Looking for F for varied NC ideas.

Started by badassgrim, June 05, 2010, 04:00:40 PM

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Deep cover (NC,crime, gangbang, degrading sex)

A female operative is given the task of infiltrating a criminal organization. She does so by starting near the bottom and sleeping with the right people, getting noticed, being involved, and finally becoming the Kingpin's direct subordinate, personal whore, attendant, what have you... along the way she is exposed to violence, politics and crime, but must do whatever it takes to remain under cover. Ultimate goal: Topple the Kingpin!

Rape-revenge (NC, gangbang, extreme violence)

modern day version
A woman comes across the scene of a gang murder in a deserted alleyway. She flees, but the hoodlums catch up with her, beat her senseless and have a bit of fun before tossing her lifeless body into a ditch. They then leave, satisfied that they have elimated the sole witness. Somehow she survives, but there's gonna be hell to pay. Ultimate goal: Dispose of each rapist in interesting ways.

medieval version
A simple girl in a simple village minding her own business. Marauders envelope the village and indulge in some merry rape, pillage and plunder. Our no-longer virginal heroine emerges from the burning ruins of her village and vows revenge. She journies off to a camp of ex-mercenaries and offers her body in return for learning how to kill. And then it's time to get some revenge...

Fellatrix (NC, degrading sex, very limited violence)
She's never liked giving head. She loves sex but somehow the thought of blowing a guy seems degrading and dirty. One night, a non-consensual encounter leaves her with the taste of the male organ, and suddenly she no longer feels that way. Another few encounters later, she starts getting addicted, and begins seeking bigger thrills...


I'd be interested in Dark Cover.  If you're interested just PM and we can work out some details.

Liquid Nitrogen

I find myself very intrigued by the Rape-revenge story lines you've got. I'd be curious to know a little more about the ideas, but if you've got the time/patience to explain them a little further (and you're interested, of course) I would love to work something out with you. PM me so we can possibly work out some details?


I'm interested in Fellatrix, or possibly the medieval version of rape-revenge.
--- Currently on a writing break. My muse is dead ---

Terribly sorry for the people I've been RPing with, serious real life events have caused me to be distracted. Once it's all sorted out and I can return and commit to roleplays again, I will.


I'm posting this here because I'm too damn lazy to send multiple PMs saying the same thing:

Unless otherwise specified, I'm going to assume that your character is a GPF (Generic Pale Female), with brown hair, brown eyes... passably attractive but not stunning, average-sized boobs (B-C), not too tall or short, not too pudgy, not too voluptous, not skinny. This is my version of keeping it realistic, though of course you might like to differ.

Do feel free to fill in the blanks or make whatever changes you see fit. Hell, change her ethnic race if you want, it gives me the opportunity for my MCP NPCs to make racist remarks.


This idea popped into my head two nights ago. Maybe I was drunk or high, but whatever the case is, it's stuck...

The Pimp From Hell (NC, degrading sex)

A prostitute with a heart of gold. Doesn't steal, does whatever she can, has the patience of a saint. Whatever she earns, a large part of it goes to charity, or to taking care of others. She's always upbeat and cheerful, and tries to brighten everyone's day no matter how nasty they are to her. She's a very nice woman - she just happens to be a two-dollar whore. And not too bright.

She works for a guy who's not like your average pimp - something about him feels different. He doesn't seem to care about money, at least where she's concerned. While he can be quite the ruthless slave driver, he has an uncanny habit of sending her to spots where there's plenty of work to be done, though not necessarily bucketloads of cash to be earned.

And while working for him, she's never had to have an abortion, never caught anything nastier than a cold.

The truth? He is the Devil. He delights in human degradation, and ensures that she survives each customer's brutal beatings and abuse, only to go through it again every single day. The delicious irony is that she's pure-hearted. That makes the degradation even more delectable. He feeds off it. But of course, being the Devil, he doesn't do anything just for fun. He's got a plan, and ultimately it will be up to our heroine to thwart him.


If the medieval version is still open I'd be interested in that.  I have just the character in mind too!


Protecting little brother (NC, degrading sex, gangbang, violence) TAKEN

Inspired by Gran Torino
The family just moved into one of the sleaziest neighbourhoods around. Pimps, drug-pushers and bangbangers around every corner. The boy of the family is 15 - shy, awkward and bookish. The boys in the Hood target him right away. Some want him to join up, some just want to break him.

Your character is the elder sister, age 18. She tries desperately to fend off all the attention. Her brother's the scholar of the family and needs to graduate. After awhile, she discovers that the best way to take the attention off her little brother is to be the one grabbing the attention. This longish roleplay chronicles her misadventures from the time she joins the gang, t the time her little brother graduates.


