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Author Topic: A Pantheon's Revenge  (Read 2118 times)

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A Pantheon's Revenge
« on: May 19, 2010, 02:06:32 PM »
Edit note: June 5th. Updated link to request thread, to be consistent with my signature's link.

(((This is a Storytelling Role-play, Free-form style in every sense but one. Only restriction I set is to follow the story, and the direction I set. This will be narrated for the direction, as needed.)))

---This Role-play is OPEN, The Request Thread is here. PM me if you wish to join with character idea(s) you will play and how they may fit in with the story so far. We'll communicate from there. ---

In an alternate universe of magic, ever-changing landscapes, and pure fantasy was a god. This god had his own followers, and good many of them. It was debated that he had half the population following him, but it was never truly known. Doubted, even. This god had a power many did not, which was to travel dimensions. He would come and go, and bring happiness to his followers with items or proof of other places. Even gifted them with pleasures from such places, such as chocolates or even coffee!

Until one day.

His followers stopped believing in him.

They did not give their love, their prayers, or even their energy anymore.  They found someone better. Someone that gave them powers if called upon;  blessings of health, youth, and simple peace. No longer was this god  needed to please them, to force them to wait for gifts of fancy. They knew these other dimensions, other WORLDS, existed and no longer needed satisfaction of that. Now, they needed miracles for sickness, and peace in their daily lives. The old god was feeling weak, powerless, and helpless against this new faith. He could feel himself slipping away...but...

He did not die.

It felt cold in here. There was darkness, as though I could not open my eyes. Sounds were faint..a voice? Sounded like a whisper. Something..something was there, but what? I cannot tell, I am so weak. I do not know..why am I alive? I can barely move, hear,'s so dark but some light..yes. Light in the distance.

I cannot reach it.

I remember...I remember that I was once great. Yes..great. A god. People loved me, prayed to me for gifts. They gave me offerings, and energy, made me strong. I could travel dimensions, worlds, and take in pleasures one could dream of. Then upon my return, gifts would be bared to my people. Things of wonder; such as chocolates, coffee, even sheets of fabric never seen. They would rejoice, and share these gifts, until I would return again with more gifts. Then..I returned one day weak. Nothing feeding me. My people were not there for me, celebrating the return and gifts. They no longer heeded me..and my temples were gone.

Suffering, weak and slowly, I found one temple long forgotten. No one had been there for a long time, the desert's sands destroying the towns around it. Somehow it stayed above...and there, I fell asleep.

I must be there. Why do I live?
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Offline Lilium

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 04:21:19 PM »
For too long the only life at the temple had been the vultures screeching overhead. But no longer. 

Riding a lanky dun horse, Diran Felero squinted at the scorching horizon, trying make out a structure behind the shimmering curtain of heat.  "There it is," he said to his companion. From here the temple looked like a pathetic sliver of stone amongst the curving sands of the landscape, but Diran's rapid heartbeat was making his fingers tremble as they shaded his eyes.  Had they really found it? Was this really the door to his dead god's heart? And if so, why was he the only one searching for it?  It must matter to someone, surely.

Seconds left like minutes, minutes felt like hours as they rode.  When finally they reached the temple, Diran realized it was larger then he thought and had a ruined town behind it. Still, the dull thrumming of hooves and breathing of their mounts seemed loud in such silence.  He would've never thought this place held a god, if not for the feeling of eyes on him. And not human eyes, either.

Swallowing his nerves, Diran swung off his sweaty mount and lead it into the structure's modest shade.  As he poured water for both their horses in a dried fountain, he looked up and studied the weathered patterns etched into the stone.  This had been a great temple once. A hot breeze rustled the dead grass that clung to the structure, revealing part of a face that had once been etched in metal, possibly gold, now chipped away by grave robbers and almost unrecognizable.  It strengthened his resolve to see this through.

'I've arrived, my lord. I will set you free,' he thought.  But to his companion he showed little of his devotion to this quest.  Diran knew she wasn't a believer and had told her only that a treasure and possibly a god lay inside. She would probably never believe in his dreams, or his gut feelings if he told her. The only reason he hired her was because there was safety in numbers out here. 

No, that wasn't entirely true... he brought her just in case his god required a sacrifice.

Diran looked up at her, hoping it wouldn't come to that.  "You ride well.  I didn't expect that from a woman," he teased with a playful grin.  She was welcome to take it the wrong way.

As his horse drank, Diran stripped out of his head scarf and loosened the top buttons of his tunic to cool himself. He was a young-looking man, about 28 - 30 years old. His brown hair was cut short above his bright green eyes, and his skin was a light bronze from a life lived mostly in the desert. Between his shoulder blades, the top edge of a tattoo peaked above his tunic-- a symbol of the god that lay sleeping just inside.   

