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July 18, 2018, 02:43:42 PM

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Author Topic: Onimusha; They Shall Rise OOC/interest check, group effort  (Read 467 times)

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Sorry for the wall of text I just put up, but this RP I've tried elsewhere and it's gotten some interest on RolePlayGateway at least.  There's more information, but for whatever reason I can't get to it cause I think the site is being worked on right now.  Anyway, since this is an adult RP I'll edit the CS Sheet I provided a bit, but otherwise it's the same song and dance as most RPs lol.

"One has fallen, without realizing the final hope. One has fallen clinging to his fate. One has fallen leaving the fate of the future to his companions. History is riddled with the waves of destruction and rebirth. These waves roll onward far into the future. Much has been destroyed. Many have perished."

This tale that is about to be unveiled shall be forever etched into our history so that past sins are not repeated...

That is what the inscription on the 'Genma Stone' said anyway when it was unearthed, along with hundreds of skeleton remains in a dig deep in the forests and jungles of Africa. It told of the legend of the Oni and how they would rise again when the world was thrown into chaos by the rise of their most hated enemies, the Genma. Both races have been at war for countless years, the Genma always striking first against the humans they see nothing more as slaves and food for their ever growing legions of followers. The Oni artifacts, mixed in with the fallen warriors of their order were taken to American shores to be studied for many years. A dark orb was also uncovered within the Genma Stone that bore the legend, and it was soon discovered that it was a key to the Genma's release. The lab it was stored away in after the discovery was made was broken into and the dark orb stolen. It is appearant that another Genma War is on the rise, but when it will begin and who will be there to stop it is unknown.

A CS Sheet will follow, but be aware that while this takes place in modern times, only those with the powers of Oni or other magical abilities can truly destroy the Genma horde that will march upon the world. Any weapon made by human hands will not work for long, only slowing the demons down or not hurting the beasts at all.

Race; Human, Genma, Oni. More details shortly.
Occupation; Human and Oni only for the most part unless you have passed off as human
Weapon of Choice and its base element; (Light, Dark, Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind.)
Fighting Style; Fist, staff, whatever and/or a style of Martial Arts
Orientation;  Straight, bi, etc etc lol.
Preferences;  (The usual.)

There's a couple of military branches and R and D divisions in the government that study such artifacts as the Oni and the Genma to better understand how they operate. If you're an agent of said branch, I'll go for that but for the most part what I want to worry about is the Genma and the Oni fights.

Onimusha are humans on the outside, but given the right trigger and enough power stored away, they can become so much more powerful than any force of nature this side of the divide. Most true Oni that I know of glow like a light bulb and have power arcing across their bodies, matching whatever element they are based on. Their faces become pale and their eyes glow and become uniform pits. Some become wild animals in their attacks while others become still and calm, both attacking with lightning quick movements that the enemy takes a few seconds to realize had ever found the mark more times than not. Only three CS Sheets will I take in this category.

Humans that come into possession of some magical power or weapon will be able to fight the Genma, but I'll only allow one such person, or two at the most that fit this category, depending on how many people I get.

Pure Genma are pure evil, through and through. It has been recorded though that a few people born of such darkness have powers rivaling that of the Oni, and a few of these rare people have fought with the Oni against their own kind. Genma half breeds are human in nature, and very rarely do they look anything other than human except when they fight at full strength. The power they wield and said transformation, if they do transform at all, varies from person to person and how they fight as well. Genma Lords however, are an entire different breed of monster. Most Genma are soldiers to be used by the more powerful members, but the Lords are the rulers and the 'Gods' of the dark legion. Only one Lord will I allow to control the others as they see fit, and at least two lower level Genma bad guys under said demon commander. As for half breeds, two to four at the most.

Name; Tenkai Nankobo
Gender; Male
Race; Long lived human
Occupation; Wandering wise man and chief researcher to what he would call Oni Labs.
Weapon of Choice and its base element; Ice
Fighting Style; Staff, (unsure of style.)
Orientation;  Straight.
Preferences;  Hasn't had much time to figure it out, despite the fact he's over 500 years old.
Personality; Tenkai Nankobo is a wise and strong warrior. Throughout his eternally long life, forever gifted to walk the Earth as long as he is needed, Tenkai guides others with a gentle yet firm hand when need arises for the Oni clan to walk again.
Bio; Having come to America around the time its conception, Tenkai has watched from the shadows the beginnings of the fledgling country. While the world changed, Tenkai remained the same, blending into the modern day era as he gained new knowledge and experience as the years passed by. Modern day New York, and Tenkai has found his way into what he would call Oni Labs, the center of where all the Oni weapons, armor, and other artifacts are studied, but never without him present since most of said artifacts have not lost any of their power despite the years of being buried and forgotten.

A side note or two, Genma Lord is not a military rank exactly, but more of a rank of power.  There are 'generals' and all that, but only because they rose above the rest for ruthlessness and their lusts for power, chaos, and all the rest.  Genma Lords are at the top for a reason because they 'out rank' the other Genma when it comes to power, no matter the shape or form of what it might take, whether that would be in the form of powerful magical blasts or a wicked and monstrous transformation.  Let your imagination run wild on that one lol.

Genma can be born a few different ways.  One such would be to mix human and Genma blood in a bottle, seal it, and shake a few times until the blood mixes completely and a new monster breaks free.  Stupid sounding but whatever works I guess.  The one I intend to practice however, besides the usual methods of procreation, is the following.  Genma Trees, as they are called, sometimes called 'cherry or sakura trees', are able to make Genma Insects which 'bloom' when they are old enough.  While the trees look beautiful from afar, their petals of pink and white hanging heavy and in numerous numbers, they are anything but what they appear.  They are created by sacrificing the bodies of human women, in turn which twist and become corrupted, sprouting into full fledged 'trees' that writhe and moan in pain never ending.  The Genma Insects themselves are able then after either eaten or allowed to bite potential victims, passing on the curse of the Genma to the humans they infect. 

Genma themselves come in a variety of different shapes, forms, and they wield a variety of weapons to match.  Sometimes they match the era they are in, other times they stay true to the person they were made from.  That depends on the person, if they were strong enough to make the curse their own or they allow their minds to be twisted and corrupted, becoming a mindless killing machine to match their twisted bodies.  Genma 'scientists', the brains behind the evolution of the more dangerous monsters or demons as they've been called before, can make enhancements to preexisting Genma as they see fit, welding armor and weaponry as their twisted hearts desire and the Genma is strong enough to take the load of course.  All Genma, modern day created or not, are immune to everything except magical weapons and magic in and of itself.  Anything else leaves no mark on their bodies.

I hope this RP is well received and I have people coming my way soon.  Again, I apologize for the wall of text, but I put a lot of effort into this one.  As a parting gift, here's the introduction to Dawn of Dreams, where most of my stuff is coming from.  It shows a fair amount of what I want you guys to see.

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams part 1