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Author Topic: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, seeking M) dragon, demon + predator/prey  (Read 2829 times)

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Re: The Plot Harem (Seeking M) (M/F, M/M)
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2010, 06:12:14 am »

I like the idea of different
theres and elsewheres, an Idaho known for bluegrass,
a Bronx where people talk
like violets smell. Perhaps I am somewhere patient, somehow
kind, perhaps in the nook
of a cousin universe I’ve never defiled or betrayed

  • My posting can be pretty sporadic, but weekends are generally free for me though. I try to post as much as I can, but do forgive me if there are long stretches where I go without. I can't promise any sort of consistent posting schedule because irl things get in the way sometimes, but I try not to go without posting for ~1-2weeks

  • Have been roleplaying for a pretty long time and been around on a bunch of other sites so you might've seen my username pop up in other places. I've always had a love of reading, which slowly evolved over time into a fondness for narrative-driven games (visual novels, telltale style games...etc.) and this sort of naturally segued into online roleplaying.

  • I don't expect to have novel-length responses all the time! I can enjoy both shorter/faster rps and longer ones. I do tend to mirror my partners' posts, however.

  • I can't really get interested in an RP unless it has elements in it that incorporates my kinks. >__< Even one would do. So long as there's actually something from the list. Not too hard really, since the plots listed below already has at least one/a few inside, but do take a look if you think you'd like to incorporate more.

  • I also find that I tend to get along better with partners who are willing to chat a little OOC. I like to discuss how are our characters are going to get together, new ideas to move the plot forward, if my partner is alright with what's happening now...etc. With the longer-term partners I have, I'm used to talking about bits and pieces from my daily life as well, so if there's anything interesting that's happening to you atm, or if you're just tired, go forth and tell me if you'd like to.

!! Craving...

- sister + demon half/brothers [m/f]
- dragon [m/m]
- any of the predator/prey plotlines [m/m]
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Re: The Plot Harem (Seeking M) (M/F, M/M)
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2010, 06:12:31 am »




Sister in a charmless political marriage ends up falling for her half-demon brothers.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Mc is stuck in a loveless marriage that has been struck up simply due to political reasons. something lurid accidentally occurs between her and her half-demon brothers one day (like maybe during a masked festivity) and although they know they should stop, they can't help but continue their illicit affairs and gradually upping the ante to see just how much they could get away with

Or it could be another some other tropey plotline like her wanting to sleep in her brothers' bed for some comfort after a particularly terrible argument with her husband and/or feeling loney when her husband is away.

Would probably be set in some sort of vague feudal fantasy-ish setting. As for the half-demon brothers, they would likely have been born from the king's conquest of one of the demonic races and him taking aside one of them as a concubine. I would also imagine that, growing up, mc was the one that was there for them and stood up for them when the rest side-eyed the twin brothers suspiciously or tried to have them 'mysteriously disappear'.

In the current timeline though, the twin brothers have both grown up (far larger than the average human and definitely larger than her when they used to be, like, almost cherubic demon boys with teeny horns/tails) and have actually managed to gain a pretty high standing in court (mostly due to fear + their powers are useful to the king) and are in a far better position than she is. Perhaps one of them is a sorceror while the other is some sort of soldier/general.

(none of this is set in stone though!)

we are brave and good
 even though we are selfish
 and kill each other and
 kill ourselves,
 we are the people
 born to kill and die and weep in dark rooms
 and love in dark rooms
 and wait, and
 wait and wait and wait.


This part of the poem hooked into me and would not let go. What came into mind was the image of a small peaceful village and two childhood friends. It will be set in an AU wherein sorcery/magic and rational science clashes for supremacy. MC's race heavily practices the former while yours is one that is at the forefront of the latter . Despite this, he has always enjoyed cordial relations with the villagers.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • However, this changes as rational science begins to amass more and more supporters. As this goes on, yc's visit to the village decreases until it eventually stops. Soon after, magic is branded as dangerous and any one caught practicing it will be branded as a heathen and sentenced to death. War breaks out as the empire strives to rid its land of blasphemous influences and mc's village is raided. A small village such as hers should have escaped notice, but the fact that it is rumored to have contained quite a few powerful resistance sorcerers in its midst (including mc's parents) prevents its safety.