Offline Rhedyn

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2010, 05:44:15 AM »
Linai sat in silence atop her muscular steed following her latest employer through this godforsaken desert. The endless sands and the dry heat making her want to turn around and head back to the luscious cool of her homelands. Her eyes searched ahead as he signalled the approach of their destination, a weather beaten stone Temple. It didn’t look like much from here, the man’s promise of the treasure inside was the only reason she had agreed to accompany him. He had said something about a god as well but that didn’t interest her, she had no belief in or will to devote to religion. It had never offered her anything she could actually use.

The place was old, very old, but the subtle signs outside made it obvious to her trained eye that this place had been visited before by bandits and treasure hunters. It didn’t bode well for the promise of riches inside, then again there was a heavy superstition about places like this which may have dissuaded even the hardiest rogues from entering. Her employer seemed to know what he was doing, however, and where he was going so she would just have to wait and see.

She followed his lead, dismounting and leading her horse to the water he had provided, a shiver of excitement running through her as she saw the glimmer of precious metal that still remained outside. Maybe this journey would be worthwhile after all, she thought. The bag of gold she had been given to entice her interest had been generous and she had never been one to turn away the promise of more… it’s what made her a good mercenary. She had few morals in her work, payment was the most important thing.

Through the thin covering of her cloak her fingers tapped at her waist feeling for the dagger she always kept there. A small smile flickered briefly across her face, of course, she mused, I can always take my payment if he refuses to keep to his end of the deal. She had to make a living after all, work was scarce, few people needed hired swords right now, those that did tended to avoid female mercenaries. As a woman she was often underestimated and that was always a good thing in her line of work.

“You ride well. I didn’t expect that from a woman” …his attempt at teasing had her glaring from the shadow of her cloak. She wasn’t even going to dignify that with a response. Instead she concentrated on checking the supplies strapped to her horse. She stroked and patted his flank as he drank before finding her own water flask.

As she cooled down in the shade Linai pulled her cloak hood down revealing her roughly cut short brown hair, which made her look a few years younger than her real age, which was somewhere between 25 – 30 years old, she didn’t know for certain. The crop did nothing to disguise her feminine features which were marred with small scratches and scars… an occupational hazard.

She glanced over to her employer, Diran he had said his name was. He looked at home here, his complexion seemed to fit with the landscape unlike her rosy hued skin, lightly tanned from her travels but still considerably paler. She watched him, there was more to this man then met the eye. He didn’t seem like an adventurer and he certainly hadn’t told her everything about this journey, but then not many of her employers did and she didn’t make a habit out of asking unnecessary questions. The whys were of no concern to her. Still, as always she held a fair amount of suspicion and an uncharacteristic amount of curiosity as she kept her eyes on him and the strange marking just visible at the top of his back.

Removing her sword from her pack and checking it over she cleared her throat to gain his attention. “So how do we get in?” she asked nonchalantly, sweeping her sword out to gesture toward the structure before continuing her inspection of the blade.

Offline Lilium

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2010, 02:00:00 PM »
((I just finished this when you posted Diablos. xD Do you mind if just Diran heard him in his head? I don't want to delete all this if I don't have to. lol ))

He loved teasing mercenaries, or crooks-for-hire, as his circle liked to call them (granted they could be even crookier).  But she didn't seem to care too much. His sister would have given him a smack over the head if she were here. 

Where to enter? Diran looked over at the temple and chewed his lip thoughtfully.  The archway had caved in long ago and was choked with sand and blocks too heavy to move. But he knew that wasn't the way in anyway.  In his dreams, Diran had fallen through the ground and been swallowed up in darkness in some sort of chasm. Letting his eyes adjust, he soon realized something was moving around in the shadows, muttering words of sadness and hatred, but he could never manage to speak to it.  The dream always ended when priests of the new religion appeared at the hole and sand began pouring into the chasm, smothering him.

Hopefully that wasn't what they were in for.

Diran dragged himself out of his thoughts and glanced back at Linai.  He remembered her name because it was pretty. "Should be a hole somewhere," he answered and went to climb the sandy steps.  His heartbeat had not slowed since he first saw this place, but luckily he could blame his sweat on the heat. 

At the top of the steps Diran looked for something out of place.  An animal had dug a den under a block, but he could see the tunnel ended just a few yards in. The stone, too, had nooks in many places, but none were deep or wide enough for either of them to fit through.  Diran moved around to the far side of the structure, away from the mercenary, and searched the wall for weaknesses.  He was drawing his fingers over another symbol-- this one also hacked away by robbers or priests --when he looked to his left and saw something odd.  A sand dune that had piled against the wall looked like it was split in two.  Wandering over, he saw the split was caused by a fissure in the ground at the base of the wall. Diran crouched beside it and estimated it was just wide enough for them to slip through.  A breeze moved against his hand. 

'It must be deep,' he thought.  Diran grabbed a fist-sized rock and tossed it down. Hearing nothing, he grabbed a larger rock just as the first finally clattered against stone.  'It must be REALLY deep.'

Just then, a voice cut into his head-- a voice so present he would swear it had spoke aloud.  Diran swallowed hard and slipped to his knees, bowing with a fist clenched tightly over his heart. "It is your servant, Diran Felero, son of Murex Felero, who loved you as much as I. I've seen you suffering in my dreams, my lord. I've come to let you out of your prison, to serve you, if you'll have me," he murmured.