New Ideas

The Assassin Reborn:
Your character is a well-honed killing machine, who uses seduction, sex, and stealth to obtain access to her target before silencing him forever. She has no morals, no scruples, and no memories of her childhood. She's known her "handler" all her life, with little or no contact with the rest of the Black Ops network. One day, this changes. She regains her memories, some of which are very... revealing. What will she do now?

Long-term. Rough sex, hypnosis, violence.

Sioux Shadow (TAKEN)
Your character is a North American native, way back in the cowbow era. She's happily married to a Sioux brave, and wants nothing more in life. Until one day, her husband is killed in a raid by the white men. She manages to escape, but half of the tribe are captured. Following the trail leads her to a decadent corrupt frontier town, where the only way in is as a prisoner.

Long-term. Rough and degrading sex, probably NC. Violence.


Inspired by the Movie "Training Day"

A female cop, fresh from a transfer, finds herself on the mean streets of [insert city name here]. She's one helluva fighter, a great shot, and is an idealist to boot. Which means she quickly becomes a target. Her mentor, who's supposed to show her the ropes, lets her get into trouble time and again because he's a bastard and it amuses him, and because he's on the take. He hopes that her harrowing experiences will get her to seek life elsewhere. Because having a holier-than-thou personality in his vicinity is annoying the hell out of him.

Unfortunately, she's tougher than that. Gang-rapes, beatings, near-death experiences... whatever doesn't kill her only makes her stronger, and more determined to clean this city up.

This roleplay could go on for a very, very long time. It takes more than a few months to make a difference in this city. Though I guess she may take down her mentor and maybe a crime lord or two along the way.


I couldn't find a straight answer in your intro thread, so i'll ask here. Are you comfortable roleplaying with a lord playing as a female character? If you're unsure, you can scroll through my posting history to see some of the female roles i've filled. I play them very well, i'm told.

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QuoteSioux Shadow
Your character is a North American native, way back in the cowbow era. She's happily married to a Sioux brave, and wants nothing more in life. Until one day, her husband is killed in a raid by the white men. She manages to escape, but half of the tribe are captured. Following the trail leads her to a decadent corrupt frontier town, where the only way in is as a prisoner.

Long-term. Rough and degrading sex, probably NC. Violence.

I am interested in this one.   So would like to put in my bid for it.   


That Gran torino one sounds delightful! PM me if you get a chance!


New Ideas

The Reluctant Office Whore N/C (very little violence), degrading sex, pseudo-prostitution
She's just been released from prison for some minor offense, and haven't been able to find a job since. Her debts are piling up, and then she lands this typing job at a small company. During the interview, the boss touches her inappropriately, and when she manages not to squirm, hires her on the spot.

The boss makes her do OT and stuff, before offering her a promotion. And she's desperate enough not to struggle too hard when he finally decides to doggy her over the desk. And things escalate from there...

The Replacement Boyfriend N/C, violence, degrading sex, gangbang (inspired from Ghost)
Ironically, this idea has no supernatural elements in it. Fiance and fiancee go for a walk when they're mugged. Fiance gets hit by a bullet and dies. Mugger makes off with money and keys. Fiancee goes into depression, and neglects to change the lock. Mugger lets himself into the house looking for more stuff to steal, but ends up forcibly helping himself to some pussy. After the rape, the fiancee wants more. Somehow she's under this delusion that the mugger is actually her fiance reincarnated. (Her fiance must be trying to possess the body of the mugger! Otherwise the mugger would have killed her after raping her!) Yes, it's not logical, but she's gone a bit loopy from the trauma. May involve a Whoopi Goldberg character as a chartalan medium who feeds her delusions.


Hey 'The Replacement Boyfriend' sounds interesting to me =)
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New ideas, continued

Right-hand woman (medieval version) N/C, extreme violence, degrading sex
He's a brutal warlord in a land of rival warlords, and she's his most trusted aide/fucktoy. She can fight as well as any man, has a good head for tactics, is willing to go to great lengths for both his pleasure and his safety. She was picked up from the ruins as an orphan, and he trained her for ALL his needs. She obeys him without question, and sometimes even takes the initiative. He sees her as a tool - a very useful and valuable tool, and would sacrifice her in a heartbeat. She knows it, and would still lay down her life for him. However, while out battling one of her lord's foes, she is captured, abused and ransomed. The trauma awakens certain images in her buried memories, and this may change her loyalties.

Right-hand woman (modern version) N/C, extreme violence, degrading sex
As above, except that he's a modern-day leader of a criminal organization, and she's his right-hand woman. Otherwise, plot remains as above.

