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Started by spiritdancer, May 31, 2010, 09:27:36 AM

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Hello all,

my first roleplay-request and yes, it's a bit more on the extreme side.

I love mixing genres and ideas, to create contrasts. In this case, I want to mix contemporary motives, fantasy elements (so we end up having modern fantasy), maybe superhero elements and horror elements. If you read the character story below, it will probably become a bit clearer.

Please note, that my main interests are centered around the idea of fights and fight-related violence (the extreme tag is due to that topic). I also prefer female characters (whereas player gender matters little to me).

Roleplay Background/Idea

Janikka is a member of an alien race (the fey are aliens in this version of reality), who has travelled from her homeworld to earth in pursuit of one (or maybe several) disciples of the Elder Gods, "Cthullian" entites, whose mere presence threatens to defile and corrupt reality and sanity. Although they often work from the shadows, their power can be felt in acts of random madness and violence, which could slowly spread through society - or servants of these creatures outright attack humans, leaving unexplainable terror in their wake.
Though humans and other beings exist in this modern of ours, which might battle such entities, few know of them and fewer even are prepared to face such a danger. And this world is already a dangerous place as it is.

Looking for:

I am looking for a roleplay-partner willing to fill out the role of a partner or partner/-enemy in a background like detailed below. I love hate-love relationship centered around mutual abuse, strife, the will to destroy each other (literally) and help rebuild each other, to become stronger.
Examples in such a scenario could be: Superheroines protecting earth from otherworldly enemies, who do not recognize Janikka's claims or even better a villainess who begins to understand that there is a greater danger, that must be fought. A powerful witch, who tries to escape a bond with the Elder Gods. A gifted agent, that tries to stop, subdue or take control of an alien agent (as which Janikka could be seen), before understanding the greater dangers at risks. Or maybe a secret amazon society takes notice of Janikka - or the other way around.

For the most part, humanity knows nothing of the supernatural elements already existing on earth. Nor do they know and understand the impeding danger. And there might be powers at work, that are interested in keeping it that way.

The scope does not need to focus on this threat alone. As I said, there are many dangers in this world. The Elder Gods are meant to supply a path that a longer story can follow instead of a singular focus. Indeed, at the beginning of such a story, their influence may be barely noticable.

Motives may include adventure and discoveries (as in "Indiana Jones" as well as story threads taking place in modern cities and later on even in monstrous warped buildings. Or we might make a turn for the scifi edge. After all Janikka's partner would not have to be human herself. Despite the horror motives used, this is not to be a horror-roleplay. I just enjoy a horror-backdrop and I am very much open to other ideas.

Please note, that I always use the female terms here, because I prefer female characters. Interesting male characters are also accepted.

Character: SpiritDancer - Janikka


General information:

This character is meant for (modern) fantasy or superhero roleplay, especially adventures of action and with horror elements.
Please note that this is only one characer I play. See below for other characters.
And take Janikka as an example for a character I play. right here, so you get an idea of what we (if we play together - whoever you are) could achieve.

Apart from what I write above, I am of course flexible, and am also interested in anything that allows for supernatural elements. So anything from ancient times to scifi is okay with me.


    * story - the most important thing. In a good story anything goes.
    * fights (spescially bloody ones) - this is indeed a "sexual element" for me. And things can be really extreme here.
    * female warriors (superheroines and villainesses, sorceress, huntress, gladiatrix, amazon, elves, ...)
        * especially also canon-superhero characters (but also originals. Or variations of canon-characters. I guess I don't really mind in the end)
    * guro/gore (temporary) (most of my characters have healing powers for this reason)
    * death (temporary preferred) (see above)
    * overcoming challenges (death being the ultimate challenge)
    * danger (The more dangerous, the better.)
    * contrasts (nudity versus violence, unnatural versus mundane, you get the idea)
    * watersports (involuntary, often as a result of violence)

I dislike:

    * bondage
    * mind control
    * hypnosis
    * sub/domme stuff (one sided. Bleah)
    * scat
    * vore

By the way: The stuff I dislike - it doesn't mean I won't do it. If it fits a story well and isn't the sole focus of stuff, I don't mind. I might do anything at least once. Just sell it well to me.
Looks and Attire
Despite climate and surroundings, Janikka usually dresses as displayed above: In a short loincloth and a skimpy vest. She claims that this amount of exposure allows her easier access to the spirits.


    * enhanced speed and strength
    * very tough
    * slow regeneration
    * flight
    * allowing "spirits" to possess her
    * communication with spirits
    * manifesting spirits (complex ritual, requires time)

Spirits are what give power to the other lithe and fragile form of Janikka. They shield her from natural influences, make her durable, strong and fast. Typically the young fey gains instinctive knowledge of survival through her contact with spirits. Though she gains little social knowledge, her connection allows her to know how to find food and water in a given environment. However, what Janikka calls spirits are essentially a complex set of sensors interacting and then modifying the built-in biological technology of Janikka's body to adapt to the situation.

In combat situations, Janikka allows spirits to possess herself. She gains speed, strength and durability from such connections, essentially turning her own body into a weapon itself. She can also call upon the spirits of nearby or held weapons, allowing her to use them. It would not be unthinkable for a gun to reload itself in the hand of the Maiden of Spirits. (Again, an example: Nanite sensors reach out to the weapon at hand or nearby, essentially operating the weapon if needed.)