Diran went cold as he stared into the the chasm, thinking of Linai.  Now what? Move in by himself, or bring his potential sacrifice?  He didn't know her well, he didn't particularly like mercenaries, but still... 

He squeezed his eyes shut as the answer came. The voice was weaker then before, but clear enough:  Bring the woman with you.

After a moment mulling over his choices, Diran whistled for the mercenary and called to her, "Linai? Do you have ropes?"

((Edited for ya Diablos. Sorry, I should have explained better so you didn't go delete. I think it worked though. :D ))
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2010, 02:23:07 PM »
((Gah, deleted mine before fully reading yours. Edit your post as though sensing the god's touch, and then murmuring what he murmured.))

A presence!

Yes..yes, this old god could feel renewed strength  come to him slowly. So..slowly. The image seemed to blur less and I  heard movement, very close. Ah! Here! A man, offering his love. Is  this the reason I live? Is this..

I've arrived, my lord. I  will set you free.

A voice! It seemed only a whisper, but  this old god heard it clearly. It was a prayer, a sign! Perhaps..perhaps  this is my salvation?

What seemed a small wind picked up around  the Temple for but a very brief moment as the god would feel around. A  man, the one offering love and..a woman. Whom showed no love for this  old god. But..she may serve a purpose. He could not seem to make them  out, but he could see them and two horses clear enough.

As though the man felt his presence, he heard it again!

It is your servant, Diran Felero, son of Murex Felero, who loved you as much as I. I've seen you suffering in my dreams, my lord. I've come to let you out of your prison, to serve you, if you'll have me.

The god could feel his mind, his presence coming near, the god was still gaining strength. With what felt like monumental effort he whispered into his mind:

"Come to me, child. Bring the woman with you."

Offline Rhedyn

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2010, 06:50:08 PM »
Linai watched as Diran began investigating the structure in a thoughtful manner. They may have made it to this place easily enough but from where she was standing it looked as if he had no clue as to how to actually get in.

“Should be a hole somewhere”… !?  well that’s really helpful,  she thought, I really should start asking more questions before I take on jobs like this. She sighed heavily removing her cloak and bundling it into one of the satchels. Satisfied that her sword was in a decent condition she swung it casually around, testing its weight and smirking as it cut through the air with a satisfying  swish. Raising it over her head she slotted it into the scabbard strapped to her back and turned her attention back to Diran who was squatting by the wall looking intently at a big pile of sand.

He certainly was a curious one, a thinker, who half the time seemed to be off in his own little world. She watched intently as he suddenly knelt and bowed, hunching over himself. In the eerie quiet of the desert she could tell he was mumbling something, but not what, it made her uncomfortable when he did this sort of thing.

Suddenly she heard him whistle for her… the nerve!... the only thing that lessened that blow was that he followed it with a question; “Linai? Do you have ropes?”

Happy to remain in the shade and fully quenched, the horses settled as she moved between them looking for the ropes. They were here somewhere, rope was one of those things she always had and always needed. The fact he was asking for them told her two things. Firstly that he had found the ‘hole’ and secondly that it was not going to be easy getting in. That thrill of excitement ran through her again.

Eventually she found them and trudged over to where Diran was crouched, kicking up the loose dusty sand on the way. She wiped her sweaty brow with a gloved hand and swallowed hard, her mouth was so dry and felt full of dirt regardless of how often she drank, she would be glad to see the back of this place. She dumped them to his side towering above his figure as she stood with her muscular arms crossed.

“I am not a dog” she stated coldly, “there is no need to whistle for me”

She moved around to take a better look at the hole he had found, it was large enough for them both to squeeze through without too many problems, though coming back out may prove rather more difficult.  She knelt down and peered into the black depths, a sudden strange chill creeping over her body, not from the slightly cooler air that was emanating from the fissure though. No, this was something else, something she couldn’t name. All of a sudden she wasn’t sure this was a good idea, for the first time in her life she wasn’t sure that it would be worth the payment. It felt like something was calling her, something wanted her to go inside and because of that she wanted to run in the opposite direction.

She shuddered deeply and pulled away from the hypnotic blackness moving round to pick up the rope. Glancing around the area she saw an old stone statue of a man in supplication facing the wall and the strange markings that had been carved into it. It seemed well rooted in the sands and she gauged that it should be strong enough to support the weight of a man. Tying the rope firmly around it’s base she carried the end to the wall and pulled hard, leaning back putting as much weight and strain on the rope as she could. There was no give from the statue, she was certain it would hold.

She piled the remaining rope by the hole and braved another look, there was nothing this time, almost as if whatever it was that made her feel like that knew it was pushing her away. Now it just seemed like any other big hole, any other entrance into the unknown.

