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Started by Lilium, May 25, 2010, 05:05:08 AM

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Updates: Only a few RPs available under Extreme. 

More information on what I like is here: Lilium's Ons & Offs


PWPs and lite-plots

[ m/f ]
none at this time

[ m/m ]
none at this time

[ f/f ]
none at this time

big epic plots *nod*

[ m/f plots ]
none at this time

[ m/m plots ]
none at this time

[ f/f plots ]
none at this time

Click here and highlight from this sentence down to the ^__^ to see my Extreme plots.  Squeemish?  Don't highlight. 

* male orca(s) - me / female trainer - you
* human female - me / male dog - you

none at this time



I'm back!
"Times change and so must I. We all change when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives.
And that’s ok, that’s good, as long as you keep moving, as long as you remember all the people that you used to be.
I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me."
Ons/Offs! vs Updates! vs Requests


lol Holeh crap, I got so many replies.  Give me a little time to sort through my messages and answer people. If I don't get back to you by the end of today (midnight PST) then please message me again.  Thanks for your interest guys!

@Saku, I read that you wanted to make your character Japanese and that'd be lovely.  ;D  I dunno why I didn't think of making Asians the exception. Let me answer some people before we start planning though. Thanks!

@ rahatnght, This is true. ;D Thank you!


You have rather naughty ideas and O&O ... I myself is trying to come up with a naughty plot for you. Let me know if you have some craving and such that you wanna play out :D


@ rahatnght, I've been lucky enough to have my biggest cravings taken, but I'll try to think of some more. :3


i like the trailer trash story a lot.  I'm not big on the animal stuff, but maybe we could work something out?