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Author Topic: Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?  (Read 581 times)

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Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?
« on: May 30, 2010, 01:58:15 PM »
My Ons & Offs

Hi everyone. I just got  approved a couple of days ago, so I am fairly new here. I have a short  introduction followed by some of my interests below (some of which are longish  in write up, for which I apologize beforehand). My Ons & Offs, if I linked them properly, are available at the link above.
I don’t have much  experience roleplaying via forum; I’ve mostly got experience via tabletop gaming.  I do have experience playing in a one-on-one game as the player character. As  such I don’t mind discussing plot, character direction, etc., OOC with the  storyteller or person who presents the rest of the other characters.

So, I’m looking for a  one-on-one system game. The two systems that I’m most familiar with are  Vampire: the Masquerade (I know second edition rules best but have access to  third edition) and All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Loose or light use of rules is fine  with me, but as this will be my first real attempt at a game, I’d like the  world to more or less be in place already.

I’m open to different  sorts of storylines and plots, but I’ll include a few of my ideas in the posts  below, according to gameline.

My availability tends to be on Fridays through Mondays, and I will definitely post at least once a week, if not 2-3 times per week.


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Re: Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2010, 02:01:09 PM »
Vampire: The Masquerade

My character would be a  neonate embraced into a clan (Ventrue, Giovanni, Setite, etc.) in order to  control/punish her father, an important member of a Miami organized crime ring. Essentially, my  character would be a spoiled girl confronted with a radical life change and  social status change.    

My character is a young  mortal woman working a boring secretarial job by day and dreaming of becoming a  ballerina at night. She has moved to the big city within the last year and is  living away from her family for the first time in a long time; she comes from a  solid working class background and so her aspirations of dancing always came  second to her obligations to her family and to caring for her mother, who has  recently died. This loss has served to drive a wedge between herself and her  more conservative family, who mostly believe she should be married at her age  (23) and pregnant. Her dreams of dance could lead to several different plots:  she is thwarted by Toreador interferers into her aspirations, she is aided by  such Toreador, she is discovered by a Toreador who takes a fancy to her and she  is turned into a ghoul. The chief interactions would involve her choosing/being  forced to choose between a life with her family, or a life in which dance, and  consequently the people she meets at her evening dance classes, matter more. This  story might work well with the character’s family living in Gary  or a Chicago suburb, and the main action of the  story taking place in Chicago.

My character is a somewhat  established bar owner in New Orleans.  She hunts within her bar, is reclusive and relies largely on the assistance of  a retainer (not ghouled) for her nightly survival. Possible plotlines could  include challenges to her presence in the city, struggles with her retainer  should he uncover the truth about his odd employer, and/or possible romance  developing between herself and her retainer. What if they love each other and  he wants to be embraced? This could cause more definite problems for her in the  city.

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Re: Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2010, 02:03:23 PM »

All Flesh Must Be Eaten

My character would play a  veterinarian/volunteer at a local animal shelter. In this position she would  find out that there have been strange attacks on animals initiated by the  homeless. Authorities have been finding half-eaten dogs and cats in various  places around town, and some homeless people have been reported missing as  well. This plot would begin with the incidents of outbreak, spread, and  required survival. The movement of the storyline would likely include escape  from the city, movement and survival in the country, and perhaps admission into  a survivor area, followed by competition with other survivors and/or hordes of  the dead.

My character (Scraps) would  play a young street urchin in a semi-post-apocalyptic world. Think the sprawl,  quiet (or not so quiet) desperation, loss, and intrigue of William Gibson mixed  with zombie horror. Plotlines might involve her traveling alone over the wastes  to escape assassins sent by the zaibatsu for information she unknowingly has—maybe  in an old SimStim viewer or other type of toy her father once bought her when  he was alive and employed by the zaibatsu. In the wastes she would face various  dangers: cannibals, Fallout-style raiders, rapists, and the zombies (who I  would envision in this world as being dried out, dessicated and only a threat  when you’re hemmed in). I would say they are less of a threat than other types  of dangers that Scraps might face, but they would perhaps find daily ways to  harass her if she gets money through scavenging stuff out of scrapyards (hence  her name) for local shopkeepers who give her lists and pay her illegally. Zombies  may be kept to the outskirts of the cities but may appear occasionally in the  scrapyards that dot the edges of the sprawl or in the sewer access tunnels at  the edges of cities. They would, of course, also wander the wastes at will  until picked off by more cognizant wasteland dwellers.

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Re: Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2010, 02:20:39 PM »
Other Interests (For Now I have an NWoD game and want to keep my outside reading limited to that.)

I also have other systems available, but I've not  necessarily played with any of these other systems, and so any startup would  necessarily be slow as I'd need to read up on the game.

  OWOD lines: I have a nearly complete collection of OWOD books, so I could play Werewolf:  The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The  Reckoning, or Wraith: The Oblivion.
  NWOD lines: I have a nearly complete collection of these books as well.
  Exalted (first edition is all I have access to)
  Unknown Armies
  Monsters and Other Childish Things
  Don't Rest Your Head
  Mostly I have collected these RPGs as I just don't have a group for tabletop  anymore,  so if any of these lines interest you, let me know by PM and I  will have an excuse to read up on the game rules/world and can propose a  character. Keep in mind that I'll be a bit of a "rules virgin" with these systems.

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Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Vampire or Zombie System One-On-Ones?
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2010, 03:20:04 PM »
-Swings in from the AZ- Hey! A new person that likes system roleplays, just when I feel like getting that itch to ST a small game again? That's fortuitous!

My ONs and OFFs are in my signature, if you'd like to peek at those.

Now, as much as I love oVampire and AFMBE, I'd be relatively useless in those due to no longer having books/it having been far too long since I played either. However, I still regularly do nWoD roleplays both IRL and PbP, so I could quite easily help teach you how to do nWoD and run a game for you.

Vampire: The Requiem- I'm pretty darned experienced with Requiem, since it was the first nWoD creep I played. This would be pretty easy for me to run, and Vampires have the lovely ability to do everything from combat to social encounters, depending on the build/concept.

Changeling: The Lost- Another one I have confidence in running, since while i'm a bit less experienced with it, I LOVE the fluff a lot more. Easier to think up ideas for it.

Werewolf: The Forsaken/Changing Breeds- . .  I guess I could try and run either of these, but i'm not very experienced at them, and the rules are rather anti-solo and confusing to learn. That and I can't help but see Werewolf/Changing Breeds as HEAVY combat, eh?

Promethean . . NO. Just no. Sorry.

Mortals- Easiest to run, but like all Mortals games, it could get rough dealing with supernaturals depending on your character concepts and stuff. This one would take discussion.

Mage: The Awakening- Quite experienced with Mage, and Mages can do pretty much anything you might want to try. Mages are kinda complex though, depending on how we go at it. Still wouldn't be hard for me to run.

If learning some nWoD interests you, get back to me.