“I’m ready when you are Diran… lead the way”

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2010, 03:14:03 AM »
Looking over his shoulder, Diran was surprised to find the mercenary could see him from here. Had she seen him talking to the God?  Damn, she probably thought him crazy by now.  Oh well.  If all went as planned she would learn of the true nature of this quest soon enough.

Diran raised a brow and tried not to grin as she dumped the ropes beside him. A dog huh? If she wasn't working for him he'd probably have a black eye by now, but he really hadn't meant to make her feel like a dog. "I thought you were farther away," he said apologetically.  "Forgive me, I'm used to dealing with my sister and I forget she's used to my teasing while others aren't.  Honestly I do appreciate you taking a job in a place like this."  He motioned to their barren surroundings.

A moment of openness? That was a first between them.  Diran stood and moved out of her way to let her work.  Watching as she peered down the hole, a troubling expression came over her and his heart sank a little.  Was she seeing death done there? Part of him was hoping she wouldn't be willing to go with, just in case she was destined to be sacrificed, but his god had spoken and he would not warn her against it. 

As she went about securing the ropes, Diran waited for her to need his help and was impressed to see she didn't need him at all. Despite what he said earlier about her gender, he knew she was capable of being here, or he wouldn't have hired her.  Still, her abilities surprised him. She even went about testing the rope just as he would.  "Have you done this before?" he asked curiously as he took hold of it.  Sitting down with his legs in the hole, he eased in, clutching the rope not only in his hands but between his knees and feet for a controlled descent.

Diran's waist sank through without a problem, but he had to draw his shoulders in for them to fit.  Then he lightened his hold on the rope and steadily slid out of sight.  The darkness that closed in around him was vast, he couldn't see any walls beyond what the meager sunlight highlighted neared the top.  It was a full two or three minutes later when his boots finally hit ground-- a strangely flat, smooth stone like a floor, not uneven like a cave.  This place must actually be part of the temple.

Diran looked up to see how Linai was fairing and held the rope still for her.  Sometimes he could be a gentlemen.  As he waited, he cast a look around the place, feeling eyes on him here more then ever.

((You can describe the inside of the place when you post, Diablos.  :3))
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #7 on: May 23, 2010, 09:43:51 AM »
When Diran arrives, the room is suddenly lit by well-placed torches. Upon observation, our adventurers would see gold and jewels in large piles around the room, untouched and dusty. The room itself was smooth, as though never weathered or tested by time despite the hole in the wall. To the left of Diran and Linai was a door, sealed closed by means unknown to immediate observation. To the right, was a throne-shaped altar, with a few blood stains but otherwise untouched for some time.

The old god felt his strength coming more as Diran landed in the room where he layed dying until now. He could see him fully, the image clear, and flexed some of his returned strength by lighting the torches around the room to see better. He smiled, and concentrated on bring himself to visibility. It took some time and strength, but it could be done

On Diran's landing, and soon Linai, the altar-throne seemed to go alight with fire! In small waves was it covered building up and into a form that shimmered into recognition. The god smiled at Diran the entire time, his face like that of a skull with small horns at the top. His hands and feet were clawed, where they were once soft and welcoming. The robe was tattered, black and dusty, and the god had a necklace of stone-beads around his neck.

"Welcome, my child, and Linai. To my temple." The old god said without strain. Looking to Diran, his smile remained. "Diran Felero, son of my former priest Murex. It was too bad he came to a swift death by those who left me behind. I wish vengeance for what they did to me, and what they did to your father, Diran. I wish for my power back..."

The old god cocked his head.

It was at this time, he noticed Linai's fear again as he did when she looked into the hole so high above.

"Fear." the old god chuckled. "Fear is giving me power. Tell me, Linai, do you believe in gods?"

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2010, 01:50:56 PM »
Linai was surprised that Diran had taken the time to be open and apologetic towards her, she found him difficult to read and wasn’t used to being teased by anyone, least of all her employers. In fact she really wasn’t used to interacting with people much at all so her manner was often awkward and unintentionally off hand.

She chuckled quietly at his surprise to her abilities, it happened a lot in her line of work and this certainly wasn’t the first small hole she had had to climb through on a rope. “You could say that” she replied, trying to lighten her voice a little, partly to disguise the unease she still felt and partly to be seen to make an effort to converse with him and appear a little more friendly and a little less suspicious.

Once she heard the dull thud of his boots on the ground Linai began easing herself fully through the hole. Though muscular, her frame was slender, the biggest problem being the sword strapped to her back as it scraped on the stone as she eased her way in. Finally she pulled her head through into the room and felt the rope tighten under her as Diran steadied it. This too surprised her, especially when her eyes adjusted and she managed to catch her first glimpse of the contents smooth temple room. She had figured he would be more taken with what he had discovered than how she was coping with the descent.

She sucked in a deep breath as she realised that torches had sprung into life over the room sparkling and highlighting small mountains of treasure that cluttered the place. Speechless she continued her decline, landing nimbly beside Diran and mumbling her thanks in awe at the sight around her. So much treasure, left here, unguarded? She would never have to work again, it seemed too good to be true...

