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January 22, 2017, 06:27:33 PM

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Author Topic: What Next? [female wanted]  (Read 438 times)

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Offline KalabTopic starter

What Next? [female wanted]
« on: May 27, 2010, 01:58:45 AM »
 First of all let me thank you for dropping in if for nothing else but curiosity's sake. Now lets be on with it.
I really have no idea what type of RP I am looking for but I do know a few things I am not. Although I am a big fan of Vamp RPs, I already have a couple that are more than adequette to sate my cravings in that area so no Vamps.  I am not looking for any RL stories involving normal humans, I know I will quickly loose interest and drop the story. I am not the dashing Hero coming to the rescue the lovely maiden in distress, although I will do the right thing for the wrong reasons.

 Sex is good. Sex is great, but all things in proper portions. I must have plot and story as well. Action, gore,adventure, gore...did I mention gore, are some of the things I like in my stories. You can expect decapitations and severed limbs, disembowelments and ripping out of hearts. A boy has to have some fun. I will not wine and dine you and there is a good chance I won't proclaim my undying love for you.

 I don't have an O/O's but here is the short version. I don't do anything sexual involving children, that's is just sick. There will also be no anal excrement involved, just not my thing. I would also like to keep my relations M/F, no phobias involved, I just don't get into M/M and therefore when I try to write it I really suck. I am sure that covers it but if not just ask and I'll let you know. I do suggest you read a few of my posts, not often will you get a shorty from me so I do expect something close in return. Too many one paragraph/ three sentence posts and I will probably vanish.
 I am willing to try any genre but my character will be more than human with more than human abilities. Horror, fantasy, syfy are alll settings I like and I am also not particular about timelines. I have watched some animae but probably not enough to do very well writing about any but willing to try if you can tweak my interest and don't mind me mauling your favorite animae.

 I realize this is probably the worst request thread in the Wanted forum but if any ladies out there have an idea they would like to pass by me then feel free to drop me a PM. I would like to stress that you do contact me by PM and not post here, I may have an idea or two later that I would like to throw in. Just want to keep this thread uncluttered.
 Please do not take it personal if I choose not to RP your idea with you. Your idea will most probably be great but just not something I may stay interested in. I would hate to see you waste a good idea on me if I didn't think I would see it through.
 One more thing, I very seldom post daily on any thread but I do try to give as good a post as I am able to make it worth the wait. On the other hand, I do not mind when you take a few days between posts. I would rather if you did not post for the sake of posting but rather post when you are comftorable with your reply. There will never be any push from me for a quick reply.
 I think that about covers it so I should stop now before I think of something else to ramble on about.

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Offline KalabTopic starter

Re: What Next? [female wanted]
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2010, 08:42:02 PM »
 Here are a few ideas that popped into my head. They are very vague ideas leaving lots of room for building upon or altering.

What if....

 .....some form of mutated rabies broke out during the time of the Elves? The elves themselves seem immune to the infliction but that doesn't negate the danger as it spreads at an exponential rate. Is the nature of this virus biological or is the work of an evil sorcerer?

 .......something strange is happening to mutants around the world. They were suddenly going insane murdering everyone around them and causing untold destruction. Could this be a job for the Xmen? Or would it be the Brotherhood of Mutants that lept into the forefront of the battle? Who would be behind such an obvious attack on the mutant population? Would it be the diabolical Mr Sinister or some other evil mutant? Or would it be someone new with a major grudge against mutants in general?

 .......a beloved meta-human hero from the 21st century was attacked and seemingly destroyed by an alliance of his enemies? He wakes up 3 or 4 hundred years in the future where metas are outlawed except for squads working for the government whose job is to terminate metas with impunity. How did he get there or will he ever find out? How does he cope with going from hero to outlaw?
 While being attacked by one of these squads he is aided by a female meta who helps him escape. Will they go on the run staying a half a step ahead the the goon squad? Or does she belong to a group of rebel metas who intend to overthrow the government and make things right?

 My schedule is going to possibly get busy very soon so I will only be able to take on one more story. I intend to throw around ideas via PM and see which seems the most interesting.

 Thanx for dropping by.