Civilian rights N/C, violence, prositution
She's a masseuse in a desert town. One of her close friends and best customers, an old geezer, gets run off his land by a slick local bully. She tries to help him stand up for his rights, but somehow she makes too much noise, pushes too hard. Suddenly people left and right are giving her veiled threats. And when threats don't work, beatings come. This eventually leads to a brutal gang-rape, after which she realises that her social position doesn't offer her much protection. It's time to change tack...


New ideas, continued

One-woman Rescue Mission N/C, extreme violence
You play the role of a badass female mercenary who knows how to kick copious amounts of ass. An important person is captured by river pirates in Burmese territory, and due to complications of diplomacy, you're hired for the rescue.  This may result with your capture and violation, but really depends how you go about it. I intend for this story to eventually have a happy ending. I also want lots of guns and explosions. Call it my inner Arnie fanboy.

Curiosity Killed the Cat N/C, violence, prostitution, degrading sex
You play the role of a streetwalker in a crime-ridden part of town. During the course of a normal week, you begin to notice something strange... moreso than usual. A hooker can get into places most people can't, and you use this to satisfy your curiosity. Eventually you discover a hideous plot and may end up saving the day... assuming you live through it.


I love the Right Hand Woman - Medieval version would defo be up for that one.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


New ideas, continued

Slut Wife Chronicles N/C, degrading sex
Your character and her boyfriend are planning to get married. One evening, they break the news to their mutual friends in a pub, and everyone gets drunk. Her fiance's best friend takes advantage of her while her fiance is out cold. Next morning, mortified, she swears to leave it all behind. But the guy won't leave her alone and coerces her into degrading sex acts even after marriage. Soon, she begins to accept that she's a slut, and though she loves her husband, their sex life is never that exciting. Feeling guilty, she begins to attempt to use her sexual liaisons to benefit her husband...

Saving the Bar N/C, prostitution, degrading sex (incest?)
She's a waitress in her uncle's bar. Having left school early when her parents died, she's known no other life. However, this is a seedy part of town and some ruthless businessmen have their eye on the property. First they send threats, then fire, then violence. She has to fend off the danger on one side, and draw in regular customers on the other hand. Things get worse when her uncle disappears... and she's now in charge. How far will she go to save the bar? This is a game for a character, who, while not exactly a hardcore whore, is not a woman of ironclad morals either.


New idea - (NC, slavery, rape, violence)

The Bounty Hunter's slave girl

I was re-reading some old Gor novels, and an idea popped into my head. No, this isn't a Gorean slavery RP - I have no patience for learning the "sul-tarna", "la kajira" and what-have-you terms. But this will be a medieval RP with your character as a slave. And no, it will not be transitional. She will already have been a slave for some time, already well-broken in.

Basically, the slave rules:
- slaves own nothing, not even their names
- slaves are merely property, and lifestock
- slaves will do as their masters command, without hesitation
- be it beating or rape, a slave will take whatever abuse a free person chooses to heap upon her.
- slaves eat and sleep only when their owners allow them to

Basically, your character is the household slave to a bounty hunter, and will accompany him on some missions. Throughout, she will be of great help to him, usually inadvertedly. While she loves her master - he's everything to her - her master treats her with amused indifference. She's useful when he wants to fuck, when he's hungry, and when the house needs cleaning. If she wants to fuck and he hasn't shown any inclination one way or another, she needs to grovel for it.

The main idea here I'm trying to explore is - how useful a slave could be a spy, especially in a society that recognises slavery. People won't watch what they're saying in front of what amounts to an unobstructive piece of furniture. Slaves are plentiful and always busy - they have virtually unlimited access to everywhere since no one sees a slave as a threat.

So this thing isn't wholly about sex, though it could get pretty smutty. There isn't going to be any orgasm denial or any BDSM trappings. If she climaxes while her owner is pounding the living daylights out of her, so be it. There won't be any obsession about enslaving your character through controlling her orgasm. I've always found that concept campy. Thus while the villains will be on guard against her owner, she's beneath their notice. Unless, of course, they need to fuck and she happens to be there.

Your character is not well educated, but she has to be quick and intelligent. A stupid, slow slave usually winds up as a dead slave.

And lastly, I'd prefer not to play with a Gorean lifestyler. This is roleplay, and while I intend to take the roleplay seriously (just like all my other roleplays), I'm not interested in the philosophy beyond its application in this roleplay.


Slut Wife Chronicles sounds like it'd be a lot of fun! PM me if you're still looking for someone ^^

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Definitely interested in "The Bounty Hunter's Slave Girl."  =^_^=