Started by ABitOffTheWall, June 10, 2010, 09:14:54 AM

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First thing's first, what I look for in a partner:
-MUST write well.  I'm not looking for the Great American Novel, I just want someone who doesn't write like they're just learning the language.

-MUST have realistic expectations of my ability to post.  I post regularly when I can, but real life comes first.  I write for a living, and it's not my only job.  I try to post in all my games at least once a day, but sometimes my schedule can't accommodate that kind of posting

-MUST expect realistically sized posts.  I can post a few paragraphs at a time.  Like I said, I write for a living and sometimes I'm all written out.  When that happens, my post size tends to shrink.  I also don't like to make enormous posts because I don't like to be too presumptive.  I'd rather give the other character a chance to respond to my characters' actions before I go on and do something else, and I'd like it if you did, to.  I'll try my best to match you in post size, but use some common sense.  One line is too small, but if your post is dominating my screen and I still have to scroll down to read it, it might be a bit too big.  Feel free to look at some of my posts to get an idea of what I mean.

Those Who "Hunt" Elves (Master/Slave)
Being the stalwart hero (or tyrannical ruler) of the land certainly has its benefits, like when, after a day of pillaging villages (or righting wrongs), you return home to find a pair of beautiful fiery-haired elven twins, one boy and one girl, show up in your bedroom bound and naked, apparently a gift from some slavers you saved (or extorted) a while back.  While an evil hero might leap at the opportunity, a good one might refuse it entirely, until getting a of the elven musks.  Elves in this world go through three life stages: the child, the juvenile and the adult.  These elves are juvenile: roughly equivalent to a human in their late teens to early twenties, and in the prime reproductive stage of their life.  Juvenile elves are very much like dogs in heat: they find it hard to say no, while everyone else finds it much easier to say yes.  Being, no less intelligent than adult elves, they're often able to maintain their composure and keep their desires under control, but they can at times be overwhelming.  Basically they want to fuck, and people want to fuck them.

So that's the groundwork for the game.  I'd be playing the twins, you'd be playing the master (Male, Female, futa, doesn't matter).  The twins are both totally submissive, and the boy is quite trappish in appearance if not necessarily demeanor (more often mistaken for a tomboy than just a feminine looking man).  They aren't incestuous yet, but they can be made to be, which brings me to my next point: I the reason there's not much story in the outline is because I want to through a bit of a Paragon/Renegade thing into the mix: you can be as kind or as cruel to them as you want (just no heavy torture please, bondage and light whipping is as far as I'd go on that front, and no scat).

I'd also GM in a couple of day-to-day events between the sex, as well so that the master could be stern and kinky but still gentle and kind, or dominant and vanilla, but extremely cruel.  The way they're treated by the master would affect how the twins behave.  To use the incest example above, if the master is very cruel, they might seek each other out for comfort.  If the master is kind but still orders them to perform on each other, they might explore each other openly.  Similarly, the master could choose to treat the boy more like a boy or more like a girl, and how he acts later on will be affected.

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