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Phewww, OK, how to start? First off: I write in a psychologically indulgent manner, though sometimes this only comes out during interactive posts. I prefer partners who do the same. This is especially true of Nick, in all his incarnations; it is less likely to be as thorough with Maxwell, as he is a new character. I'll put the ideas into prospective forum categories, and arrange them both by character and that character's age/situation. Also worth noting is that while these ideas request female-presenting characters, if you like the concept but play a character of a different persuasion, contact me anyway. I'll be interested in discussing things with you. Lastly, if you have any ideas relevant to the characters' concepts, but I haven't posted anything like that, feel free to contact me. The reason I have so many ideas is because I'm unused to starting out with a direction in mind, so I definitely don't need any of these to play.

Nick Ardel, age 23 (fantasy setting) (Note: This character, at all ages, is modeled after Nick Cave, entirely in face and voice, partially in character. I've been playing this guy so long that he has become a mixture of a variety of musical influences and personal touches, though.)

A voice clip can be found here:

The Cat Piano

except, at younger ages, the Australian-ness of his accent will be a bit more pronounced, and he'll sound younger of course, but his voice is still deeper, heavier, etc., than normally expected of his age and appearance.

NOTE: The setting for these ideas defaults to the world I made with some friends ages ago, Muserae. If you use your another fantasy setting that may suit these ideas, I'm open to hear about it! His original concept is that he was a musician on Earth, but got into an accident. Whether he died or simply became comatose can't be said, but he lost consciousness, and when he awoke, he was in [fantasy setting].

A Kind Soul


Nick is brand new to this world, and has not a penny of acceptable currency. As all is so alien to him, he is desperate for guidance. I am interested in having someone play a character who teaches him about the races, magic, society, etc., of this new world. This RP may not contain sex, but I don't care for having to consciously avoid a particular type of content; who knows, they might hit it off! Magic users and non-human characters like fae, demi-godesses, even elves, are of interest, but not necessary for this role.

A Not-So-Kind Soul


A similar idea as the above, but with a character who sees that Nick is young, naive, and without any connections--in short, he makes perfect prey. She teaches him about the world, but grooms him for servitude, sexual and otherwise. She may do this gradually, seeming harmless at first, or she may simply meet him, recognize his position, and kidnap him. I would prefer--nearly require, but may be convinced otherwise--that this character be something greater than a human. A sorceress, a demon, fae, a race of your own creation, etc.. In domination scenes, I like a character that can easily overpower my own, often without looking especially intimidating (though the idea of a woman who is of a larger-than-human race is appealing, too).

Goldilocks? HARDLY!


This is an idea I got while writing a sample post and it's something that's stuck with me. Basically, Nick, being homeless and without any money, will feel that he is forced into thievery. He watches the home of your character and, seeing a group of people that appears, to him, to be a family leaving a rather large and appealing home, he sneaks in through an unlocked window and proceeds to help himself to the food, bath, bed, etc., there. The home, however, isn't vacant; your character is resting, or perhaps even waiting, sensing his presence, there. Finding him, she decides that the presence of a young, healthy man is really quite convenient to her interests. . .though she may pretend to be angry so as to have an excuse to punish him, or simply to watch him squirm.

Training A Slave

PROSPECTIVE FORUM: Bondage: Human Solos (note, this is a non-consent scene, though it may involve heavy coercion rather than outright force on the part of your character, so maybe that's the more appropriate forum?)

Upon arriving in [fantasy setting], Nick is promptly snatched up by a slaver caravan, likely because he cannot identify himself and prove that he deserves to be a freeperson. Supposing that the feral way in which he keeps his hair may be regarded as exotic and help to sell him, they alter his appearance little, though they treat him well enough that he's well-fed and groomed. He is likely to be afraid enough of punishment to do what he is told, but is utterly untrained as a slave; he will, at first, have few, if any, ideas about how to please his Mistress--and of course he will be reluctant to serve anyone sexually, even though she may be beautiful, as he presently regards sex as more of a private, even romantic, thing rather than a service performed by a slave.

