A Small Idea [FxF/MxF]

Started by Give Them Both, June 05, 2010, 07:08:28 PM

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Give Them Both

This list is very much a work in progress, but right now I am just putting it out there so I can hopefully start an RP or two. I'll put more ideas up here as my brain makes them up, but I'm usually pretty bad about it so for now it's just a few small ideas that can be elaborated on in a PM.

In bold = the part I play

The Escort [F/M or F/F] - A corporate worker for a nationwide chain of hotels is on assignment traveling to the hotels she supervises to make sure everything is running up to standards. When she gets to each hotel she is given a card for complementary meals and entertainment, and is given a sort of tour guide who is responsible for showing her around the city. In one specific city, her escort has heard about how demanding she can be and takes her to a seedy part of town. They end up at a club where anything goes, and her escort signs her up for a little more "entertainment" than she had been expecting.

Will definitely start off non-con, and perhaps evolve to con. I am looking for a female to play the escort, but if I can't find any females I wouldn't mind having a male escort. Any variations you can think of you can bring up in a PM, I think a futa variation might be nice to try if anyone's willing.

More to come. :]