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Started by Snow Cherry, May 19, 2010, 01:32:50 PM

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Snow Cherry


I was playing around with my Wiki...  perhaps it is more correct to say I was 'stumbling around with Wiki'...

I noticed a lot of people have their avatar picture displayed at the top right hand corner of their Wiki page, and I don't. Where do I go to set this up or turn it on?

Thanks for the help in advance!


Use this code:

[[Image:URL HERE|frame|<center>UNDER PICTURE WRITING HERE</center>]]

The image has to be uploaded to the wiki and you don't use the whole url.

Mine is:

and all I would use for the coding is:


So mine ends up looking like this:

[[Image:Jekyllhydecat.jpg|frame|<center>Michi No Sora</center>]]

I hope that helps you and is what you were talking about. ^^ I just put that as the first line in my editing box and it puts the image to the right side of the screen. ^^
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Snow Cherry

Michi, Your answer couldn't have been any more perfect. I now have what I wanted, thanks to you!   :-)


Glad I could be of use. ^^
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Piggybacking on this, for Veksied . . .

For some reason, the Images Category is showing itself as being within itself.  Which probably isn't clear.  Category:Images is showing up within Category:Images (in the list of sub-categories, if that makes more sense).  I'm not sure why and can't seem to do anything about it.  It may just be my system and general screwiness, though.
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