Some Inspired Ideas (Seeking F. MUL)

Started by MagicalPen, May 18, 2010, 08:00:47 AM

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The 3 Daughters
Setting: Medieval/Fantasy
Themes: Incest, Virginity, Rape/NC, Humiliation

Their mother dead now 6 months, Father has decided its time for his daughters to take her place - both working around the farm and in his bed. He also knows that the 4 of them alone will be hard pressed to make ends meet this year, the farm already in decay since the death of his wife.

His oldest daughter, now 20, has the fuller figure of the three. Large breasts and a shapely ass, she has already become the mother figure to the younger daughters (16 and 18). All three live in fear of their father, who has turned to alcohol more and more since their mothers death. But none can say no to him, even when he calls the oldest to his bed.

The middle daughter, 18, is perhaps the more beautiful of the girls, a slimmer body that is budding into womanhood well. She doesn't have the curves of her older sister but has a more athletic body. She is also a bit of a whore, her oral skills well known amongst the local boys, and finds herself aroused at the noises her father and older sister make when he calls her to bed. Despite her ways, she is still a virgin, saving herself for the right man...who might just be her daddy.

The youngest of the girls, 16, is naive and innocent to the ways of the world. She has played kissy with some of the local boys but is still coming to terms with her changing body. The smallest of the three, she always seems to find a way not to draw attention to herself. But daddy always seems to have an eye on her and has plans to exploit her - and his other daughters.

Daddy needs money. Girls can make money in ways a man can not. People will pay to watch certain things. With an extra room every night (one of his daughters always being in his bed) he offers it for rent - with added bonuses for a little more money. Some of his daughters might not be so willing, but it never matters in the end.

Looking for some one to play all three daughters - or multiple people to fill in the roles. Also the possibility of adding a male-twin to one of the daughters - either the middle or youngest - to keep people occupied. PM me if interested.

The Curse
Setting: Medieval/Fantasy
Themes: Rape, NC, Gangbang, Sexual Favors

Sarah was cursed. Other girls would say she was blessed. At 18 years old, she had a perfect body. Full, perk breasts, a tight round ass, shapely legs and a flat stomach. She had blossomed over the summer and the men of the town had taken notice - even the married ones. Several had propositioned her in crude manners. Some had been brazen enough to cup a feel or brush up against her. Such things gave her impure thoughts, but when she goes to take confessional with the village Priest, she soon finds his hand down her blouse and her skirts up around her thighs.

Freaking out, she runs from the church and out into the night, needing to get away and redeem her dignity. Fleeing into the forest at night was not the best idea, as she is beset by a trio of bandits. This time there is no escape and her virtue is taken, multiple times through the night.

Left broken and her clothes in tatters, she knows she can't return to her village. She would be shamed - more then she already was - and be the town outcast. No guy would want some one defiled like her! Sobbing, holding her torn blouse over her breasts, she walks aimlessly through the woods, until a traveling merchant finds her and takes her on his way. With no money or possessions to pay him with, he takes her every night in the back of his wagon, teaching her the finer points of pleasure.

Once they arrive at the city, however, she is left to her own devices. What will become of her? How will she survive?

Looking for the beauty. Further plot can be discussed.

My On and Offs
When the Ink Runs Dry

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