It was then that she noticed something else, a kind of shimmering around the large throne that overlooked the room, it began to solidify and become a form forcing Linai to draw her sword as recognition and sudden dread filled her mind. The creature was beast like with horns and claws he was a disturbing sight and unlike anything she had ever seen before. A feeling of dark welcome swept over her and once again she didn’t want to be here. Unwilling to move closer to this unknown being she held her sword steady before them and edged in front of Diran, she had after all been hired to protect him, though she was not all that certain how effective she would be against this unknown foe.

The being’s sudden words were like honey, smooth and friendly but she could sense  the dark power here and that made her worry… no, that made her fear. She held her stance regardless of his reassurances, her sword drawn and raised, her face wearing a blank expression, but her eyes, oh her eyes, they betrayed her.

Gods? Was that what this thing was? A god?  Risking a glance at Diran she could make a well informed guess that this was exactly what this being was. His face was one of awe, relief and subservience, she was in no doubt that this was why he wanted to come to this barren place though she was still unsure as to what her part in all this really was.

Returning her full attention back to the god she steadied her voice to answer him “Is that what you are? A god?” her voice quivered slightly on that last word and she tightened her grip on her sword “Who… who are you? I thought all the old gods were dead?”

Offline Diablos97Topic starter

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2010, 02:16:02 PM »
The old god chuckled at Linai's brave inquiry.

"I am indeed a god. One whom could travel to different worlds and places." The god's form took on more solidity, and it was obvious he fed off her fear. "As for who I am, or the nature of old gods, that no longer matters. What matters right now is you."

His piercing purple eyes observed her reaction, taking it in before he dared moved on. "Perhaps. I may deliver upon you happiness, if you do as I will." His hand swept across the room, as to indicate the treasure.

"I have a simple proposition for you."

Offline Lilium

Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2010, 10:31:42 PM »
The hairs on the back of Diran's neck stood up as the torches lit themselves, throwing the cavernous place into swaths of flickering light.  Something was going to happen.  Once Linai jumped down beside him, Diran let go of the rope and wandered forward to marvel at the piles of treasure.  "Your reward," he said, gesturing and giving her a little smile.  He didn't care for any of it.  Instead he continued toward the throne, seemingly drawn to it by a force he couldn't quite understand.

Before he went too far, though, the fire's shimmering heat seemed to condense on the throne, solidifying into a face that he knew very well.  The beast was just like those ink drawings in the books: the horns, the claws, and the long teeth like a skull's, bared in a permanent grin.   He was about to speak when Linai slipped in front of him, making him blink.  That was truly surprising, especially how warmly it made him feel about her.  "It's alright," Diran said as he carefully moved around her and her sword. He touched her arm as he passed, trying to reassure her.

Approaching the throne, Diran knelt and bowed his head in thanks as he listened to the god lament the death of his father.  His father was called a lunatic for keeping faithful to a dead god, and Diran, too, had been watched for hints of his father's madness when he was a child. They cast him out into the desert at 15 when they found him studying his father's books.  No one believe in their god back then, but they would see differently now.

"My father's life was dedicated to you. Your praise humbles me, as I'm sure it would humble him."  Diran stood again once the god had finished speaking to him, then he glanced at Linai to see if she was okay.  She seemed scared, her eyes told him as much, but he didn't blame her.  Diran suddenly changed his mind about her, then. He decided he would do his damnedest to make sure she didn't come to harm.

"What do you ask of us, my lord?"
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #11 on: May 24, 2010, 01:01:31 AM »
((I may be off and on the next few days, so if I disappear or delay posting, advanced apologies.))

The Beast God eyed his follower, the last devoted one to save this old god. Yes. He would reward him well.

"Devotion. Swear your loyalty to me, give me your spirit. For too long have I suffered, tormented by near death because of my betrayal. Abandoned by my own people, faithful followers slain or cast out, while I am forced to retreat to my forgotten home only to suffer a much-wanted death. However, Diran, you have saved me. You, child, have become my savior and I shall reward you. And you, Linai, are lucky this day. Swear fealty to me, in mind body and soul, do as I ask and I shall spare even your greedy soul, and you shall be rich with treasure!"

The Beast God stood, slowly, as he shimmered into near solidity. Only a small shimmer here and there showed him only Celestial, and not of flesh. He looked proud, eager to be alive! Eying Diran and Linai, he spoke again.

"Join me, children, and I shall gain back my power. I shall have my vengeance, the people shall know fear! I shall consume this world from the god who stole my life!"

The god raised his hands as if to show the world gripped in them.

"Yes. They shall know me as the Beast God once more, and know my wrath in its true form! Yes and Diran, son of Murex, YOU SHALL BE MY BODY!!" he screamed as he clenched his fists, a strange red glow about them.

The Beast God laughed maniacally, his rage so clear in his eyes, and the torches' flames blowing up as he did so.
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
« Reply #12 on: May 24, 2010, 03:59:47 AM »
Linai was speechless as her eyes fixed unblinkingly on the beast god, Diran's sudden touch and movement making her jump slightly and saving her from having to respond hastily. She had almost forgotten he was there.

