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June 18, 2018, 12:48:51 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dedicated Role-Play  (Read 541 times)

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Offline Naiad BurialTopic starter

Seeking Dedicated Role-Play
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:49:56 AM »
I write for female characters, be it the innocent, sweet and shy, all the way up to the femme fatale and the variants in between. My more dominant and sinisterly oriented personalities are usually reserved for partners I am more comfortable with.

Since I role-play with heterosexual romances as my preference, the characters listed on my site (linked to the left) will specify which male characters I'd like to play against. I prefer RPing with male writers, but can also play with females so long as the characterization is good and the I's are capitalized. XD

Now as for what I role-play, I generally like to do canon universes, working with and around a set of characters that have a good dynamic or canon background to them that can be further fleshed out or resolved. NPC's are more than welcome and present in a good foundation. I can come up with story lines or a general idea of a setting or plot to start out with, but I'm even better when there's a collaborative effort.

The series' that I RP are too many, both obscure and mainstream. Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Ace Attorney, comics, older anime and manga like Slayers, Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop, etc. A few of the newer ones. To make a long story short, the link from the left beneath my avatar lists every single series I can think of with the characters from each that I would like to write for and the characters I'd be hoping to interact with.

I looooove smut. Good smut. And of course it's even better with emotional development and/or a romantic background, depending on the characters.

I can RP over e-mails or YIM. I also have MSN and AIM if needed. If you notice the other pages on the site, you may see that I also do original RP, but those I usually like to reserve for a truly loyal and dedicated partner I can work well with long-term. I don't like hugely epic story lines with several different threads of activity going on at one time, technical political intrigue, or many key characters all needing to be worried about since I tend to lose touch with them. Just a pair of good strong characters, writers, a good story idea no matter how open-ended, is more than enough to keep us busy.

My RP style reads as a third person, novel format. I typically like to do about one to three or more good paragraphs, be it in e-mail or messenger. It really depends on how we match and how much there is to interact with or create. I'm including a sample post as Integra from Hellsing so you can better determine if I may or may not suit you as far as matching our writing styles.

If you do decide to add or PM me, please let me know you are looking for RP so I know where you're coming from. =3

It was warm. Perhaps a bit too warm, the air a bit too humid and the sun much too bright through the haze of what should have lingered a grey cloud of modern day pollution. In fact, everything was off and foreign. The scents, the feelings, and the sensation of a languid, drugging effect which lingered like a haze on the edges of her consciousness. As each gloved digit twitched back to life, the veil from each ice blue orb fluttered. The black void that she had been thrown into lifted and skirted her grasp to recollect a sense of body and being. The first sight that greeted her blurred vision was that of the familiar blue sky, fringed with strange vegetation and a much deeper, purer blue than she had ever seen. She squinted in the blanket of dappled shadows, shaded but too bright all the same, before a sudden prickling sensation shot up her left arm.

Biting back surprise, Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing jumped up from the foliage and dark earth which had been her bed for some unprecedented amount of time. With a violent shaking out of her sleeve a rather large jewel colored beetle of dappled navy and yellows was deposited untidily to the ground. Before the insect could do so much as to establish its sudden change of environment, a heavy boot had descended upon its shell with an audible crack. Now, tropical beetles definitely did not belong in urban England. Fully awake and bewildered now, the golden haired commander looked more closely at her surroundings and assessed her situation:

She had been relocated to a new region without her knowledge or consent. That much was certain. And perhaps unfortunately, this was not another one of her irksome servant's hidden dreams. No matter how those were often just as odd and unnerving. The woman quickly patted down her pockets and waist, assured that most of her belongings remained and particularly thankful of the few remaining cigars and lighter. For now she only withdrew the sword at her side with a metallic ring and readjusted her glasses, attempting to look as far out past the ominous bamboo field for some hint of direction. Were any of them even aware of her absence? Walter? Seras?

"Alucard," the deeply elegant voice spoke, reverberating through the hollow zephyrs with a sharp hiss. He had better not be a part of this.
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Offline Naiad BurialTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dedicated and Worthwhile Role-Play
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2010, 11:40:57 PM »
Site has been updated and the first post here edited with a few changes. ^^