Tullus 4: Trading Planet

Started by Pixie, May 28, 2005, 03:08:30 PM

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Tullus 4 is now accepting new players. We are looking for some folks to play bad guys as well as good, nothing super powerful need apply please. This is not a place for power gamers. :-)

Please visit the group for character creation rules and send completed character sheets or ideas to thepixie, whiterose, and deraxeman.

Tullus 4 is an insignificant planet tucked away in a quiet part of the galaxy.  Its inhabitants are traders.  They have FTL spaceships, and travel throughout the galaxy finding things that they can bring home to make a profit.   A lot of traders have made their homes on this planet with its lush green countryside, and pleasant looking cities.  The trade has been going on for some time, and the planet is wealthy, and many of its citizens enjoy a sumptuous lifestyle.

Of course, the planet has a darker side, one of its main sources of income is the slave trade.  Creatures from many planets and star systems can be acquired here, for whatever purpose you require.  Need a strong worker? A pleasure slave?  A bodyguard?  Whatever you require, you will probably find on Tullus  4 and there are no questions asked.

The indigenous inhabitants of the planet are approximately 4 feet tall, have large almond shaped eyes, and a greyish tint to their skin.  When they come across a new planet they do a great deal of research, about it, particularly its inhabitants to make sure that it is worth their time to take  whatever they acquire back to Tullus 4, to make a profit.  They have been visiting an insignificant planet that orbits a star called Sol for over 50 years and find it a rich picking ground.

To join the game you can create a character that can be a trader, a star ship pilot, any kind of business person, a slave, a slave owner, or any other character that you think may fit into this rich and varied scenario..  Your character is limited only by your imagination.  But please make it reasonably feasible, your character must be an oxygen breather, and find the earth like gravity on Tullus 4 acceptable.