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March 28, 2023, 12:55:24 pm

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Author Topic: Pollydactle's Ideas  (Read 913 times)

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Pollydactle's Ideas
« on: May 27, 2010, 02:06:48 am »
Just a few ideas of mine. Most of it is NC, just as a warning for those not interested in that sort of thing. I don't want you to waste your time.

Spoiled Daughter

After her mother left it has just been her and her dad living on their own, her dad working hard to make ends meet and make sure his daughter had everything she could ever want. Over the past few years, though, things have been getting progressively worse. After spoiling his daughter a bit too much she has started to become a bit of a brat, going out and spending money constantly. He can't keep up anymore and she is losing him more and more money. Finally enough is enough, something has to be done. She refuses to get a job though and no matter what he tries it just doesn't work. She won't listen and she is still spending money. One night after spending some time drinking one of his friends says something that makes him think. He was talking about how much he would pay to have sex with his daughter, who was very pretty. Her dad decides that if she won't get a job he will have to force her to make money some how. So he decides to train her into a prostitute and sell her to his friends and who ever else is willing to pay.

Boarding School

Deep in the mountains is an old and prestigious all girls boarding school. It has been around forever and every girl wanted to go there. The only problem, however, is how expensive the school actually costs. However, the school does have a scholarship program available to the less fortunate. This scholarship program is unique. All that it requires is a full body picture and based on that the student is accepted. It pays full tuition for all four years. However, there is a catch. The staff of the school is all male and because of the isolation there were problems at first. The idea for the scholarship solved this though, the girls that were having their school paid for were used to satisfy the male teachers, assigned to one or two of them to please and meet their needs.

Peace Agreement

Two countries have been fighting for some time with many casualties on both sides. After ten years of war the kings finally come to an agreement, peace must finally be established for the sake of both their countries. To seal the deal they decided to have their princess and prince be married. One thing that is a problem, however, is that these two countries are very different. The country that the prince is from is very brutal and savage. They believe in physical force and the importance of being tough. They wear animal hides and are very focused on war and battle. However, where the princess is from is very peaceful and intellectual. They dress gracefully and they focus more on art and learning then war and physical prowess. These differences are what really causes the animosity between the nations in the first place actually. When the princess arrives at the kingdom of the enemy country she knows that she is not welcome. The crowds hiss at her and her new husband is certainly not pleased. He plans on treating her like he thinks all of her people should be treated.

Surprise visitor

A woman comes home after a long day at work, ready to relax and get some shut eye finally. She relaxes a bit, eats some dinner and then takes a shower. While in the shower she thinks she hears something, but figures its just her mind playing tricks and continues. She unsuspectingly gets out of the shower, gets dressed, and goes to bed. However, as soon as she is asleep one of her former coworkers sneaks out of her closet with plans for a very interesting night.

Back from College

He comes back from college, bringing a friend with him to go and stay at his parents house. His parents are out of town, off on some long vacation to revitalize their marriage, and so it's just him, his friend, and his seventeen year old sister whom he never really got along with. The first few days are very dull, then him and his friend find the stash of alcohol. Bored, they break into it, drinking and getting raging drunk. His sister is sleeping upstairs and he realizes that his friend has disappeared. Soon he hears noises coming from his sisters room and he goes up to find his friend pinning his sister to her bed, forcing a hand down her pajama bottoms. Rather then help, however, he decides to join in.

Wife Sharing

The two had been married for quite awhile and they seemed happy, but in reality the husband was not content. He was bored with their sex life and she just wasn't fulfilling his needs. Night after night she would say no to him and he was left feeling unsatisfied. He decides it is time that he takes control and so he acts on something he had always asked his wife about but something she had never agreed to. He talks to a friend of his and invites him over, meanwhile he convinces his wife to once and for all have a romantic evening with him. So he tells his wife to wait in the bedroom and be ready when he gets home. When he arrives he takes his friend upstairs and walk into the room where his wife is laying in lingerie, though instead of going up to her himself he locks the door and pushes his friend over, sitting down in a chair and watching.
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Re: Pollydactle's Ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2010, 05:25:31 am »
I like the Boarding School idea but I've got a little twist on it that I'd like to discuss with you, so I've PM-ed you.

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Re: Pollydactle's Ideas
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2010, 04:45:45 pm »
Some extra ideas:


A police officer is required to sit and man the roads of a small highway. Only a few people travel on it, even fewer at night, and it is rare that anyone is speeding. Needless to say it's a dull job. He nearly falls asleep when he finally does catch someone speeding. He quickly turns on his siren and goes down the street after them, pulling them over and getting out of his car. He finds a young woman in the car, alone and apparently on some kind of long trip. An empty street with a beautiful woman? The night just got a bit better.

Best friends

They had been friends for every but they were complete opposites. She was the popular girl, he was the nerd. For nearly all of high school he suffered while watching her date all of the wrong people, jerk after jerk after jerk. Meanwhile he harbors feelings for her that he isn't sure he will ever be able to say. One day she is with one guy that is particularly awful. He is controlling and basically kills their friendship, making her stay away from her friend and stay around him and his group. One day things get a bit out of control though. He rapes her and leaves her to go crawling back to her old friend, ashamed and beaten, upset for all of the crap she had put him through. He says he will accept her apology, though it would be no automatic thing certainly and he had a few... requests.

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Re: Pollydactle's Ideas
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2010, 05:32:58 pm »
Family Bonding

The family has experienced a rough transition, a divorce that was rather nasty and left all of them rather shaken up. The end result was the father gaining full custody of his two children, seventeen year old twins, one boy and one girl. They move away at the beginning of the summer, planning on starting anew. However, at their new town they don't know anyone and no one seems to be too interested in getting to know them. They spend a lot of time at home because of this, the father leaving for work and the twins staying home. Unknown to the father the twins have been having an incestuous relationship for awhile now, so they are more then happy to stay at home alone. It started during the divorce and right after their mother had moved out. They had been comforting each other and had gotten a bit carried away. So now, right after their father leaves they usually get right to pleasuring each other. However, one day their dad comes home at lunch time, not needing to stay all day. He walks into the house and hears noises coming from his daughters bedroom. He goes to find out what it is and finds her and her brother in bed. Now, he hadn't exactly been with a woman for a very long time and the sight of his two children in bed together was a bit too much for him. They didn't notice him open the door so he undresses there and walks up to them, joining in, much to their surprise. They certainly don't mind though.

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Re: Pollydactle's Ideas
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2010, 11:17:41 pm »
Self Sacrifice

A small village has been plagued for months by an evil man residing in the nearby mountains. Nearly every night he comes to their village and takes a villager back to his home, experimenting on them and killing them then returning the mutilated body. Many are leaving the village, though many can't afford to leave. Everything they have is there and so they must stay. After a few months the man finally decides to make a deal with them, telling them that if they give him a beautiful virgin girl he will stop. Of course, what they don't know is that he is finished with his experiments and therefore is going to stop no matter what, but he figured he might as well get something out of it.