She held still, her sword relaxing down a little as she watched their interaction and listened to the gods proposition. A part of her was screaming inside to take her payment and leave, get as far away from this place as possible and just forget it ever happened... but there was a larger part of her that commanded her to stay. Just listen, it seduced, listen to what you're being offered, rich with treasure! and think of the power! This god is weak and yet even now look at what he can do... just think what he can do for you when he is fully restored! Vengeance... it wanted vengeance and that was never something that came easily or without hurt to someone down the line. Luckily for all here in this room she had never really had very high morals. She survived and did the best thing for herself to get by and right now this seemed like a very good opportunity for her.

Pushing aside that niggling, ever decreasing voice telling her not to do it she finally lowered her sword placing the tip on the ground and leaning casually on the hilt. She was still suspicious and frightened but feeling a little more comfortable as it seemed that this creature had some need of her and that meant there was a job to do and a bargain to be made. Perhaps fate had brought her here for a reason after all?

"My word is my oath... by all the riches in this room I swear my loyalty to you," she shrugged, her voice strengthening as she saw how this pleased him "my life has had little meaning so far, give me a purpose Beast God, let me help you wreak your vengeance!" Her words surprised her, as did the sudden thrill she felt at what she was doing, she didn't care much for the world anyway, it's people had done nothing for her, it's god had never cared or offered her anything and it's laws had nearly led to her death on numerous occasions... what did she have to lose?

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((No worries Diablos.  Congrats on your approval Rhedyn!   :D ))

The Beast's fierce demand made Diran's blood run cold, and suddenly he was very afraid of this skull-faced monster.  Would he have to forfeit his own flesh for his God to live again? Would he have to die?  That thought stung him.  After all the things he had given up and devoted to this creature, he might end up dying at his hands?  Anger and pain welled up inside him, but then Diran remembered he had been willing to let Linai be sacrificed only minutes before.  Was he such a coward that he could not stand up to the same fate, only send others to it?

Diran steeled his nerves and quieted the fears swirling in him.  Hearing Linai pledge herself helped cement his determination, and he let a little grin creep back to his lips.  Whatever he must give up, it had to be done.  The new world priests were making stupid lazy sheep out of humanity and chaos needed to exist again to give them purpose.  For his years of neglect his forsaken God has the most right to cause such chaos, and if anyone was going to benefit from the God's power and riches, he wanted it to be Linai.  There would be no greater opportunity than this.

"Whatever you wish of me. We are for you," Diran said with a small bow, crossing an arm over his chest with his hand on his heart.  When he straightened again, all traces of fear were gone from his face, even as the God's hands glowed an ominous red.
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((Congrats, Rhedyn! Diran will be unplayable soon, given his posession from here on. Not yet, but in next couple of posts))

The Beast God lowered his hands, smiling at their devotion. He felt grateful for this, as his life was saved and he would begin his wrath. Soon, the people would fear him, and he would gain the power to destroy whatever god did this to him..

Or so he thought.

Stepping down from the throne, he put his hands on Diran's shoulders.

"Take me to our traitorous people, Child." he said with a grin.

The floor below Diran's feet suddenly glowed red, red energy coming up and surrounding both him and the Beast. Suddenly, he was enveloped, and the god seemed to flow into Diran's body. There was a bright flash and the process complete. His eyes briefly flash purple.

"Time to get revenge."
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((Thanks Diablos))

Linai gasped, her grip tightening around the hilt of her sword. She struggled to stop herself from raising it in defence once again, knowing that she had just sworn allegiance to this god so raising a sword to him would probably not be the best idea. She pushed down on it instead, her face a mask of both awe and concern as she watched the Beast God and Diran disappear within the thick encircling wall of energy.

She couldn't really see what was happening, there was too much colour and movement and for that she was glad. Momentarily blinded by a bright flash she raised an arm to her face in a late attempt to shield her eyes, when they finally adjusted once more to the room the Beast God was nowhere to be seen. Diran stood ahead facing away from her and standing perfectly still.

Still holding her sword she edged forward approaching his back, unsure what to do or say. She swallowed hard and reached a hand out slowly towards his shoulder. Thinking better of it she pulled back quickly before physical contact was made. Her voice was quiet and a little unsteady almost as if she didn't want to break the now eerie silence in the large stone room.

"Diran...? Are you alright...?"

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((Alright.  Is he going to die though?))

Diran stood motionless as the beast approached, showing no fear in the face of whatever would come even as the clawed hands rested on his shoulders.  As the red light swelled and took them over, the frightening face distorted and flowed at him like ink.  For a moment all Diran could see was red, and all he could hear was a rushing sound, like being in a raging river with plugged ears. He waited for pain, to be torn apart, burned away-- something --but all that came over him was a strange heavy feeling on his soul.  Was this death? He opened his eyes to find himself staring at the bloodied throne, the god nowhere to be seen. 

