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Author Topic: Behemoth’s New Roleplay Concepts – Dom/sub, Master/slave, N.C, fantasy and more!  (Read 761 times)

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Offline BehemothTopic starter

Hi all,

Below is a bunch of new and old roleplay concepts i'd like to start up ::) If any catch your eye, please post here and/or PM me. Looking forward to getting some fun new roleplays started! Also check out my Ons/Offs list here:



1, Slut Girl
Type: Master/slave, Dom/sub, (possibly NC)
Roles: Young woman (18-21 y.o) vs. ‘Experienced’ Master (30+ y.o)
Setting: Modern real world, large city

Description: Kirsten was a regular type girl, with a regular type job. She hated her humdrum life. She wanted something more, she wanted to be safe, to be wanted, desired, needed. She’d had boyfriends before and done everything she could to please those selfish young men. However in the end they’d grown bored of her, treated her like trash and left.  Her last boyfriend, Troy had been the last. She’d let him do all sorts of things to her, even sucked-off his friends while he watched. But she was just a big joke to them now. She’d had enough.
Kirsten was flicking through an old adult magazine late one night when she read about this guy in the ‘personals’ column. The advertisement read: “Master seeking slut girl for slave training and for long-term live-in sex-toy. Women applying must be 18-25 y.o, blond, d cup breasts. Phone 01 9777 0150 to apply.”
It was totally irrational of her - she dialled anyway. With shaking hands, her heart racing she held the phone… someone picked-up at the other end “Hello? This is Kirsten… I’m calling about your ad…”. Her life was about to be changed, forever.

Set-up: I'd love to do a Dom/sub roleplay where the female is a bit of a nympho and a masochist - she actually wants to be used as a sex object, humiliated etc. and what’s more enjoys it and can’t help herself. So this would basically be consensual, however she would still have her limits and for the more extreme stuff she'd be made to do, she might resist. This bit of tension would keep things more exciting. However for the most part, I imagine her being a depraved slut who will do just about anything ;-) This would involve a lot of parading her around in public, sharing her, exhibitionism, public sex, outfits etc.

2, Alone in the Dark
Type: NC/stalked/rape
Roles: Hannah a 21 y.o goth girl vs. the “Darkstalker”
Setting: Modern real world, large city, inner city

Description: It was late, very late. Hannah loved partying late with her friends at their favourite nightclub. What she hated was being broke afterwards and having to make the long walk home in the dark, cold wet of winter. The streets were quiet and no one was about. Hannah pulled her coat tighter around her body and hastened. Although she wore stockings, her legs were exposed and getting colder by the minute. The sky overhead was grey and threatening rain. “Great” she thought “that’s all I need!”.
Who knows what guided her decision to take the short cut through the winding alleyways? Desperation to get home quick, or was it Fate? Hannah turned and strode into the shadows of the alley. The dull brown buildings loomed over her like concrete giants, cold and un-caring. As she passed by a rusty old dumpster, stinking of rotten vegetables, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end and an un-easy tingle ran down her spine… she felt eyes upon her…

Set-up: Hannah is being stalked. ‘He’ has been watching her for some time. He’d made his play at asking her out. Unfortunately she didn’t feel the same way. He wasn’t about to give up. He’d get his hands on her regardless of how she felt, by stalking her at night and raping her. She may recognise him during the rape. This roleplay can go a few different ways, she can be kidnapped and taken to the rapist's lair OR she can be attacked in the alley, either way this is an NC roleplay.
A more violent slant: I've always wanted to try an extremely brutal rape scene. I'm definitely not into snuff - my victims are always left alive ;-) However, for this roleplay, Hannah could be attacked and take quite a beating - the worst injuries would be bruised ribs, possibly a broken rib or two, lots of bruises and abrasions. He might threaten her with a blade, but I’m not a big fan of lots of blood and gore, so there wouldn't be any deep cuts/lacerations and minimal blood.

3, Her Dark Secret
Type: Coercion/blackmail (possibly NC)
Roles: 22 y.o ‘Toni’ vs. her best friend’s 30 y.o boyfriend
Setting: Modern real world, large city, suburbs

Description: He’d admired her, no more than that… wanted her, from a far for years. She was the kind of girl that turned heads as soon as she entered a room and she loved every bit of male attention lavished upon her. He’d come onto her pretty heavy late one night after having a few too many drinks at a party, but she’d rejected him. He was, after all her best friend’s boyfriend. He knew she’d never sleep with him…
Until his friend told him a little story. One night at a buck’s party the guys hired a young call girl to give a ‘send-off’ to the groom to be. He’d described the girl in detail, how she did a really hot strip for the group and then gave the groom a killer blow job… the more he said, the more he thought of Toni. To boot, his friends had photos from his phone that he’d take for the wild night. He could not believe his eyes when he checked them out. Sure enough, if was her. Toni had been moonlighting as a stripper and a prostitute.