Communication with spirits is not easy and their language is nothing that can easily be translated into words. Though knowledge can be gained in such a way, it is complicated and often ambiguous. Last but not least, with proper preparation, Janikka can cause spirits to manifest, but such a feat is complex and requires a lot of time, often hours or even days. (Then sensors and biological components Janikka uses, can easily bring information about the "mood" and structure of a place, but since Janikka is interwoven with this technology, her understanding of everything is instinctive. Sending the sensors further away, gathering more data and finally interpreting this data is a lot more complex.)

Manifestations are essentially constructions matching the "nature" of a place - such constructions take time and use up energy and / or matter already present around Janikka.
Anyone can interact with a manifestation of a spirit.

The connection to the spirits brings a weakness with it: The link between Janikka and the spirits is almost empathic. Twist the spirits, and her mood is twisted likewise. Only a strong will enables her to stand through such influences.

Her general power level should match, not exceed, given partners in roleplay. The goal is an interesting, dynamic scene after all.


Superheroine version

Janikka is a fey, an inhabitant of the homeworld Telanis. On Telanis nature and technology are tightly integrated in a way that can best be described as appearing as magic. The fey themselves are humanoids of highest biological technology integrated in their often frail-seeming bodies allowing them for amazing feats.

Janikka was chosen as a defender of her realm, a spirit-talker. She would always have to share her conscience with her surroundings and strengthen her homeworld against the often vile influences of other fey and outside forces. as a very determined defender of her ways, she was soon invited into the Court of Whispers.

She learned about the Court of Midnight Ebony, an fey court, one of many political powers striving for control, and its connections to the Elder Gods, and immediately upon learning of such a threat, an assault team was formed to deal with this threat.
A direct attack proved to be a terrible disaster. Unused to the strange powers a being from beyond the stars could offer, the defenders were destroyed ... or fled. Janikka managed to flee, filled with terror. It should take her months to recover.

Shaken, but not broken she returned to the Whispering Court. For now all they could do was watch. So she could learn about a huntress being taken into the service of the Knights of a the Black Rose. Janikka even traced the huntress steps to the moon Teuton, circling a black hole, but even sending spirits out to this place to learn more, sickened her.

All she managed to find was that the huntress, changed, corrupted, was hurled towards earth.

Willingly Janikka set out into the cold of space to confront her. She lost the battle, and could do nothing but pursue, injured. Towards earth.
Where she finally impacted, like a comet. But her prey was gone, hidden. Now she needs to find her. Stop her. And stop the impeding approach and rising influence of the sickening Elder Gods, whose mere presence corrupts minds, lands and spirits likewise ...

Please note: This background can be modified to fit a roleplay idea we can work out together.

Alternative settings

As you have seen, I like mixing elements of different genre. Taking our modern earth is only one example. I can also well imagine Janikka being found in outer space and finding new allies or enemies there. Of course a general fantasy setting is also acceptable. I am open to your ideas, now that I've given you mine. Consider this a starting point.

I also enjoy general anime-themed or superhero roleplay, so feel free to bring on established characters, too, if you want to. I am sure we can work something out.
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Currently looking for players: [EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea - especially canon (marvel and DC) characters wanted, see link

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I'm rather interested in this, here is a proposed character if you're willing to let me play but if you prefer it can be altered or replaced

Name: Jenkins
Age: 20
Power Type: Wiremaster- The ability to control, alter and manipulate the long cutting wires he uses for tools and weapons.
Weakness: Light, his eyes are extremely sensitive to this to the point where an overly bright light shone into his naked eyes will be enough to cause him to be blinded for several days and possibly fall unconscious
Skill Set: Hunter
Weapons: Multiple bits of razor sharp wire of seemingly limitless length hidden about his person, various knives
Equipment: Custom sunglasses to protect his eyes, a small rechargeable emp device with a 200m effective radius
Appearance: Thin and of average height with an olive complexion, Jenkins has dark brown eyes and black hair usually in a crewcut. He generally wears black jeans and a loose white shirt with a black longsleeved jacket over the top. He prefers sneakers on his feet and almost always wears dark sunglasses unless it is pitch black.
Biography: Jenkins grew up on the streets, surviving with the...help of certain unsavoury patrons provided he was willing to commit minor crimes such as petty theft for them. At the age of twelve he caused offense to members of a large drug cartel and was cornered in an abandoned machine shop. As the hitmen assigned to him pushed him to the floor and prepared to finish him off, his hands landed on a length of rusty but sharp wire cutting them open, it was at this time he felt a strange knowledge of the wire and found within an instant it flashing along the ground like a snake wrapping around the wrist of his assailant and cutting through it easily, his hand falling to the ground still clutching his pistol. The man ran screaming in terror and Jenkins fell unconscious from the pain and shock, but he knew that he had found the tools that would help him become more powerful than any of the petty criminals that had ordered him around. Within the next four years he became famous for his secret, solitary attacks on his rivals and his increasing dominance of the criminal underworld in his area. Feeling threatened, a minor member of the cartel that had once opposed him informed on him to the police, a move that would see his fellows kill him within a few days, but within a month, special forces had moved in and eventually captured him. He was confined in a solitary cell awaiting trial when the representative from a prestigious academy approached him and effected his release provided he would perform certain tasks for them. Four years later Jenkins is a man free of debt or responsibility and looking for adventures fitting his unusual talents.


quite interested. Although I prefer female characters, let's see what we could come up with.
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Currently looking for players: [EX various] Superheroines/villainesses - Souls Lost - RP Idea - especially canon (marvel and DC) characters wanted, see link

Behold: The Star towers of the Electic Castle! See how it embraces the sky!
How insignificant the mere mortal, dwarfed by the majesty of its electric edifice.