Linai's voice made him jump.  Diran turned around and blinked at her, then blinked around at the cave. So... he was alive? 

"I... think so," he answered, sounding a bit amazed by that.  He looked back to her again. "Are you?"

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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Silly question really, she thought, I wasn't the one encased in a bubble of energy with a beast god hell bent on revenge who has now disappeared! Of course she didn't actually say this, in fact she found herself glancing down and checking herself over just to make sure... everything seemed to be in the right place.

Confused and surprised by the amount of concern she felt for Diran she sheathed her sword. Edging closer to him she looked straight into his eyes, a small frown on her face. He looks a little different somehow, she mused, I just can't place it, something in his eyes.... She shook her head as she pushed the thought aside.

"Me...? I'm fine... What the hell just happened? Where did the Beast God go?"

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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The beast's call for revenge echoed through Diran's bones, but he was still in shock that he was alive.  At least Linai was alright.  He was glad it was him and not her who ended up serving as the beast's body. Would she have slain him right there for his betrayal?

Diran wanted to say he didn't know where the god was, but he knew.  He looked away from her and stared blankly at the shining piles of treasure. "I can feel him lying under my skin...  but I don't know why. Maybe I'm his only way out of here?" Diran's eyes lifted to the rope dangling in a beam of light. "We have to leave before its gets too late to travel.  Come on."  He began to walk away, then paused and grimaced at her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to treat you like a dog again.  Would you come with me? I'd understand if you're no longer willing." He gave her a little smile.
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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Linai's eyes widened at his revelation and she automatically took a couple of steps back from him her hand resting on the dagger at her waist. It surprised her that she didn't draw her sword, she realised that in a strange way she had grown quite fond of Diran and she certainly didn't want to kill him... well, not unless she had to.

"Did you know this was going to happen?" she asked, her cold side coming to the fore "Oh nevermind, don't answer that... I don't want to know" and that was the truth of the matter, she didn't want to know, what difference would it have made? Would it have stopped her taking this job if she had known her employer was going to sacrifice his body for a god? Hell no!

She followed him as he returned to the rope, he was right, it would be getting dark soon. She gave him a reassuring smile as he apologised to her again, he really wasn't as bad as she had first thought... a little eccentric perhaps and now the vessel for a slightly crazed god but she'd worked for worse people before.

"It's ok, really" she sighed "I shouldn't have snapped at you before... I... I'm sorry" she doubted she had ever apologized to anyone before, least of all one of her employers, but there was a first time for everything. "I've sworn my sword to your Beast God, who happens to be somewhere inside you" she raised an eyebrow at what she was saying, if she hadn't seen it for herself she would never have believed it "so where you go, he goes and where he goes I go I guess, at least until I know what I'm supposed to be doing." What she didn't say is that she would have accompanied him anyway, regardless, at least until they were out of this barren place.

Linai took the pouch that was strapped to her thigh and opened it as she headed over to the closest treasure pile, she filled it with gold to cover the second half of the payment Diran had promised for her escort and threw in a couple of extra coins for the journey. Returning to his side she grabbed the end of the rope and began to climb, squeezing through the break in the wall and dragging herself onto the sand. Brushing the worst of the sand from her body and hands she knelt down and thrust her arm back through the hole to aid Diran.

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((Sorry, work has been kicking me in the pants...))

He smiled when they seemed to reach a mutual understanding.  If she had wanted an explanation as to what he knew, or when he knew it, it probably wouldn't have provided much comfort to know this had all began with a hunch, and really it still wasn't any clearer to him.  He was glad she had such loyalty to her word.

"Thank you. We'll go, then."  Waiting for her to scrape up some treasure, Diran only took a ring of white gold with a black diamond in it for himself. The diamond was etched with an embossment of the Beast's symbol. Handing Linai the rope, he watched her climb into the sun as he held it steady. "Whatever happens to me, come back and take it all when this is over. Even if I live through this I don't believe I'll need it."

Diran climbed up after her. It was strange how he felt more powerful inside, but his hands still ached as they held the rough texture of rope. His body was still human.  Was the god really inside him?

A bit shaky from the ordeal and then the climb, Diran was grateful to look up and see her offering help as he struggled to get through the hole.  He took her hand and used it to help heave himself out.  Outside it seemed like nothing had happened.  Diran stood, brushing himself off and sighing as he looked around the vast stretches of nothing.  How was he supposed to know which way to go?
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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((Sorry! No, he isn't going to. I'd explain why, but it'd be a small spoiler. I'll move this OOC to my post when it comes to my chance to do so again.)) -previous OOC comment-
((I know how that is))

Anger seethed within the Beast God, and he found himself holding back. Taking over Diran's body right now would only weaken him, and punishing him after freeing him from near-death would not be truly fair. No. He needed this man, and he needed the woman whom seemed to give him resolve. The God calmed himself down from flexing his power in harm of his follower.

You didn't know how you got here?! Fine. We shall head to the nearest town, Diran. Take us to your horse, and I shall guide us there. I shall gain my strength from the people there.