    Mc is captured and about to be distributed as the spoils of war/executed when who should she meet but YC. YC, who just so happens to be,

    - the prince himself
    - a high-ranking general to the war

    The prince/general acquires her and keeps her because, despite his now negative outlook on the practice of magic, the strong memory of their friendship before compels him to keep her by his side. This decision, however, would test the both of them as accusations abound on mc having seduced him, mc having to come to terms with who yours really is, taking the small steps towards tolerance for each other's abilities...etc.

    I want grey moral boundaries here. No one knows what actually sparked off the war, but neither sides are completely unjustified in their hate. The fact is, there will always be corrupt users for both magic and rational science.


    - When both science and sorcery had been competing for power in the court, the king and queen (or general's parents) had been rather taken in by a magic-user who promised to heal his sister's ailing sickness. This was a lie, however, and the prince/general had to watch his sister slowly waste away, eventually provoking his hate for magic. Likewise, mc would have sworn vengeance on those who destroyed her village and how harmless magic practitioners were carelessly executed or thrown into jail.

    So, in addition to the grey moral boundaries, it would be great if their conflicting feelings for one another could also be focused on. Give me perceived betrayals, misunderstandings, tensions, battles, high-strung emotions, drama.

    - eventual M/M/F. Not too sure who the other M could be but options include a loyal second in command, common soldier, someone fighting for the other side...etc.

Like fire
This fire in my skin
This burning
Is turning me to sin

so pretty much I was watching hellfire on youtube one day and it suddenly blinsided me just how compelling the frollo/esmerelda dynamic was??? messed up, most certainly, and the intention of the song was probably not to get you hot under the collar but I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to rp out something along similar lines

(I've only just realised now after writing out the plot that it's pretttttty similar to the one above, but I think this one would focus more on the whole 'repressed sexuality/sinning' aspect of it)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

So I'm bad at history and don't exactly want to rp in a 15th century French setting, nor do I exactly want to use Esmerelda and Frollo as actual characters. I just like the beats of their interactions and would like something inspired by them.

I'm open to discussion, but at this point I'm imagining a vague medieval-ish fantasy world where witchcraft is being maligned, similar to the setting in my above plot.

Mc could be a mage/spellcaster/witch/whatever they're called in this universe, and yours a knight-inquisitor/templar charged with hunting them down. He captures her and makes the bargain of offering her body over to him if she doesn't want to be burnt at the stake... or something less typical could happen, who knows.

I also sorta like the idea of, instead of a toughened/fierce person capturing her, it's someone who's new/nervous at the job and probably doesn't even believe 100% that their job of torturing/capturing innocent women is the best thing to be doing but he needs to keep up his image (or is struggling not to get corrupted).

Whatever the case, I think a push-pull power dynamic between the both of them be the first scenario or the second could be interesting.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


tbh I have an m/m version of this running and I decided that it might be interesting to try out an m/f variation too; typical conqueror takes over the land and the spoils go to the victor sort of storyline

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I'm tihnking that the plot revolves around the degradations that the vanquished queen and her seven (six?? something lesser? seven might be too much haaha, but it has a nice ring to it) daughters have to undergo

Each one of them could be faced with different punishments. The queen, perhaps, could be whored out to different rulers as a bargaining chip, perhaps made to 'perform' at a banquet/ceremony. One could be tossed to the war hounds, the other to the horses, one sent down as a treat to the lowest scum/prisoners....etc.

other scenarios include:
being chained to the stocks
made to be a serving girl at sleazy establishments
bait for monsters/try to fight or escape in a coliseum style setting against those in heat
set loose in the woods with a bunch of men/dogs/beasts/etc and given a limited time to try and escape

I wouldn't mind 'softer' scenarios being interspersed in between too; like someone simply wanting to pleasure/drive one of the girls towards sexual exhaustion, a monster suddenly turning on the rest and deciding that he needs to protect one of the girls whom he has decided will be his mate, a knight seeking to fully claim one of the girls as his own and no one else's ...etc.

it's a pretty smut-heavy scenario overall, but the m/m variation I have running somehow managed to turn plotty towards the end somehow. I wouldn't mind this one heading in that direction too, if my partner prefers, but it would probably need a bit of discussion first to figure out how.


