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September 28, 2022, 08:08:12 pm

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Author Topic: Treachery in the Elven Court  (Read 672 times)

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Treachery in the Elven Court
« on: May 27, 2010, 02:01:38 pm »
The Elven court is one of strange beautiful species, and dangerous plots. At it’s head sits an emperor who if not for title would be considered a scoundrel. For one-hundred years he has sat at the head of the throne and over time has become increasingly more sinister. At his right once sat a beautiful queen. In appearance she is everything any man could desire. But a poisonous tongue and treacherous heart won her a most unsuitable death. It is known that the emperor has many courtesans, gorgeous and sultry but none too bright.  Despite a treasure trove of beautiful women, there is but one whom the Emperor favors. She is far from the rest. There is nothing ornately gorgeous about her, but she possesses a veiled quick wit. Despite the emperor’s fascination he has yet to bed her. In the grand scheme of things she is the Emperor’s nurturer. A person for him to vent to, one who he believes would never betray him.

When the head of the Emperor’s military gets word that the emperor is considering choosing a new queen he takes it upon himself to investigate possible queens.  He wants to sway the emperor’s decision as he has made the emperor his puppet for many decades.  A strong and fearless queen could mean the end to his little rule. That is when he finally gets a chance to meet the emperor’s little secret. She is much more than she claims to be and always two steps ahead of the General. The general lets his desire take control and for a moment she is pulling his heartstrings. He propositions her many times, sends her expensive gifts.  It isn’t until he learns that she is to be the emperor’s betrothed that the General forms a devilish plot and puts the plan in motion. He stages the emperor’s death and makes it look as though she poisoned the emperor. With the emperor out of the way and no heirs to speak of the General quickly takes control. She is put on trial where she would surely be put to death.

On the evening of her execution he comes to her and propositions her one last time; her life for her body and her devoted subservience to him. Of course she agrees, what other choice does she have? Their first night in the bedroom is hell on satin sheets. His desire to make her feel every muscle in his body colliding with her own, compounded by her anger and ferocious bedroom demeanor left them both with more bruises than sexual satisfaction. He wants the wheels in her head to be turning in his favor. He wants to show her his conquering side so that one day she would fully submit to him and he might take her as his bride. However she is not fully broken and everything she knows is dead set on his downfall. He knows this; he understands the will of the conquered and what fascinating plots they can cook up, and he also understands the root of desire and the need to make her beg for him. 
This is probably a little bit more on the non-consensual/bondage side of the spectrum.

I am looking for somebody to play the general.

We will begin shortly before the emperor’s death

Express interest here or Via PM by sending me a short introduction to your character.

You can choose any species that you wish to be.

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Re: Treachery in the Elven Court
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2010, 10:46:24 am »
Wow, that is one imaginative idea, I like it.

As for my character, I'm thinking that I could be a Forest Dark Elf. Im familiar with the Eledhel and the Moredhel of the Raymond E feist books, but in our verse, they could have never left, but she is beautiful in a rougher way, beautiful, but she could survive out there in the forest. Perhaps the Emperor was out hunting one day and she was the daughter of one of the huntmasters.

She would have intense blue eyes, flowing dark hair, a moredhel look, dangerous, but for those that lust after her, they would think that to bed her would be worth the risk.

What do you think so far.