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Author Topic: The Art of Swallowing One's Pride  (Read 536 times)

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The Art of Swallowing One's Pride
« on: May 25, 2010, 03:05:30 PM »
She's locked up with a spinning wheel
She can't recall what it was like to feel
She says, "This room's gonna be my grave
And there's no one who can save me,"

For twenty years a princess has been locked within a basement room of a vast estate, able to watch as people pass by a small window above. Twenty years prior an old witch cursed her family and their first born daughter. Upon her twenty first birthday she would prick her finger and die. She understands the stories, and the reason her family shields her from the outside. But refuge is not what she desires.

On morning while she is awakening to a small amount of sunshine pouring through her small window she notices a handsome horse and rider passing along a paved path leading to her families estate. She knows she the story is that she will die before she gets old, and she also comes to realize that the man passing outside will be her death, for she wants nothing more than to escape and touch his beautiful face. 

When her mother comes round with the afternoon tea the princess hides and slips from the room. Struck asunder by her missing daughter her mother calls for every man and woman to search the estate. The princess is cursed and must be found because that dreaded day is soon to come.

The princess eludes her captors, in search of the mysterious rider. But she had not stopped to consider the size of the estate. After a few hours of searching she finds the rider but he is not what she expected. His embrace is not loving but cruel; he takes her innocence and tosses her aside. Distraught she wanders up to a high tower of the castle and finds a spinning wheel. Something about it draws her in; she sits down and begins to work thread. It is dusk when she pricks her finger.

In a desperate attempt to experience something good, the outside, the rain, she makes an effort to reach the outside. She makes it to a small paddle boat outside the tall tower. As she pulled the boat free from the dock paralysis takes over and the boat tumbles down river as time stops for the princess and her castle.

A hundred miles downstream her boat catches against the sediment alongside a city dock. An oily sailor happens to be passing by and can’t help but notice a sleeping woman and the small boat. Seeing an opportunity for some mischief he picks her up from the bottom of the boat and carries her home. It only takes one kiss to break the curse, and kiss her he does.

Broken dreams are difficult to mend. When she awakens she realizes that he is not a prince, her prince wasn’t even what he seemed to be. The angry princess unable to handle the sailor’s advances takes a pair of scissors and drives them into the soft meat of the man’s belly.

After he is long dead she takes clothes from his sea-bag, clips off her golden locks and steps out beneath the open sky. If she couldn’t have her prince she would certainly find her beautiful sunset. Now that she was awakened the castle was surely awake as well, they would be looking for her but castles were only small dungeons. She would not return.

Life in the city was more difficult than she imagined. It was filled with angry people, hard labor and starving faces. Within a few weeks she gets into a fight outside of a bar. The men mistaking her for a curious cabin boy give her a good beating before leaving her to tend to her own wounds back behind the bar. A stranger passing by catches the tail end of the transgression and decides to take the cabin boy home with him. He could use another stable hand and the boy could obviously use somebody to teach him how to be a proper gentleman.

When he gets her home he goes about tending to her wounds and then sets about drawing up a hot bath then leaves the boy to tend to his business. The princess isn’t ready to trust strangers. Strangers got her into trouble. But she was in no position to argue, and a hot bath seemed so inviting after being covered in grime for so long. She waits until the man leaves and then begins to wash away her sins. About fifteen minutes later the man comes back in only to discover that she is not a cabin boy at all but a woman who might be considered beautiful if it wasn’t for the fat lip and bruises. 

However, he does not trust women. His last wife tried to kill him and take his estate. Neither does she trust him. After some arguing ensues they come upon an agreement. It has been a long time since he has touched a woman. She may stay at his estate as long as she agrees to stay out of his way unless he should beckon her at night. This is just perfectly fine with her; she doesn’t have much dignity left, which had been taken months ago. Since she had arrived at the dock she had experienced nothing but fear. The estate was pretty in its. She could call this place home for now.


I need somebody to play the estate owner.
I don't have much idea of how I want the plot to go after this point so it is basically make it up as we go along.
Express interest here or VIA PM.