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November 24, 2020, 11:44:58 PM

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Author Topic: Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)  (Read 633 times)

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Offline PantheanTopic starter

Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)
« on: May 22, 2010, 12:26:28 AM »
Lately, I've been dying to do a roleplay game with an in depth story attached to it. Here's a few ideas I've come up with to get started.

Winner Takes All
(all species and activities opened, check my ons and offs)
After a few rounds of drinks, and a few hands at Texas Hold'em, they decide to up the bet. To make the game a little bit riskier, and a little more risqué, they start betting off their clothes, and once those are out, the bets turn to sex acts. Finally, a new bet is placed that changes their lives forever. She decides to go all in, betting her freedom. He matches her bet, feeling he has the hand as well; the loser of that round becomes the other's sex slave 'till they die. They have to do whatever their new master wishes, and take whatever punishment, however meaningless or extreme. The restraints of the contract are negotiable as far as the roleplay goes, and I can play either a male or female character in this scenario.

To the Victor, the Spoils of War
(all species and activities opened, check my ons and offs. Futuristic and sci-fi scenario)
The universe is a harsh place, when it comes to the current level of inter-stellar relations, there is none. Different nations across the galaxy posses no international agreements or laws of any kind. War runs rampant as some of the most basic recourses are sparse, mainly food. Minerals and basic resources used in construction, fuel, and other things are abundant on lifeless planets, but the rarity of a planet in which life is capable of being sustained is astronomical, and that factor alone limits galactic population levels. In war, the victor takes all, kills off whoever they need to in order to allow their own civilization to further survive. They take prisoners with no mercy, and either leave them to die, kill them, or keep them as slaves. One empire has managed to conquer a great deal of other homeworlds, and is drawing ever so closely upon yours. With very little options, you are chosen as one of nearly 50,000 people to be taken as slaves as part of a bribe to save your civilization from being taken over. I can play either empire in this, and would prefer one race be non-human in some way.

I will probably add more another time

Offline PantheanTopic starter

Re: Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2010, 08:57:28 PM »
It's Your Fucking Nightmare!
(All races and activities accepted, includes pain and torture, and some fear. Preferably some kind of oral vore and/or watersports.)
A man (or a woman, depending on who plays who) finds himself in a nightmarish scenario. He or she is dragged into a dream world by some sort of monster of their dreams that rapes and tortures them. The monster is a shapeshifter, able to change his form to whatever it needs to in order to bring fear into the victim's heart. The dream is much like that of A Nightmare on Elm Street any wounds suffered in the dream are suffered in real life, and the monster uses the victims nightmares to kill them after extensive torture.

(more later)

Offline elfguy

Re: Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2010, 07:36:54 AM »
I have a character I can use in the space war setting. She wouldn't make a good slave however, more like a fighter, or maybe a rebel of some sort. She's the type to fight for good.. if the price is right. Here she is, let me know what you think:

Offline PantheanTopic starter

Re: Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2010, 09:58:37 AM »
it's an interesting idea, I'd have to think about it and go through all my current rp's to make sure I can spend time on it

Offline PantheanTopic starter

Re: Pan's New Story Based Ideas (Seeking all F characters)
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2010, 10:17:47 AM »
(all species and activities accepted, includes pain/torture, fear, vore and maybe bathroom play.)
Welcome to Hell. I don't know what you may have done to deserve this fate, but it's become unto you and now you're stuck here forever. Hell is not a friendly place, it's filled with hundreds of demons that all want a piece of you. The floors are coated with thick black tar; a substance that is known as helltar burns you and shows no scars. The burning can only be cured by a demon. It also has a tendency to crawl up and around your skin, it's known for getting into your most sensitive areas. In addition to the helltar that coats the walls and everything else in hell, the place lacks fresh air completely, instead what you find yourself breathing in is burning sulfurous gas. A partially colorless fire called hellfire burns the air, it burns you constantly. The air may be made breathable by any demon... if you can beg them properly. My character, Adia, is a wolfen demoness. She has wolfen ears, tail, claws, teeth, and fur down her back and around her shoulders and hips. She has black and red swirling eyes and no muzzle. Her hair on her head is unkempt and brown. She will be your owner in hell... if you want to breath, eat, drink, sleep, or have your wounds healed, you will have to beg her for mercy.