This plot will be really indulgent for me but basically I want the whole normal-girl-mysteriously-gets-sucked into an alternate universe kinda thing.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The character I’ll be playing will be the typical queen bee to be found in many a high school, with a posse of friends only with her because of her status and a line of adoring guys who only adore her because of her looks and a generous physical endowment concentrated in the chest area.

Everyone knows her marks are only on the average side but no one knows that she has been deliberately suppressing her scores so she can go for extra lessons. This has nothing at all to do with the hella cute teacher, nope, and anyway it is easier to keep people wrapped around your thumbs when they think you are intellectually challenged.

I was thinking that the setting of the world she has been dumped into for reasons unknown would be sort of a… multiverse one?

Idk, something with a pulpy various-tabletop-campaigns-smooshed-together feel to it.

You can find yourself in a desert, a fairy-tale-ish atmosphere right down to a typical American suburb. The people and monsters that populate the lands are just as varied.

The setting is really just an excuse to be able to play out as many tropes/archetypes as possible. So maybe there could be one where mc finds herself kidnapped into a seraglio and yours has to prove he is the rightful owner in order to bust her out again. Maybe in another there are groping tentacles. Sex pollen that calls out the attention of amorous monsters. Idk, the scenes to be played out can be discussed.

The character that gets saddled with mine is probably some sort of wandering merc? Somehow, despite repeated attempts to try and lose mc, he is inexplicably annoyingly stuck with her. MC claims that she needs a man to protect her frail constitution but yc thinks this is bullshit because the first time she hurtles into the world near the area where he is, she scares off the beast prowling there with a blinking, trilling multicolored metallic slab.

In any case, what I want are madcap capers/shenanigans, a relationship developing against all odds between 2 polar opposites and sexytiems to bolster it.


"A monster is not such a terrible thing to be. From the Latin root monstrum, a divine messenger of catastrophe, then adapted by the Old French to mean an animal of myriad origins: centaur, griffin, satyr. To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once."

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- mc strikes up a bargain with an otherwordly creature and bites off more than she could chew? perhaps she bargained for another person's life OR in a summoning gone wrong manages to convince the creature not to harm the original summoner in exchange for her service instead and now the creature has come to collect

- instead of the usual human summons demon/beast how 'bout having it the other way round where the human finds themselves summoned into an otherworldly realm instead.

needless to say, the denizens of that realm are a bit too interested in this soft, strange thing that has suddenly dropped into their world

(+) optionally, the creature could have known her while she was still growing up. the girl assumes he is nothing more than an "imaginary friend" and when he is no longer able to make visits to the human realm, decides why not just have her directly by my side instead




Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

In this world, dragons choose their riders and once they do a lifebond comes into place. As the term implies, this means that they would be nigh inseperable and should one die, it would be likely that the other would follow suit, go mad or simply waste away.

All of the dragons and their riders are housed in this huge sprawling complex/town built into the side of a mountain. MC is a thief intending to pull off the heist of his life by stealing some shinies from the area (which the dragons are known to hoard). YC is a once-acclaimed/legendary dragon who has now been kept out of sight after he lost his rider (since he is considered useless/unstable).

They meet when the human stumbles into the dragon's lair and somehow a bond is struck up between them.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Cue drama when the dragon/dragonrider community finds out about this. There are people who are aghast at the bond happening between one of their rarest dragons and a common thief and being all NO THERE MUST BE A WAY TO SEVER/STOP THIS and others who see it as a chance to get the dragon back into the world outside (whether it be with good or bad intentions; for the former, maybe the ones who have been worried about how withdrawn the dragon became after his previous rider's death and see this as a chance for healing; the latter from those who simply want to make use of a powerful creature who can technically be battle-ready again now that he has a new rider).

There is also the potential for a lot of emotional hurt between the human and dragon, because neither of them expected to be bonded and the dragon possibly/probably feels like he might be betraying his old rider by striking up a bond with this random thief; The human himself probably wouldn't appreciate the comparisons drawn (in which he falls short) between him and the old rider. To add on more pain, the human likely does not look anything at all like the old rider but there are certain mannerisms, or traits, which he has that are very similar to the old one.

