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Author Topic: A Pantheon's Revenge  (Read 2115 times)

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Offline Rhedyn

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2010, 08:08:24 AM »
Linai had no idea where they were or where they were heading other than what scant information Diran had provided. As was the nature with all of her jobs she merely followed his lead and orders as they were apparently coming from the Beast God himself whom she had sworn her allegiance to. She looked around casually, scanning the area as they rode which was a habit of hers in her line of work. There was nothing and no-one to see, though they were fast approaching slightly more hospitable areas and she surmised that they must be getting considerably closer to their destination.

Their shadows were lengthening over the sands, they still had a while before full night set in though the obvious thinning of the light heralded the approaching twilight hours. She turned her attention on him as he began to speak, a little surprised that he was willing to share so much of his story with her when they were so newly acquainted, but then again they were, for different reasons, both working together now... she only hoped he did not expect such honesty from her. She frowned slightly as she listened to his tale and saw his scar but did not venture any words of comfort or sympathy. She doubted they would help, nor would they change the past. Besides, how could she respond in such a way when her own work had caused her to do much worse to others. No... it would be best if she did not speak of that.

Pushing aside the memories that were rising in her as he spoke she smiled lightly in return, her face a stoic mask sharing nothing of her emotional response. Her words were serious and low when spoken.

"It is not for me to judge what is right Diran, I have spent many years removing myself from such ways of thinking and such emotion. One thing I have learned however is that rage and revenge are two very powerful tools. I do not think you are mad, but I do envy you. You have a reason for what you are about to do... I do not." She patted the pouch of gold at her waist indicating that that was her reason, though she knew it was a feeble one for the many atrocities she had committed in the past and was bound to in the future. She lived to survive, nothing more than that, though perhaps she would find new meaning in life in service to the Beast God. She sighed heavily, her hand gently patting her mount as she rode, only time would tell.

Offline Diablos97Topic starter

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #26 on: June 29, 2010, 02:26:26 PM »
-Edit: Posted July 2nd, 2010-

As Diran and Linai traveled east across the sands, guided by The Beast's sense of direction, they would come across a town, though it would be the next day. It was small enough, only 3 dozen buildings, give or take. Each building varied slightly in size and had clear signs marking the use of them. Houses were well-enough defined, while business flew signs and merchandise to avoid confusion. They were all made of wood, worn well and many cracked, with roads and pavements made of dirt or occasional stone steps for flavor. They would sleep, and wake early.

The sun was rising...

The Beast perked his senses up, alerting Diran immediately to their destination. Looking around through the human's eyes, and feeling out with his senses, the God could feel this was exactly as he sensed it. The small, worn and plain town wreaked of superstitious energy, and with a little effort the Beast was quite delighted to sense the new faith did not reach or touch this town. For all he knew, they shunned it for something they hardly believed in, and thus killed some insignificant god.

This...yes. Diran, this is the place. I wish you get to work. Speak of my presence, child. Give them the word, if they follow me I shall keep them safe and rewarded with gifts from other worlds. To back me as I seek vengeance against those who shunned me, and killed my loyal followers. Preach to them..convince them. Should proof of my return be needed..I shall come through you.

For those who will not follow, uf they refuse, even upon seeing me...Linai will need to kill them. She will bring them before me, so I may take their worthless soul and feed upon it.

A chuckle turned into laughter inside Diran's mind, as the Beast cackled in excitement. He knew he would gain followers this day, and he knew he'd feed on those who refused. He knew he'd gain power to take more souls as he needed them.
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Offline Lilium

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #27 on: July 07, 2010, 02:45:08 AM »
Diran didn't seem too surprised by her lack of emotion. He had met enough mercenaries and the like to know they had to harden themselves for grim tasks.   Still, he wondered if she'd wanted this life, or if it was luck (or a lack thereof) that brought her into this line of work. He shrugged. "You have to do what you have to do.  I'll admit I've never been fond of mercenaries, but who knows, I might have been one myself if I wasn't the son of a priest."

After such a long day spent under the glare of the sun, the cool touch of dusk was a welcome feeling.  Diran watched the sky turn orange, red, purple, and finally dark blue.  Bands of stars flickered brightly without the glare of city lamps.  It reminded him of the treasure they had left behind.

Diran didn't consider resting until the terrain dropped off into a valley. Here, the road veered down along the cliff walls, twisting and turning almost sideways in some areas.  Looking over at the dark expanse of rocks and sand below, he suggested they stop until sunrise, not wanting to risk their horses stepping off a cliff in the dark.  "I don't hear any objections from him," he added after he suggested it. Diran dismounted and patted his poor animal's neck, then took out his flask and poured what was left into a bowl for it.  "We should try to sleep a little to be ready for tomorrow. No fires though, I don't want to call bandits to us."

The man didn't say much else as he sat against a rock and stared out at the horizon. He noticed then that there were a few tiny lights down there-- street lamps.  The town?  He stared and wondered about it all night, unable to sleep.

