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Author Topic: The Sky's The Limit [dieselpunk setting; M seeks intersex character]  (Read 617 times)

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A hundred or so years from the present, humanity grew too cocky and too unfriendly with regards to its neighbours. The Cold War paled in comparison with this nuclear stalemate. North America hated its southern relations, the United Kingdom found itself caught in the middle of this subtle conflict, the East hated the West and Russia hated everyone else. Over a comparatively short period of time, almost all international peace organisations broke apart and fearful panic alliances from smaller countries to their larger 'friends'. In the end, all was in vain as, within a period of time now known as the Sixty Minute War, nuclear deterrence fell to pieces and a holocaust of retaliation and return fire enveloped the globe.

In the aftermath, the earth's surface was ripped to shreds. It was irradiated, dangerous to so much as have contact with, let alone live upon. From the ashes of the Sixty Minute War rose the practice of Municipal Darwinism and Urban Tractionism. No-one know how long it took or which city was first - it was all so long ago - but its effects can now be seen everywhere.

Cities took up motion as their basic state of being, their populations riding along with them as they cross the muddy, rutted plains that have become Europe and Northern Africa on impossibly gargantuan wheels. Many cities float as aquatic giants; often these are towns that were once ports or seaside resorts. Airships now rule the skies and have become the normal method of movement from town to town. To suit this particular development, there is even one city, the appropriately named Airhaven, that flies under the power of heated buoyancy gas. Lately, there have even been rumours of a city that crawls along the bottom of the ocean...However, none of these reports have been verified. This is Tractionism and hand in hand with it goes the practice of Municipal Darwinism.

Darwin stated that the strongest survive and, now that, cities have become organisms too - moving and living - they have adopted the law of the jungle as their default state of operations. Affixed to the front of most cities there are a pair of gargantuan metal jaws, connected directly to the engine rooms; the appropriately named Gut of each of the cities. The cities continue to move under the power of their colossal engines and these engines are powered by the fuel that can be made from other cities. In short, cities eat one another - bolstering their fuel supplies and their populations through such acquisitions - and the bigger cities almost always win, unless the smaller town is faster, which they must all be. Small, slow towns were all eaten long ago. This is Natural Selection on a grand scale. Only Airhaven and a few trading settlements escape the jaws of the great predators by default. The others must learn to run and hide.

Only the Anti-Traction League, located in the East, South America and South Africa, go against the seemingly natural practices of Municipal Darwinism and Urban Tractionism. The Anti-Traction League, disdainfully known as 'Mossies' by Tractionists everywhere, keep what they see as the old ways and what others see as dangerous barbarism alive - they still live off the earth, building their settlements with foundations and fortifications...and they always stay in one place. Tension has, once again, arisen between these two factions, as it always must somewhere...

Actual Roleplay Idea Commences Here

In short, allow me to explain a little. That's the setting that we'll be using in this roleplay. Now, I'd prefer for it to be something of a '50s themed dieselpunk dystopia. Fashion and aesthetics would be very much vintage, as you may have been able to tell from the pictures I've decided to use in this thread. The entire setting would be distinctly retrogressive, always attempting to hark back to the technology of the world-that-came-before, all the while never realising that, in many ways, they have outstripped it. In this setting, the world they lost is effectively ours except that, in terms of mentality and aesthetics, it became stranded in the '50s while, technologically it continued to grow in the directions '50s science-fiction anticipated it would. Robots; powerful AIs with their wiring and processors spanning rooms upon rooms; the more extreme uses of the split atom...All of them happened and were, within the world-ending war that followed, forgotten. It is the secrets of this time-that-came-before, both big and small, that are the most valuable things left in the new world of Municipal Darwinism and Traction Cities. A burnt out spark plug is as good as cash here and a rumour, complete with directions, of a pre-war bunker or safe is as good as a substantial check.

Now, in the plot idea I had, I would play an apparently dashing if largely talentless captain of a small Airship, The Virtue of the East, rumoured, according to him, to be one of the fastest to have ever graced the skies with its exhaust fumes. Like the captain, however, such rumours would largely be talk. Both ship and captain are graceless characters, both under certain pretences...the ship one of fame and of being anything more than a barely sky-worthy rust-bucket (think Millenium Falcon) and its captain one of being anything more than a scoundrel with a fast tongue and a wry grin under his belt. He sees himself as savvy businessman, gentleman pilot and adventurer, all in the same breath. Do not be deceived.

He, the captain, has recently been walked out on by his most recent co-pilot and engineer. As such, although he might tell stories of his flying from the shieldwall of Batmunkh Gompa to the Minsk Crater singlehanded and with a sprained ankle, as is to be expected, they are all hot air and engine. He is searching for a new assistant on-board the Virtue. You will play this assistant. She will be either an engineer or a navigator (a position that, in this setting, would be just as happily filled by a priestess or shamaness as it would by a woman of hard science). Similarly, she will likely be young and naive enough to believe the captain's stories, at least to start with.

Apart from the aforementioned starting points I have but one request to make with regards to this character. While it's not essential that you do so, I would love if she could be a hermaphrodite/futanari/shemale or whatever you wanna call it. She'd be naturally born as such and she'd see herself as female in every aspect and would desperately want to be treated as such. It's just that she'd have a particular secret in the way of this. She would have male genitalia instead of female genitalia. Apart from this, she would, as I mentioned previously, appear entirely female. As a result, she'd be hugely sexually inexperienced. I'll explain my reasoning behind my wanting to have her as such if you ask...But to be brief, I just think that it's romantic as an idea.

I intend for the two of them, through tension and cabin-fever, to begin a sudden whirlwind relationship, beginning with sex and repeated misgivings about one another, punctuated with vows taken by each of them never to let their guard or standards slip again along with initial panic and confusion on the captain's half about his cabin-mate's gender in the first place (and why he seems to be attracted to her despite it) and on her's, why he seems not to care. It would, however, develop into something far deeper - a love, albeit a dysfunctional one, that would span their differences and help your character to come to terms with her own unique beauty. She would simply wish to be treated like a female and, well, the captain might just be unusual enough and smitten enough to treat her as such and, eventually, to love her as such.

Thanks for listening. Do PM me if you're interested. Please check my Ons and Offs thread, as linked in my signature, for more information about me and more on what I require of an RP partner (I do not say this lightly, I really mean that I will outright reject partners who do not give me reason to believe they meet my standards - I am looking for GOOD writing, GOOD character conceptualisation, GOOD characterisation. End of. But aside from that I'm really a very nice person, I think..?)...Unless you've done so already? :)

P.S. I apologise for the poor presentation and writing present in this ad but it was all thrown up on a whim...Consider this thread an interest check, more than anything else. Let's hope it returns some interest.
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