In scenes like this, I like when the woman asserts her sexual dominance early on, and I particularly like when the woman is of some greater persuasion than simply being human. After this early assertion however, I suspect the frequency of sex to dwindle a little bit--I like playing other forms of servitude as well. We can discuss, though!

What a sweet fae boy. . .

PROSPECTIVE FORUM: Non-consent, I guess?

This can involve any of the aforementioned, or it can be just a brief encounter, or any expansion on this concept that you come up with. Basically, this builds on the idea that Nick is at least 1/3 fae (possibly more, if I can make sense of how he'd have been living his life believing he was human before that). However, I've tweaked the concept a bit. Between what would something like the ages of seventeen through nineteen for them, they go through a period where they're especially prone to magical manipulation, and feel helplessly drawn toward magical creatures. Nick's apparent age of 23 is where his aging stopped, and he'll be in this mentioned "awkward stage" for something like fifteen to twenty years, since he'll live a long time and that's a relatively small chunk of his whole potential life. Anywho, this is part of the reason fae are so secretive; they don't need their frequently beautiful youth wandering off and getting merrily taken advantage of (the fact that Nick isn't conventionally attractive is probably why he needs to be only part, really). Normally a community of fae would either keep them cloistered up, flat out, or never allow them leave without a "guard". But dear Nicky's just ignorant to this, and such a lost puppy. . .:lol:

Anyway, the best characters for this are vampires, since 1. they find fae blood absolutely delicious and 2. glamouring people is already sort of their thing. However, I'd certainly welcome any other kind of magical creature (even a human with a good grasp of magic).

Also, my preferences in this concept actually lean toward men. The kinds of men I find attractive as potential male partners for Nick are a bit limited, though, so expect to talk about that a bit more than if you were playing a woman (where nine times out of ten I really don't care).

Nick Ardel, age 34 (fantasy setting)

NOTE: This version of Nick MUST be played in Muserae. His concept begins the same as above, however, this character has lived in the setting for 10+ years. He is an artist of some renown who works in many mediums, but is most respected and desired for his portraiture. A relevant profile (which speaks to what your character may be in a position to know) can be found here.

EDIT: Note that I have, in past RPs, altered Muserae so that it does not refer to an entire planet, and am willing to do so in the future. It instead refers to a portion of a larger world that was, for three centuries, encased in a barrier. This barrier provided not only a physical deterrent, but used magicks which influence one's mind and spirit as well; those sailing (or flying via dragon,  whatever) would find themselves overcome by the urge to turn back, one that proves taxing to resist--it was impossible for anyone to both muster the drive to break the barrier and the proper physical energy to dispel it, given that said barrier was erected by a divine force. Inexplicably, this barrier was dispelled within the last few months, and people have been coming from other parts of the world. That is to say, if you have the setting your character's based in similarly undefined--you know the country, continent, etc. well but there are large portions of the planet you haven't bothered writing about--then Muserae can be said to exist on your character's world, and can be easily traveled to.

The Share-Carriage

PROSPECTIVE FORUM: variable. Defaults to Light: Human Solos, but may be placed in NC: Human-Freeform Solos depending on what direction we want to take.

The carriage system in Espyn County (the larger area containing the town where my character works) is that of a share-taxi. Carriages move through the streets on fixed routes, which means that, rather than a carriage carrying any single person to their destination, they pick up more than one person and carry them a given distance. Nick often pays the driver whose route goes closest to the town's limits to take him the rest of the way home. This can go in a few directions, depending on mood. We can play this as a simple conversation between two characters, one that will be the bud of a friendship, professional relationship, or perhaps even a marriage. It can also involve a predatory goal in either of our characters (though this is a rare mood for me and one which will make me more particular about writing style/quality than I normally am); rather than letting the driver take both to their destination within his district, the character pays the driver to take both of them home.  From there, they are coerced to appear to leave the carriage and go home with the other character naturally.

