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Author Topic: School for the gifted ~Interest check~  (Read 649 times)

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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

School for the gifted ~Interest check~
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:00:47 AM »
Okay, the last time I was on, I was in Ryuka Tana's Asylum group RP... So I am kind of using that as an idea, as it was really fun, but died out...

~Academy of the Gifted~
The school is for the gifted... No, not gifted as in handicapped... No, not as in geniuses.. Those are welcome though.
This school is for those who have supernatural abilities...
Some call this place a prison, some call this place home.
Those that are welcomed into this prestige academy will learn to hone and control their abilities.
Also students will learn when and why to use them.
None that are accepted into the academy are turned away unless an extreme case, and even then, all faculty will do their best to accommodate such students.

~Character information~
Name :
Age :
Position : (Student or Faculty*)
Powers :
Personality :
Bio :

*If you want to be Faculty, PM me and we will talk about it. Don't worry, I am nice. :)

Multiple characters is allowed.
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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

List of Characters
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 12:19:14 AM »
Headmistress - Miss Lestae (Zhu Que)
Teacher -
Teacher -
Teacher -
Teacher -

~Student Body~
Willow Breech (PandoraPandemonium)
Copernicus "Copper" Kovacs (Travaius)
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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

Re: School for the gifted ~Interest check~
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2010, 12:26:25 AM »
Name : Miss Lestae
Age : Unknown
Position : Headmistress
Powers : Light magicks.. Creation.
Personality : Calm and helpful. Miss Lestae is usually kind to her faculty and students. She prefers the diplomatic approach, but will resort to a crude manner if provoked.
Ons: Sensual touching. Romantic encounters.
Offs: Brutality... I am not a toilet... I will not be maimed.
Bio : Little is known about Miss Lestae, except that she is generally a happy woman... She does look young, but has wisdom of someone who's lived a long, full life. She does mention of her sister a lot, and that she traveled most her young life.

Offline PandoraPandemonium

Re: School for the gifted ~Interest check~
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2010, 09:14:35 AM »
~Character information~
Name :            Willow Breech

Age :                18

Position :         Student

Powers :           Pyrokenesis, slight telepathy, empathy and fast healing

Personality :     Sweet kind and innocent, a real hot head whn shes angry.

Ons:                  Ice Cream, Gothic books and male students, new age rock music and poetry

Offs:                  Male teachers, home work and things that go bump in the night

Bio :                  Willow has been transferred from one school to another since her powers have come into full bloom,    she accidentally burned down her previous school after having a nightmare iin class. She keeps to herself and is rather reserved and quiet. However she does have a crush on a certain special school boy.

Offline Travaius

Re: School for the gifted ~Interest check~
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2010, 11:24:37 AM »
FIgure I would post up a character:

~Character information~
Name : Copernicus (Copper) Kovacs
Age : 18
Position : Student
Powers : Shapeshifting and Transfiguration
Personality : Agressive, Standoffish. Shy if people try to get close to him past his exterior.
Ons: Nature, Books, Music, Happy people, Darkness
Offs: Man made structures, bright lights,mirrors.
Bio : Copper spent his childhood as any normal child, going to school all the way up to high school. It was in high school that his powers came out and people started to become scared. Walking home one day, a jock pulled up beside him to make fun of him. As the jock retreated to his car, Copper accidentally transformed it into a wooden wagon. Everyone eventually heard about it, and they stress of everyone trying to get him to prove it, or calling him a freak got to him, and random changes were made around him, including his own body. He was sent away for prevent him from hurting anyone, in particular himself.