So I read/watched Beastars recently, and now I'm craving something having to do with a predatorxprey plotline. The series itself is kinda like Zootopia but done better. Basically a society where all carnivores and herbivores try to co-exist peacefully together.

I don't wanna go full furry though, so in my version all of the characters will be kemonomimis instead (still human, but with ears/tail and animal characteristics)

(I'm open however if you would like to play a chara that's fully anthro!)



Turn of Tables

The owner of a sex trade that peddles in exotic monsters/creatures/humanoids finds the tables turned on him when his business slowly spirals into financial ruin. I've... not really thought about what exactly causes his trade to crash so disastrously, but [yc] has definitely had a hand in gently tweaking things along so that what seems to be a few bad investments/returns from seemingly disgruntled owners eventually pile up into bankruptcy. [mc] eventually gets auctioned off and lands in the bed of [yc], one of [mc]'s former slaves

I'm looking for my more extreme kinks to be incorporated into this rp if possible: egg laying, belly bulges, puking cum from fullness, cum inflation, multiple penetration, exhaustion, fearplay

Marriage Alliance

Would like this to be a setting with two opposing predator/prey clan having been at war with each other for quite some time. Some sort of marriage alliance or gifting is struck up though and the prey gets taken into the predator's clan. Focus would probably be the both of them slowly learning each other's customs, habits and weird idiosyncrasies before something more grows out of it.

Or, tensions between carnivores and herbivores have been growing more and more strained lately (maybe there has been an uptick of murders on the news), and the powers at large have decided that they need a good PR show to sort of calm everyone down by marrying off the heirs from 2 most well-known/liked carnivore and herbivore families.


(with some slight changes, can also be carnivore/herb variation I think)

For this one, instead of just herbivores vs carnivores it would be a world where it revolves more around humans vs those who are born with animal genes/characteristics. Tensions between both sides mostly arise due to those from the animal side believing that humans are weak/worthless and the only reason why they are still in power is just because of their ability to breed and proliferate, while the humans are wary of the animals taking over since they are a lot more superior in terms of strength/intelligence.

I'd like mc to be human but one who has always kinda wanted to bridge the gap between both sides. He champions both human and animal rights and is a big advocator of wanting both sides to be able to see each other's pov. However, all of this changes one day when he starts feeling weird and he suddenly goes into heat. Turns out he actually carries a latent animal gene strain and it has suddenly chosen to emerge all of a sudden one day. The person who happens to come across him in his heat is someone who is very vocal about his hate of humans/someone he has clashed with multiple times before.

((I know this sounds super special snowflake-ey, but I'd like mc to come from a rare/endangered species. And because the animal gene in him is weak/largely diluted by human blood, he can still easily pass off as one. No ears/tail but still possesses some innate characteristics and maybe his smell is different.))

Friend in Need

(can also be human/animal variation)

A herbivore and carnivore who have grown up with each other all this while and are super close finds their friendship tested one day when:

- Carnivores begin to take over society. Herbs begin to be corralled and sold off as food or sex slaves. Carnivore claims herb friend as his in order to avoid a worse fate from befalling him.

- The herb has a one-night stand with a carnivore one day, realises shit he might be attracted to his friend after all. Tries to keep this under wraps because he really doesn't want their friendship to change because of this. It happens anyway when carnivore smells the scent of another on the herb.

Others (animal-themed but not exactly predator/prey):


Your character's friend/brother has suddenly tasked you with petsitting his cat one day. It sounds like a pretty cushy gig, after all, all you gotta do is make sure the cat is well-fed and alright and you get to have your brother/friends's luxurious apartment all to yourself for that period of time + earn some cash on the side. When yc pops up in the apartment, he realises that the cat (mc) isn't actually a Cat cat but a catboy. One who is lounging around scantily clad with a plug in him, calls you master and is intent on jumping your bones at every available opportunity.