Painting Her Portrait


Self-explanatory; Nick is commissioned to paint a portrait of your character. I like playing out the interaction between artist and subject in these situations. Given Nick's professional ethic, it is unlikely to involve sex unless interest is initiated by your character (and does not need to, but I want to keep it in the adult forums so as to leave our options open). Even so, he will be reluctant. . .but at this point in his life, Nick is an extremely lonely man who hasn't had sex in a long time, and so it might not be too difficult to convince him it's alright to appreciate his subject in a more tactile way. If you want to take this route, there's also further consideration to do in her goal in this. Is she very attracted to him,  and she's the one who can't keep her sexual thoughts hidden? Can she sense that his appreciation of her isn't simply artistic, and this makes her curious? Or is she more predatory, someone who assumes all men desire her, and tries to initiate sex or otherwise seduce him specifically because of his desire not to, because she sees him as a challenge?

Oooh, It Comes With A Servant Already!


Nick lives in a beautiful home, on beautiful property. Your character will be an ancient--a vampire, a demon, a sorceress, something like that--who has recently awoken/returned after a long absence (or maybe simply someone who arrives from another world entirely). She no longer has a home, and is searching for one. Happening upon Nick's home, she desires to live there immediately. It seems occupied, but she thinks so little of humans that his presence there is of little consequence to her. In fact, she will simply force him into servitude and claim his home as her own. A point of interest with this scene is the contrast of his public life and the life he suffers when he goes home for the night. He will have to keep up appearances outside his home, continuing to work. If the outside world becomes aware of your character's presence at his home, she will pretend to be his [consensual] girlfriend, perhaps even one who is submissive to him. Yet at home he will be sexually submissive to her (by force, he doesn't think of himself as submissive), and will serve her in other ways as well.

A Show of Kindness


This idea arose out of the unexpected turnout of trying the above idea. Except, well, in that case the end turn out will be as planned.  :P Anyway. One day or night, Nick finds your character asleep somewhere in his house. He lives in a somewhat secluded area, and leaves his doors unlocked because of that. Your character may be homeless for any number of reasons, but being an escaped slave is an idea. Nick lives on the border between a lawful town called Celfaire and an anarchic area known as the Lowcountry. Slavery is common in the latter part, but illegal in Celfaire. The government grants asylum to slaves who escape to any place under their rule, immediately regarding them as free people--that is to say, if the slave character's owner/s got wind of how far she'd gotten, they may be loath to try and reclaim her for fear of the government getting involved on her behalf. I don't have much interest in playing him fighting off slavers, is what I mean. Anyway, he would find her and, rather than tell her to leave, be exceedingly kind to her, giving her meals, letting her live with him, and offering to either employ her himself or help her find work or schooling. It may be apparent that he has some desire for her, that he behaves this way out of severe loneliness, but he has - or tells himself he has - immense respect for her comfort, and would not act on these for some time.

The above is kind of rambly. . .what I'm seeking is a romance story where my wealthy, lonely character shelters your homeless one, who probably hasn't experienced that level of kindness before, particularly from a man. He may find her desirable from the very start, but he takes time to build trust and mutual affection before he even considers acting on that desire.

An Unexpected Gift

PROSPECTIVE FORUM: Bondage: Human Solos

Nick's shop is in a town called Celfaire, a lawful, progressive-minded town. However, he lives on the border of this town and a place known as the Lowcountry, which is anarchy. He accepts commissions in both areas.  After he has finished a commission for someone in the Lowcountry, a girl comes to him; she tells him that her Master has given her to him as payment for his great work, though he was already paid a monetary sum. Slavery is illegal in Celfaire, and makes Nick extremely uncomfortable besides, but Nick is extremely lonely and the girl is painfully beautiful. He takes her home with him, and gradually learns what to do with him.

