Plot ideas by Lady Felina (Seeking male characters)

Started by LadyFelina, May 18, 2010, 11:24:05 AM

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen.  I just wanted to pass along a few of my rp ideas.  To begin I just want to say that none of these scenarios are set in stone, feel free to throw in your own ideas or make changes where you see fit.  My goal here is to see that all players involved are happy and enjoying themselves. Not, just me.  For these particular plots, I am looking for male characters.  That is not to say that the player has to be male, but it is preferred that the character be male.  Sexual scenes are not required, but if you want them I am happy to oblige.  Please take a peek at my ons/off page to see my kinks and no-nos. 

On to the plots!!

1.  The Drowess and the Dwarf (fantasy setting)

Tired of her oppressive family and the constraint of following a path that had been picked out for her since birth, Airana Tisa, a reluctant priestess of Lloth and youngest princess of her household, decides to fake her death and run from home to live a life of adventure and exploration.  And, what better way to fake her death, than to pin it on the little hairy men that live in the mountains just NE of her subterranean home!  Unfortunately her plan backfires when she gets captured by those same, dwarfs.  Its going to take a lot of fast talking to convince the clan chief and soon to be crowned, Dwarf-high king, not to bash her head in with his hammer.  Now that she's landed them in hot water, its her job to get them out, lest the be dragged kicking and screaming back to the life she abandoned....or worse.

I imagine that an unusual friendship builds between the drowess and dwarf king which gradually grows into something more.

2.  Project- Rebirth (sci-fi setting)

Earth is dying.  Not only is this a result of the human condition, but also to an intergalactic plague which has swept the galaxy.  Very few are immune to the strange plague and those who are not, suffer horribly, their bodies literally decaying before their eyes.  These poor victims are holed up in their homes and quarantined in old buildings which are set on fire in hopes of staunching this pestilence....but unlike the black plague of the dark ages, this disease cannot be quelled by fire.  In the beginning they tried to find a cure, but nothing tried worked.  The disease was spreading far too fast!  They would just have to find a way to kill it.  top scientists were set to design a machine that would plunge the entire earth into nuclear fallout, killing the plague and everything else.  It wasn't long before talk of using this machine as a weapon of war got around.  The head engineer did not like the idea of his creation being used for war, so he decided to hide the key component of the machine by building it into a bio-mechanical android.  He named her Eve and programmed her with the memories and mannerisms of his late daughter.

the idea is that he sends her away with people that he can trust, hoping that they will put her in the hands of political activists that will use her for the purpose she was intended...or not at all...I imagine that there will be lots of running and chasing, gun fights and the like...being of an innocent nature, she'll have no clue as to what her purpose is and she'll need a protector of sorts....any ideas?
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