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Author Topic: The Ghostbusters (Fandom) (M/F & M/M) (Multiple Plots)  (Read 643 times)

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The Ghostbusters (Fandom) (M/F & M/M) (Multiple Plots)
« on: May 19, 2010, 02:48:15 PM »
Growing Up:

Egon Spengler is a tall, laconic, bespectacled, awkward teenager. He's addicted to science and computers and tends to speak in technobabbble. He's not very good in social situations. Egon is a sugar junkie and usually relies on Twinkies and Crunch bars to get him through his all night study sessions.

It never helped his weirdness that his family has a strange history (three ancestors, Zedekiah, Eli and Ezekiel, were wizards). Egon is quite ashamed of this as he believe more in science then in witchcraft.

The only reason he has such a passion (and wastes his intelligence, as his uncle thinks) for the paranormal is the fact that ever since he was a child he has been stalked by the Boogieman. No one, not even his family, believes him that this beast comes after him every night and feeds off of his fear.

In his senior year of high school he is looking forward to moving away for college. And while he doesn't take much interest in girls (mostly because he grew up with them and they know his family history) doesn't mean they don't take an interest in him. One in particular tries her hardest to get to know him. Even when he tries to push her away by admitting his 'Boogieman' issue, she doesn't laugh and walk off.

Only when the Boogieman starts to threaten the girl and going as far as to kidnap her to get Egon to come into his world does Spengler realize that she really does care about him.
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Re: Michi's Odd Desires: Ghostbusters
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2010, 09:20:17 AM »
Home Coming:

The guys are on their way home from a mission out of state and end up getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Peter forgot to put a spare tire in the back of Ecto-1 and so they are forced to walk to the nearest town. Upon getting to the outskirts of a small town, Egon demands that they keep walking. Finding this silly, they make their way through the town looking for the autoshop. Peter realizes after thinking over the town name that this is Egon's home town. They tease him about it a bit and then question why he didn't want to come through here.

It's only after meeting a few of the town people and learning Egon's family history why he doesn't want to be there.

After finding out at the autoshop that their car tire will have to be special ordered, Egon takes them to his family home. Both his parents are dead, but the house was left to Egon and he hired a caretaker to take care of it. The caretaker happened to be his best friend growing up's little sister.

She's smart, but very eccentric. Much more so than Egon would like, but he has little choice but to put up with her since they need to stay at his family home and she is taking care of it.

Egon can't get over how grown up she is, even if she still annoys him.

**Can be a more effeminate male instead of a girl.

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Re: Michi's Odd Desires: Ghostbusters
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2010, 09:36:42 AM »
Cheering Him Up:

After many years of flirting and obvious feelings, Egon submits to Janine's whims and wishes. They date for a short time, but after nearly a month of boring dates Janine isn't sure why she found him so attractive in the first place. He's smart, but she sees little else in him anymore. The break up is nastier than any of the Ghostbusters expected it to be and Janine ends up quitting her job.

For once in his life, Egon feels depressed. He managed to develop, what he feels as irrational, feelings for her. Despite knowing that his overly emotional feelings are senseless, he can't help it. Egon discovers what it feels like to be a normal person. He can't eat and has trouble sleeping, causing his work to fall behind and the quality to lessen.

Even though none of them want a new secretary, it's easy to see that they need someone there handling the phones and paper work. None of them are organized enough to take care of it. They end up hiring a girl just out of college that really needs the job. She's a bit strange, but they are used to that.

She is unable to ignore the fact that one of her employers is depressed and she goes about trying to cheer him up.

**Can be a more effeminate male instead of a girl.

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Re: Michi's Odd Desires: Ghostbusters
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2010, 01:59:16 PM »
Hello, Professor:

It's been nearly twenty years since the Ghostbusters started their work and sadly, times are hard on them. Work has been slow, mostly because they have cleared out all the dangerous spirits from the city. Some ask why they don't just move on to a new city, but they don't realize how hard it would be to move the containment unit. Plus, New York is their home.

Each of the Ghostbusters has taken second jobs to make up for the lost income. As if dealing with that wasn't enough, protesters to have the unit shut down have come up again.

All the lust for life that Dr. Spengler had received from all his years of ghost hunting is gone. He finds himself working at the University once more. Though instead of being there to teach a proper class, they have stuck him with a class of lazy students and market him as a 'celebrity' status. But even the option of teaching a proper class doesn't appeal to him very much. It's just too boring.

When a real student lands himself in the parapsychology class, Egon is quite happy to at least have a student that cares about the subject. The two become rather close and Egon feels that slight rush of adrenaline once again, though only when Peter jokes about the relationship being more physical than it actually is.

The relationship develops to the level that Peter thought it was already at and Egon can't help himself but pursue the affair with his student. But when the crazed protesters get their wish and the containment unit is shut down, Egon finds himself over loaded with things to handle.

***Student can be female or male.

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Re: Michi's Odd Desires: Ghostbusters
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2010, 06:30:36 PM »
Ghost of a Chance:

After a rather nasty break up with a girl that just didn't understand him, Dr. Spengler decides that it would be nearly impossible for him to find a relationship. On a routine haunting call, the guys discover a ghost that is like Slimer (a conscious spirit), but who can actually speak and can take on a more human form (unlike Slimer's blob form). They are very surprised to see that she doesn't run from them or even resist when they put the ghost trap out. Egon and Ray think she could be of great use to the Paranormal science society. Giving them details about what it felt like to die and things of that nature.

Ray, being the more social and sympathetic of the Ghostbusters, talks with her privately about it. Asking her to come stay with them for a while and let them run tests on her. Having nothing else really to do with her eternity, she agrees.

While running tests on her, Egon and her speak quite a bit. He realizes, a bit sadly, that she's the kind of girl he's always wanted. Kind and non-judgmental, unclouded by heavy emotions, believes heavily in logic (despite the fact that she's a ghost), even loves Twinkies (which are Egon's favorite food)...or rather she used to like them. Even though she was rather emotionless as a human, her ghost form does force her into small fits every once in a while. During one of these, she confesses that she wishes she knew him when she was still alive.

***For the way her spirit is, I was figuring something like the ghosts from Harry Potter. Full forms, lacking much coloring, and being able to communicate verbally. But unlike the Harry Potter ghosts, I would like her to be able to have a sense of corporeal form. Kind of like how Slimer can hug them and touch stuff, but at the same time just pass through things if he wants to. This would allow her to touch him, but not give him much in the way of touching her. I figure the game would be more romantic than sexual.