Like cats and dogs

I just have this image of a luxuriant well-pampered cat(boy) who is king of the household suddenly finding his world upended one day when the owner brings in a new pet in the form of a dog. Dogs are the worst! They're loud, aggressive, have no sense of personal space and lick everything in sight. From the dog's pov, cats aren't any better themselves since they don't seem to get off of their asses for anything, are aloof/frigid and don't seem to know how to have fun.

I think it'd be pretty cute to rp out how the both of them slowly learn to get along with each other.

((a darker variation would be if the dog the owner brought in is some sort of street dog who is also used to being leader of the pack, finds this uppity cat trying to challenge his authority and immediately sets about to breaking him in))


I do the dumbest things for you
Why do I do the dumbest things for you?
I would be safer on my own
I didn’t care, you were the most exciting thing I’d ever known

Ok, so hear me out, at first I just wanted a regular sugar daddy/huge age-difference type plot but the more I thought about it, the more it turned away from the simple huehue would you be the lolita to my humbert humbert vybe to local camboy & sugar daddy find themselves surprised at having more feelings than necessary.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • So mc is probably one of those live fast, die young kinda people. He’s not out-and-out destructive but admittedly spends more of his time at parties/clubs than not, tumbles in and out of beds (sometimes just plain tumbling out of them and onto the floor) and likes his cheap thrills wherever he can find them. Fell into the camboy business sometime along the way because, hey, it's a good way to make some money on the side as a struggling college student and it feeds the exhibitionistic/masochistic streak in him.

    I usually give free reign to my rp partners as to what character they’re playing beyond  a few keywords, but for this one I’d like something a little more specific. Since I want the age-gap element to be there I’d like someone in his late 30s or early 40s?

    In my mind he’s a buff, grizzled lone wolf type. Someone who’s been through some shit, is a bit of a recluse because of it, and really should be taking better care of himself. Or the straitlaced sort who really should know better than to be trawling through dubious virus-laden sites for some stress-relief.

    Whatever the case, it's someone who would never really be dumping money on a camboy feed but somehow stumbles across one of my mc and finds himself, against his better judgement, stuck. When life turns to shit and everything seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, he can head always head back home, settle himself down and open one of mc's live sessions and look forward to this person whispering sweet, dirty nothings and wanting nothing more than to please whoever is watching.

    They meet up at some point tbh I've not given much thought as to how this happens. A mutual meet-up after a lengthy online correspondence? Accidental meet-cute? Saving mc from unwanted attention irl and realising HOLYSHIT IT'S YOU?? Mistaken identity shenanigans where they actually already do know each other irl and are not too fond of each other??? idk it's open to discussion


"The earliest gardens were walled not to keep out animals, but to keep them in, so they could not be hunted by strangers. The Persian word for these walled sanctuaries was pairidaeza, the Hebrew, pardes, in Greek, paradeiosos. …The origin of the word ‘paradise’ is simply 'enclosure.’"
— Anne Michaels, The Winter Vault

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The basic premise of this idea is to have yc tasked with petsitting someone's cat (a brother, friend, coworker...etc.) only for him to turn and realise that it's not really a cat so much as a.... catboy.

I've kinda handwaved away any deep reasoning for why they might exist in this world, but whatever the case, catboys/girls function as exclusive bed companions/consorts. Here, I have two branching ideas for the plot.

  • For the first, it'd be something less plot heavy and perhaps feature the sitter as someone who has a bit of a hangup about his sexuality/sexuality in general and mc sort of guides him through it and tries to show that there is nothing to be ashamed. Maybe along the way he also realises that mc's owner isn't really treating mc well and that there is more to him than just a convenient hole to use. (+optional: if you're not too comfortable with the cuckolding aspect (the original owner mc has), perhaps he was somehow gifted to yc)

  • The second one is a bit... complicated, but do stay with me if you've reached this far.The second one has all of the same beats as the first. Someone saves mc from a previous owner who was abusive, takes him in and shows him that hey, he is someone deserving of so much more.

    Except his saviour complex goes wrong. He realises in the end that despite all of his good intentions in the beginning, he has fallen into the same role that he tried to avoid. Society's disapproval against any sort of relationship with a catboy/girl that is not strictly confined to the bed and based on a partnership of equals is too much to bear. He falls in love with another person but still keeps mc on the side.