For this scene, note that Nick is not a natural dominant personality, and doesn't even think of sexual relationships in such terms,  most of the time. He's very sexually insecure, and so your character would need to make her desire to serve him in such a way very, very apparent, perhaps even to a point of following him into a bath, or something, and initiating sexual contact because it doesn't occur to her that he might not want this. I'm much more particular about how my partner expresses their character for this scene than I'd normally be, because forcing someone into a master role is difficult. You must be very good at making her seem desirable (in a non-porny way), and she must love serving a master, any master. She should also have her own ideas about what her new master wants, at first, because otherwise Nick is unlikely to initiate sex with her until they've formed a relationship somehow.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time


Nick has traveled deep into the forest or the mountains. Perhaps he is in search of a nice swimming hole; perhaps he wants to find a pretty location in which to paint a landscape. Whatever the case, he unwittingly wanders into the territory of a matriarchal society which forbids the passage of non-magic-wielding humans into their lands (particularly men). They capture him, and carry him to face the judgment of their leader. As she finds out that he is an artist (or maybe she just finds him attractive since he isn't burly, ha-ha), she decides to spare his life, but keep him around for. . .other purposes, either with herself, or for some other member/s of the society. The character type can vary--magic-wielding humans, fae, elves and more.

The Secret Shapeshifter


Not entirely sure about the forum. I want my partner to play a shapeshifter (one who can shift into multiple forms, but has a "real" form of human or elven appearance), but there will be no in-between (anthro) forms and no sex while she's shifted into an animal form, so she still qualifies as human and not exotic or extreme, right?

The idea: Nick has an art shop, and there's a service alley off to one side for the transport of works that can't fit through the front door. He often sees a cat there, scruffy and ill-tempered. He tries to approach it and pet it, but gets hissed and swiped at. Still, having an immense affection for cats, he leaves food and water out for it and tries, cautiously, to approach it again and again. Gradually it warms to him, and he gives it a good washing (with plenty of magical ointment to heal the inevitable wounds he suffers ;) ) in a  tub he keeps in the shop, and lets it stay in there as a sort of shop cat.

The catch is, that cat is your character. She had experienced something terrible at the hands of society, or perhaps grew gradually disillusioned with it, and so decided to remove herself from it; she took the form of a cat and lived her life as one. She does retain some small glimmer of hope that decency exists, however, thus why she sought out a situation as this--to see if anyone would help, and if they'd continue to help even if she seemed feral. She'd tried it a number of times, but the feral behavior scared people off every time--until dear Nicholas.

Eventually she reveals herself to him. How, I can't quite say--maybe he walks out of a room after he's locked up the shop, and finds a woman where he was certain there was no woman. Or, if you want to take a more sexual route, he fell asleep with the cat curled up on his chest, and wakes up to a woman cuddling at his side. Anyway, this is intended to play out as a romance RP. I think it could be fun to play with the realizations associated with his "cat" being a woman--like the number of times he'd undressed in her presence, for instance (if we go the route that he eventually takes her home to live with him). He's intensely, intensely private about his body.

Nick Ardel, age 34 (modern setting)

NOTE: I will play him on an Earth of varying degrees of fantasy. There will not be 100% realism because his concept probably isn't medically possible, but I may play him on a version of Earth that, other than that poetic license and probably the creation of a town that doesn't exist (I don't like being restricted to real settings, I worry about portraying the social attitude properly and it stresses me out). His concept here is that he was in a band called SCUM about ten years ago (a fantasy version of The Birthday Party); after their first US gig, he was in an accident which caused him to fall into a coma. (The nature of this accident will vary based on the setting type, e.g. urban, suburban, rural.) He believes that, during the time spent comatose, he was living in a world called Muserae, and that waking up from the coma tears him from this life. During this time, too, his band became highly-praised by critics (who, as a group, found them noisy and otherwise undesirable prior), and they enjoy a moderate cult following, primarily of snotty college students (though of course there will be some more genuine fans). Waking up, he is miraculously mentally competent, but requires a few months of therapy to recover full physical function and become independent. He finds that his friends are reluctant to even speak to him on the phone, and make haste to set him up with his own home/apartment. He has a healthy bank account padded by a settlement related to his accident, as well as royalties from record and DVD sales, etc., but is unlikely to live the high life from that unless he begins to work again. With his old girlfriend having remarried and most of his friends and family treating him more like a ghost than a living, breathing human being, he finds re-adjustment to modern life more difficult than it needs to be. He has never felt so painfully alone, though magazines don't wait long to start hounding him for articles.

