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April 10, 2021, 05:54:26 pm

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Author Topic: An Evangelion Roleplay [Shinji/Asuka, Non-Con, dom/sub, or romance]  (Read 787 times)

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Offline ABitOffTheWallTopic starter

First thing's first, what I look for in a partner:
-MUST write well.  I'm not looking for the Great American Novel, I just want someone who doesn't write like they're just learning the language.

-MUST have realistic expectations of my ability to post.  I post regularly when I can, but real life comes first.  I write for a living, and it's not my only job.  I try to post in all my games at least once a day, but sometimes my schedule can't accommodate that kind of posting

-MUST expect realistically sized posts.  I can post a few paragraphs at a time.  Like I said, I write for a living and sometimes I'm all written out.  When that happens, my post size tends to shrink.  I also don't like to make enormous posts because I don't like to be too presumptive.  I'd rather give the other character a chance to respond to my characters' actions before I go on and do something else, and I'd like it if you did, to.  I'll try my best to match you in post size, but use some common sense.  One line is too small, but if your post is dominating my screen and I still have to scroll down to read it, it might be a bit too big.  Feel free to look at some of my posts to get an idea of what I mean.

And the idea:

Living in Sin

For Asuka Langley Soryu, what could be worse than having to move in with that insufferable Third Child?  He whines, he mopes, he can barely take care of himself, and he turns tail and runs from his Eva every time an Angel shows up.  And yet, that's exactly what NERV orders her to do.

Option 1: To make the best of a bad situation, Asuka decides to make Shinji her slave.  It starts with her bossing him around the house, and ends with him bossing him around in the bedroom.  This option would be Dom/sub oriented, with Asuka as the Dom.

Option 2: To make the best of a bad situation, Asuka decides to straight-up seduce Shinji, the mistress/slave games replaced by teasing and seduction.

Option 3: Asuka's living situation has another purpose: it's her job to get Shinji to man-up.  This one would involve a lot of coaching by Asuka until Shinki comes out of his shell, at which point he takes over the role as the dominant (though not necessarily "Dom") lover.

Option 4: Shinji, tired of being pushed around by Asuka, decides to show her who's boss in around here.  The first night, he rapes her.  The next morning, he makes he his slave (vi blackmail, coersion,etc).  Obviously a bit ooc for Shinji.  This one would be Dom/sub with Shinji as the dom.

Option 5: Shinji's harbored quite the crush on Asuka for quite sometime, and with them living together, things are only getting worse.  Eventually, he decides to go for broke and confess.  To his surprise, Asuka feels the same way.  Romance and their growing relationship is the focus of this one.

And that's the game.  Any of the five are okay by me, but I'd want the game to be light-hearted overall, more reminiscent of the at-home scenes from the original series than it's darker and mind-fuckier aspects.  Except for options one and four, obviously.
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