    Mc has a much better life at this point as compared to his previous owner but all of the idealistic things that he has tentatively hoped for and that his new owner has encouraged in him (that it is possible for someone to care for him beyond what his role proscribes, that he too is deserving of respect, that there is something more) crashes and burns.

    Here, I want someone not to play the new owner but an outsider/3rd party looking in.

    From the outside, the new owner, his lover and mc seem to lead a charmed life. Wow! They're a perfect couple and they even have this status symbol by their side to spice up their sex live. And they treat him so well, they never loan him out or raise a hand against their pet or make him perform in public, such exemplary behaviour.

    Behind closed doors though, perhaps all is not as it seems... (could either by physical or emotional abuse or a mixture of both)

    Yc slowly gets to know mc and the both of them grow to have feelings with for each other. Maybe yc could even be someone who thought of catboys/girls as "dirty" at first but finds his stance somehow changing the more they spend time together.

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Re: The Plot Harem (Seeking M) (M/F, M/M)
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2010, 06:12:45 am »
Pics that take my fancy. Would like to do an RP revolving around/inspired by it. If it looks delish as well to you, PM and we can discuss something out. (the oneliners are just what I have off the top of my head, if you have a different concept, feel free to toss it my way too)


my big sister can't be this cute! yandere brother decides that his big sister needs an intervention from all the shitty men in her lives.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

gasp! you mean my teacher/wife/sister moonlights as a hostess secretly???
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

[movie narrator voice] in a world where humans and non-humans have fraught relations with each other, 2 close friends set out to buck the status quo.
or [movie narrator voice] in a world where humans and non-humans have always lived in harmony, everything suddenly changed when the Fire Nation attacked
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


the catboy is the seme. that's it. that's the whole concept.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

fml he's the most annoying/chipper person I've ever met but ever since he did a poledance routine as a joke for my birthday I can't get him out of my head (yes that is golden kamuy ssshh)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

does jerking off and then pointing into the corner where the ghosties/monsters are to say, "this is for you" scare them off?? (reigen what are you doing)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

professor who blackmails his students get the tables turned on him OR mafia leader finds himself subjugated by a cocky upstart
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

badass bruiser and brains sneer down at the straights (but honestly i live for the whole gladio/ignis dynamic)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


i may look super dark and angsty but secretly I love all things human and would just like to get to know them more if only they'd stop screaming in terror at the first sight of me
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Re: The Plot Harem (Seeking M) (M/F, M/M)
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2011, 02:36:13 am »
[[reserved -- just in case]]

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Re: The Plot Harem (M/M)
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2011, 03:31:18 am »
Added 3 new ideas:

  • Fandom Idea for Tiger and Bunny

  • Being a Porn Star is Hard (pun fully intended)

  • Bodyguard

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Re: The Plot Harem (M/M)
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2011, 10:31:08 pm »


  • Hey, would you like to bang

  • Mafia Mayhem


Some obscure ones.. too many to list here, fma, one piece, eyeshield 21


General Pairings

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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
« Reply #7 on: January 06, 2012, 01:01:58 am »


Merged both m/m and m/f threads.


  • Fudanshi Fantastic


  • In this cage

  • Dragons are AA

  • *So* not breaking a nail

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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
« Reply #8 on: August 12, 2015, 02:36:43 pm »


Updated cravings


  • What Once Was


  • Plotty bits and pieces


  • Daiya no A, Free and Haikyuu
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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2016, 01:38:48 am »


  • Light of my life, fire of my loins

  • Hail to the Thief

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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
« Reply #10 on: March 12, 2018, 02:13:11 am »
bumping because jesus christ it has been 2 years where did the time go

[[ also, cut down the plots, modified some of them and added moodboards/pictures because I was in the mood to be making 'em]]

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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
« Reply #11 on: March 11, 2019, 05:32:15 am »
added 2 plots, changed images, added a bunch of picspirations, edited some of the summaries + re-ordered some things around

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Re: Ooh, Mister Plotbunny, ooh (M/M, M/F, looking for M)
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- sister + demon half/brothers [m/f]
- dragon [m/m]
- predator/prey plotlines [m/m]