His Loyal Company


You will play a woman who watched over him during his coma, reading to him, playing music for him and so on. Maybe she did this simply to look good for colleges, at first (being high-school aged when she began doing this, but she'll be older at the time of our RP), but she came to enjoy doing it, and increasingly he became a constant, comforting presence in a life that wasn't always predictable and kind. She formed a bond with him, even though he might never awake. When he does awake, she doesn't know what to do. It is miraculous, but he becomes a romantic prospect for her, in consciousness. Not wanting to cause him undue stress as he recuperates, she doesn't talk to him during that time. It isn't until he leaves the hospital and lives alone that she contacts him, and, well. . .we go on from there.

I'm interested in this idea just as-is, but an interesting twist on it is that she was human for much of this time but, at some point before he wakes, she has been turned into a vampire. She retains her appreciation for him, but perhaps it becomes an obsession as she's changed over, a bloodlust. It can be played a couple ways. . .maybe the girl, as a vampire, is still rather gentle and doesn't care for her new nature, but she can't keep away from him. He's likely to fear her, but being so profoundly lonely, tries to keep an open mind about him and doesn't shoo her off. Or, he does, but she keeps showing up and he gradually warms to her. Another possibility is that her affection for him becomes predatory, and she must have him as a lover, and/or blood doll, ghoul, etc.. In that case we're likely to move it to non-consent.

The Return of Nick Ardel!


This relies on a True Blood style setting. Basically, many places plead with him to play a gig, but he refuses until he is contacted by a vampire bar/club to do so. Maybe you'll play the club owner, or someone working there who contacts him. Or the particulars of 'how' are irrelevant to your character, and you simply play a fan of his who is a vampire, and probably was all along. Maybe they even met in the past and he was none the wiser. I could also do this thread as a group RP, a reason to start an RP in a vampire bar.

Maxwell Garrington, vampire, age ??, appears to be in his 30s (modern Earth setting a la True Blood, with some tweaks)

NOTE: Based on Simon Bonney, in appearance and voice; not personality.

This character is a vampire who occasionally gives guest lectures on history (mostly European) at an elite college. While synthetic blood is available, he does not enjoy subsisting on it alone, and makes no attempt to do so--though, of course, he pretends to so as to function in human society.

I have no particular ideas for this character, because he's new and I don't know him very well. I mostly plan on doing RPs where he meets someone (he's bisexual, by the way), seduces them, and feeds on them.

I still don't have specific ideas for this guy, but I've become more familiar with him. While he's bisexual, his treatment of men and women is vastly different. I imagine that he was gay as a human, and didn't start having sexual contact with women until he turned vampire. Thus, what he wants from women is informed almost entirely by his bloodlust. He has little to no actual affection for them--he'll basically have a good, long drink, probably more violently than he would with a man, and fuck her quickly and without any regard for the pleasure she gets out of it, then just be rid of her. With men, he's a good deal more indulgent, and much more gentle. He'll be much more concerned about the sexual enjoyment being mutual, and his having a genuine, loving affection for his 'victim' is definitely possible. Also: It's sort of his hobby to approach men who believe themselves to be straight, and glamour them into doing things with him. He's VERY good at glamouring. He was turned vampire in part to immortalize his singing voice, with which he can glamour large amounts of people. . .like, the first four rows at a concert, or something. Anyway, that carries through to his speaking voice as well, and he doesn't necessarily need to make eye contact to do it, but making eye contact definitely helps.