The Beast God, being inside Diran's body and intimate with his soul and mind, was able to feel and hear his follower's thoughts. As he spoke into his mind, the faithful adventurer would feel the pull to head east to the nearest town. There, Linai and Diran would find a small town of superstitious people, where the Beast God would demonstrate his power and gain followers..while killing those who refused. A simple task, in the God's mind. To strike fear into the people, and consume the souls of his victims would be a good starting point.

What he didn't realize was his actions would send a message to a group of priests, who would learn of His return..
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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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Diran suddenly grimaced, as if listening to something too loud or unpleasant.  It was the latter.  Rather then argue that there were 8 directions to go and all of them appeared the same, however, Diran shook his head to clear it and then headed toward where they rested their horses.  "This way I suppose."

The dun perked its ears when it heard them, but when its eyes went to Diran it made a deep sound through its nose and stamped its hoof.  Diran saw uncertainty in the animal's eyes, as if he was a stranger to it or had sprouted two heads (he wouldn't be surprised). Only when he made a calling sound did it seemed to recognize him, though it still wanted to sniff him when he approached. 

Diran mounted and waited for Linai to mount beside him.  "We have to go East.  There's a town there, and people we have to find."

This was it then, he was taking his God to the people and there was no turning back.  Diran glanced at Linai again, wanting to offer her a way out before it was too late, but he knew she was going to be true to her word.  He reigned his mount east and kicked it into a steady gait.

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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After helping Diran through the hole Linai left him to his musings hoping that he would have some idea of what they were supposed to do next. She returned to the statue and untied the rope pulling it back up and coiling it round her arm, ready to add to one of her packs. She was happy to see their horses still there where they had been tied in the ever lengthening shade.

Having secured the rope she removed her sword, attaching it to her mount so that she could wear her cloak with ease. Though it was getting late and a little cooler now she had learnt several nights ago that this place was less than forgiving to those who did not take precautions and her fair skin was a prime candidate for such trouble.

She was pulled out of her reverie by the sound of Diran's mount stomping and huffing. Curious, she thought, it can sense the change too. She was momentarily concerned that the horse would make a break for it once untied though it did seem to calm once Diran approached and soothed it.

Having checked the last of their packs she followed his lead mounting up and offering him a smile of sorts as he looked at her. He seemed genuinely concerned about the depth of her involvement in this situation, but she had made her choice. It could be said that she had been guilty of many things in her time, but going back on her word was not one of them and never would be.

As their mounts picked up their pace over the seemingly endless sands Linai decided that now she was in a position where she would have to begin asking some questions and taking more of an interest in the whys of what she had been 'hired' for. She knew when she had gotten in way over her head... this was one of those times.

"East? Did he tell you that?" she shivered slightly as she rode and remembered the events in the old temple, it still seemed so unreal, dreamlike almost and yet she could feel the weight of the treasure on her leg which testified the truth of what she had just witnessed. "What do we have to do when we get there?"

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Re: A Pantheon's Revenge
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Diran caught Linai's smile and returned it, letting her company lend him strength as well as warmth.  He had never been a loner until he had been banished from his town.  Life was hard alone.

Letting his thoughts wonder as they rode on, Diran was oblivious to direction, but somehow knew when his horse was straying off coarse and corrected him.  He was surprised how different the terrain had become when Linai's voice finally drew him away from his thoughts.  Clusters of scrub trees began to appear and the road had become harder between the dunes. 

Diran's expression remained blank as he mulled over her questions. "He told me," he nodded grimly, not completely comfortable with the situation either. Her second question made him even more uncomfortable because it was the topic he had worried about the entire way. "I don't know.  I believe we're supposed to find people to aid us somehow, but I don't know what exactly is to be done, or how... especially if they choose not to aid us." He shrugged.  "He'll tell me." That much he could be sure of.

After a quick glance at Linai (the first since they left the temple), Diran sighed and decided he would come clean about his motives.  She deserved it for her loyalty at least. "I trust you, Linai, so I won't keep you in the dark anymore.  People might die before this is over... a lot of people.  But it is fair.  My father was killed when the new priests came to stop him from teaching about the Beast.  My brothers died too, protecting me and my sister."  Diran showed her the long scar on his throat.  "My sister has one like it, and other scars that don't show."  He looked ahead again with a slight darkness in his expression. "All I know is that my God's imprisonment was unjust in light of what my family gave up for him. So I will set The Beast free, and he will have the chance to face those who have oppressed us however he wishes.  If this fails, then it was not meant to be, but I can't just forget the sacrifices that my father and his followers made in his name."  Diran almost sounded angry at the God.  Maybe he was a little angry, but how would The Beast have helped, locked away as he was? No, most of his anger was directed at those who he watched hack his family to pieces. 

"I hope you don't think of me as some revenge-maddened lunatic."  He glanced at her again with a little smile. Telling her about his grief had gotten it off of his chest a bit.  "I do this only because it's right."
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