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Author Topic: Oblivion  (Read 707 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

« on: August 15, 2006, 02:50:06 PM »
Started so as not to highjack any threads.

So, wearing my new Dwarven Armor, i decide to go to Fort Strand to do that quest (get the family heirloom). I've done it before no problem with a different character. Boy was in for a suprise. Now, it probably doesnt help that i've been turned into a vampire. So, i come across a Marauder wearing Dwarven Greaves, Armor better then the ones i am wearing (partialyl damage) so i snag them, and the Dwarven Long Sword the guy was carrying. Sweet, i think to does 9 damage (as opposed to 6...which my current sword does). I dont have any health potions, so i rest until healed and then go into the Great Dome or some such. And get my ass handed to me on a dwarven plate! I believe one of my assailaints is using the weapon/heirloom i am seeking, based on amount of damage it does to me. What doesnt help is the assailain is in full Dwarven Armor, as is his warhammer wielding buddy. So i reload and try going the other way around, and same thing happens. Good god! I also dont have any lock picks (go figure).

BTW, i think i found a glitch. Doing the first fighters guild quest where i have to solve the Rat problem in some ones basement. Thelas is her name i think. She tells me to go watch her neighbor. THe red dot, however, points me to the other side of the world map (where Jauffre is) for some reason, thought he Rat Problem is my active quest...and the Weave person i am supposed to follow doesnt show up at night...

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Oblivion
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2006, 01:10:22 PM »
So getting my ass kicked everytime i try to battle the Necromancer i returned to life to reclaim my Manor House. It probably doesnt help that i am part Vampire, so vulnerable to fire which he uses a lot. I can damage the sucker, but my health goes quickly even with the dwarven armor. I havent figured out how to enchant my armor either.

So i've started a new game as an Orc Barbarian. Only i customised it so i have Alchemy instead of Blunt (and can make tons of potions). Just came out of the sewer, crossed river to Vilverin but didnt go in. Moved west along road, found and inn and killed the Necromancer for the Quest there, and just did the Aleswell quest so now i have a free bed at night. Also had a first happen to me - a highwayman! Easily killed at such a low level, but in all my travels in my other game, i had never come across one. I also found a Legionaires horses outside the inn (He was inside) so rode around on it for a little.  :)

Offline ZK

Re: Oblivion
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2006, 01:21:13 PM »
I was playing as a Nord Female when I became level 72 and nearly done all the quests [aside from the Ninroot Quest].

Best options to play is to play your character's strengths. And eh, if you're not a marksman, the Acrobatics ability is a bit useless. Key things on creating a strong character is to go with your personal play style when it comes to the type. A fighter should have Strength and Endurance [Or Endurance and Agility or Speed if you're going the light armor route], pick one form of fighting, put in at least Restoration as a major skill and as for the others, whatever you want. Usually, I'd go with the Armorer, Blade [Or Blunt], Restoration, Heavy [or Light] Armor, Alchemy, Block.

Usually, if you do not want magic support, I'd suggest changing out both Alchemy and Restoration with Blunt and Marksmen.

Or if you want to be a hybrid fighter, I'd sugget dropping block and taking an Offensive Spell School or take up Marksmenship as well.

But, with the combination of Armorer, Blade, Restoration, Heavy Armor, Alchemy and Block. I was able to complete both the Mage's Guild and Fighter's Guide quests with ease. Go with Fighter's Guild first. As for the Theif and Dark Brotherhood, I made a secondary character to do that. One akin to stealth.

But, Nord, Orc or Redguard are the way to go when it comes to a good concept. BUT, being skilled in Restoration gets you out of a pinch and you can always use poisons for your weapons. As why I suggest you do the Fighter's Guild quests first is that once you become the headmaster of the guild, well, the Mage Guild quests will be a sinch...especially the way you are configured, you will be in definate fact of what I'd like to call a "Mage-Slayer" In other words... you can smack all those Necromancers around like they're a Tee-Ball and you have a fifteen foot by one foot bat.


Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Oblivion
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2006, 04:02:01 PM »
Well, i dont plan on it all the time, but i do use a Bow. Usually when i am about to enter a cavern, i go into sneak mode. Can usually get a shot off for x3 Damage or what have you before they start attacking.

I'm going to attempt to get enough money to buy a house (recommend any?) so i can start storing some cool things i pick up so i dont have to sell everything. Just a matter of getting that money and not getting bit by a vampire.