With men, while their being straight is a good idea, I'm not sure I'm interested in their being violent homophobes, or really hyper masculine. Being of relatively similar character to him--sophisticated, into the arts, what have you--is probably a good idea. I'm not a fan of "gritty" personalities.

Note that at this point, I'm only interested in scenes that explore the predator/prey dynamic with him, and that starts off as the basis of the interaction nearly every time.

What a beast of a topic! Sorry. Please contact me if you're interested in any of these ideas, or even interested in the characters whatsoever. Thank you!



>> PROSPECTIVE SECTION: NC Human-Freeform Solos

I have several dominant female characters who could fulfill this one. Here's one I could use:

Pamine is a strong, dominant elf, who thinks mostly about herself, and could easily enslave your guy for fun and pleasure.


Hmm. Would you be able to put more into their interactions than sex, while leaving out action/adventure possibilities? I like the sex of course, but it's bound to bore me if it's the only thing in the RP.


Of course, it's boring without good story elements.


Alright. I just got the idea that you did a lot of action/adventure stuff, which I'm not into. How would you rather go about this? Does she just capture him at some point, or would you rather it be where he's already been enslaved by another group, and she buys him?


How about he's been walking around near the forest, and she captured him by surprise, and now has him bound and intends to bring him to slave traders, but decides she wants a taste of him first? Could start at the camp fire just after he got captured.





I added a couple romance ideas to the original post (under the aged-34 fantasy version), as well as an explanation about how setting may be interpreted for that character.


Added more of a conceptual change to 23-year-old Nick than a precise "RP idea". Also, expanded on Maxwell's character. I am sort of looking for male vampire characters to play with Nick, but am perfectly interested in female characters (and non-vampire characters) as well.


OK, I'd really like to do a scene involving Maxwell and a male character who either identifies as straight but is susceptible to coercion (magical and not), or is bisexual but hasn't had any experiences with a man yet. As I haven't been able to play him and get a good feel for him, I don't know any specifics of the scene beyond that--I really just want to try it out. Alternatively, I would like to do a scene with Maxwell which is unlikely to have any sex or biting in it, just a conversation with a female character, because I want to know if he treats women any better when he isn't hungry.


Too lazy to rewrite Maxwell's profile, but I have made STRIDES in his character development. While I have no specific RP ideas for him, I do want to "fill out" his life a bit. Thusly, I'll list people who would be useful for him.

Reporters - To interact with him if/when he's done something to create controversy in the town where he lives and works

Fellow teachers - I'm less clear on what role they may play and hope for some input in this regard--perhaps someone to show him support or, alternately, to continue painting him as a vicious monster despite his overall good behavior

Students - I used to do in-class interactions with them, but admittedly I find this tedious. What I WILL do is explain his teaching style to you so you have an idea of what class time is like without it being played. Possible scenarios include social meetings, or private coaching/lessons/whatever (note that I'm not intending this to be the kinky kind of "private lesson", but I may be persuaded by someone whose writing and approach I enjoy.

Other vampires - While originally I did not want to play this character with others of his kind, because he is very aggressive toward them, I think it may be a good idea to try and work that trait out of him. When trying for this, the other vampire should NOT be aggressive toward him, and should probably be older than him (the older, the better, though you don't have to play any sort of ancient if you don't want to), so his survival instinct outweighs his outdated "GET OUT OF MY TERRITORY" instinct

Any other ideas!! I will accept "just some random somebody he encounters", as well. Note, however, that I don't really "get" the appeal of werewolves and do not much like other supernaturals. The exception to this is part-fae--I'm trying to lessen the ratio of "prey" RPs I do for a while in the interest of developing Maxwell as a character, but having a distinctly 'special' target might be interesting.

Anyway, I am REALLY desperate for RP with Maxwell, so please contact me in whatever way is convenient if you're interested (I will be checking for replies regularly).