As the sun rose hours later, Diran realized he almost seemed like himself again. Nothing inside his head spoke to him, nor took control, nor directed his senses.  But that changed when sounds of civilization began to ring out above the morning stillness. Diran felt the god wake and leech energy as he melded their senses. It wasn't too overwhelming, but he braced himself for the worst and flinched at the voice. The man stared off at the town, giving a little nod every now and then.  After a while he stood up. "It will be done, my lord god. Linai?" he looked over to see if she was awake. 

Offline Rhedyn

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #28 on: July 07, 2010, 09:35:23 AM »
The rest of their travelling that day was undertaken in silence until Diran suggested they stop and make camp for the night. She was happy to do so, the ruthless heat and terrain, even so late in the day was not an enjoyable experience. As the coolness of night swamped them she relaxed a little and tended to her horse offering him a little to drink and taking some for herself.

She snorted as he spoke of not wanting to attract bandits, knowing that if there was such trouble she would be able to easily fend it off. They were a cowardly lot and usually never travelled in groups larger than three as they had even greater trust issues than she did. Still she said nothing instead checking her packs and periodically gazing down at the town which she believed from the way Diran sat mesmerized by it, was their destination.

She unpacked her sword and lay down beside it, wrapping her cloak around her body her hand resting lightly on the hilt just in case there was trouble. And so, as Diran sat there in his own world of thought Linai slept, lightly as she always did, but sleeping all the same.

Aware of the sun rising hours later she opened her eyes, peering over to watch as Diran still sat where she had left him, his head nodding as he stared out over the bustling, awakening town. She knew what that meant... the Beast God was stirring within him, it would soon be time to act. She did not move until he called her name, not wanting to disturb his reverie and happy to remain at rest until she was needed.

"Hrm" she grunted as he looked to her "I'm awake." She pulled herself up to sit, her palm still lightly nestled over her sword as it had been all night. Looking at his weary face she could see he hadn't slept and this concerned her more than she would have expected. She had become fond of Diran and his peculiar ways over their time together. Linai reached down to one of the small pouches hanging from her waist and removed a handful of strips of dried meat, offering some to him for breakfast before chewing on a piece of her own.

"You were speaking to him just now weren't you... What did he say?" she queried coolly, not completely convinced that she really wanted to know.

Offline Lilium

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #29 on: July 07, 2010, 11:30:25 PM »
Diran's focus strayed to Linai to see how she was getting along without a fire.  Finding her sleeping, he let himself watch over her a little longer, more thankful then ever to have company.  It still surprised him how well they got along despite how different they were.  Remembering the little quip he made about her being, "good, for a woman," he wondered (with a slight grin) how it had ever ended up this way.  The plan had been for him to keep a good distance between himself and his mercenary, but now it seemed he cared about her comfort.

Morning came.  Diran felt tired, but with a god at his core he wasn't as drained as he looked.  That is, except for his biting hunger. Diran was suddenly aware of it when he laid eyes on the meat. He accepted it without much thought, savoring the piece before remembering a gracious, "thank you."

The man nodded and glanced at the village with none of the thoughtfulness of before, just apathy. "He has given me a clear direction now. There are people down there who I need to convince of The Beast's power, to inspire their faith in him so he can be strong again.  If they don't believe, he'll be forced to show himself.  If they believe but refuse to follow, you have to kill them."   For once he didn't try to soften or sugar-coat anything.  Killing strangers probably wasn't anything new to her, and he had already warned her that people would die.  "I think we should arrive separately. That way you can have the element of surprise when the time comes and be able to watch my back meanwhile. I don't know how these people will react to someone like me."

Diran paused there to let her get a word in about the plan. She was the mercenary, after all. He knew little of this sort of thing. "What do you think?"

Offline Rhedyn

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #30 on: July 08, 2010, 03:10:13 PM »
His frank words surprised her since she had been aware he had been withholding some of the more gruesome parts of this mission from her. She was no fool though she hadn't pressed him slightly worried that he may not have realised quite what it would entail to serve this god. She nodded grimly as he continued, her eyes drifting over the town laid out before them.

As he mentioned watching his back a shiver ran down her spine making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. A wise man had once told her that such a feeling was a bad omen, she had never believed in things such as fate and destiny prior to this path she now found herself on. But now? Now she feared that the man was right and she realised that it would disturb her greatly if something happened to Diran. She shook her head a little to clear the thought from her mind contenting herself with the reasoning that the Beast God would keep his priest safe.

"I think your plan is good Diran. You should ride in first and do what you must, I will follow but stay behind, hidden until I am needed. My presence will only frighten the townsfolk before it is necessary to do so. Do not worry" she added looking at him with a small smile and a slightly cocky look on her face as she picked up her sword "while you are under my watch you will be safe."

She stood then, taking one last look at the town before checking the horses and offering them water before their departure. "Are you ready Diran? Or do you need a little longer to collect your thoughts?" she was hardly eager to enter this town, that little voice in her mind resurfacing to tell her just how much of a bad idea this was, but she knew from experience it was better to get these sort of things done quickly before anyone really had time to think about what they were doing. She knew better than anyone that thinking only brought hesitation and regrets.