A dark plan formed in his mind. He knew Toni’s family and what would happen to her if they discovered that she’d secretly been working nights as a call girl…

He knew just how to make her do everything he wanted…

Set-up: The best friend of my character’s girlfriend “Toni” has a dark secret – by night she’s started working as a call girl to help pay to get her through university. My character discovers this through a friend. If Toni’s family found out, she’d be disowned and her life thrown into total chaos, so she’d do just about anything to keep her secret. So my character uses this information, including digital photos taken by the friend, to blackmail her into sex. Interestingly enough, she IS attracted to him but doesn’t want to betray her good friend. In the end, she has little choice. This roleplay would have a strong mental manipulation side to it.

4, The Man Next Door
Type: Coercion/blackmail (possibly NC too)
Roles: Zoe a 16 y.o skater girl vs. 35-45 y.o “creepy” single man
Setting: Modern real world, suburbs

Description: Zoe, her sister and mother had only moved into their new house a month ago but in that time she’d only ever seen the man who lived next door outside twice during the day. He was old (by her reckoning anyway), hairy, ugly and dressed terribly. Yet something about him intrigued her. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, but she couldn’t help looking out her window at night as she tried to avoid doing her homework. She gazed at his window, which always seemed to glow with a dull light. She often caught herself wondering how long he’d been there, what he did with his time and above all, what he did late at night…
Sometimes Zoe would hear him leave his house. As she lay awake in bed, she could hear the rumble of his big car idled down their dead-end street. Zoe wondered where we went in those early hours of the morning and what he did…

Set-up: This one can involve a lot of mental manipulation, mystery and some adventure as Zoe tries to find out exactly what’s going on.

5, Warrior
Type: Coercion/NC/forced
Roles: Young (18 y.o) beautiful blonde peasant/maiden vs. ‘Lone Wolf’ type Warrior (think Conan-like)
Setting: “Sword & Sorcery” (think Conan-esque low fantasy)

Description: They came by night. Under cover of darkness their scouts stole into the village and in silence slit the throats of the guards posted on watch. Not a soul had been stirred from their slumber until the first door was brutally kicked asunder and the flames of the first torch licked at the thatched roof of the first home…

With vicious war cries the barbarian raiders descended on the defenceless village.

Set-up: This one will involve a lot of violence as the people are slaughtered, homes burnt and the women ravaged. The warrior (my character) will not actually be a member of the raiding clan of barbarians who are attacking, but instead a wandering warrior. The young maiden’s family will beg him to save them from the barbarians. He’ll either bargain with the father for his beautiful daughter’s virginity as payment (coercion), OR may just take her after saving the family (NC). Either way, he’s a real anti-hero type. This roleplay could continue as we trace the sexual conquests of numerous beautiful women as this powerful warrior travels across the land seeking glory and fortune.

Fantasy Roleplays: I’m quite keen to try these ones too…

6, Elven Lovers
Type: Romantic (Yes, a consensual roleplay for me!)
Roles: Tristan Morningstar (Wood elf Ranger) vs. Durin of Sehanine (Moon elf Cleric)
Setting: The Forgotten Realms (D&D setting)
System: Pathfinder RPG system

Set-up: So, I have this Dungeons and Dragons character right… heard that opening line before? He, he. Anyway, he’s one of my favourite and oldest RPG characters and I’d love to dust he and his companion off for a reprise! He fell in love over the course of his epic adventures and found his ‘soul mate’ in Durin, the stunningly beautiful moon elf cleric of Sehanine Moonbow. I’ve always wanted to do a roleplay involving this pair and I have a rich history for these two. This roleplay would tell the story of some of their later, higher level adventures, not to mention their erotic days and nights together!

7, The Archeress
Type: N.C/exotic/Group sex (Could vary from C to N.C though)
Roles: (Me) = The beautiful Archeress vs. (You) = the enemies/monsters she faces.
Setting: “Dusk” A dark fantasy setting of my own creation
System: Pathfinder RPG system

Set-up: A headstrong young Archeress sets out into a dark and dangerous world on a righteous quest, only to find the world to be even more deadly and unforgiving than she first realised. She falls victim to corrupt individuals and brutal monsters. I really need someone willing to G.M this one, with me playing the Archeress please!

8, A Maiden’s Fate
Type: Rape/NC
Roles: Beautiful elven princess vs. brutal orc warlord
Setting: The Forgotten Realms (D&D setting)

Set-up: This one is pretty simple, the once beautiful Ardeep Forest has been invaded by a massive orc horde. The enemy has overcome the noble elven defenders and set about slaughtering the populace, burning and despoiling the land. The barbaric orcs are known for their taste for beautiful elven maidens… The Great Warlord and general of the orc horde strikes out at the heart of the kingdom – the Royal Palace, with his guard of elite warriors in toe. He has heard rumours of the stunning beauty of the Princess and seeks to sate his vicious lusts upon her.
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