StormWolf's RP Ideas (need female)

Started by StormWolf, May 18, 2010, 12:46:09 AM

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Idea 1
Genre: Medium Fantasy
I will be Playing: Guardian
Partner will be Playing: Princess
Plot Synopsis: A powerful emperor is on the constant road to conquest through war, religion, and politics. The Emperor has united half of the known civilized world and is on his way to conquering more. His greatest tool for complete victory has just come of age: his daughter. In the far south in a powerful Prince that requires a young, beautiful, and fertile wife to be his. The Prince of the Southern Kingdom made a deal with the Emperor: if the Prince could marry the Emperor's daughter, the Prince would swear fealty to the Emperor and fight against the remaining territories for him.

The Emperor agrees, not caring what his daughter wants, just caring about conquest. The Emperor dictates that his daughter is to be wed to the Prince of the South, whose cruelty and horrible fancies with women are no secret. However, the Emperor is not about to send his only bargaining chip through leagues of hostile territory and dangerous wilderness unprotected.

The Emperor sends the best of the best, the High Warden of the mysterious order of protectors called the Guardians. The Guardians are warriors who have sworn a magical blood oath to serve the Emperor's bloodline. If one falters, that Guardian will die if the oath is broken. The Guardian is to take the princess to the south and make sure the exchange is made.

On the way there, though, they princess and the Guardian start to find themselves being attracted to one another, eventually desiring one another, possibly loving on another.

Note: furries, elves, drow, nekos, catgirls, etc are acceptable


Idea 2
Genre: Mythology
I will be playing: some god
Partner will be playing: some goddess of choice or original creation
Plot Synopsis: A Clash of the Titans in a different sense. While every old religion has their own heavens, a place where their gods reside, there is a higher plane in which all of the gods can interact. Highever is the name of this astral plane. While the gods can always go to Highever and be in constant contact with one another, they rarely do nowadays.
In this RP, two ethereal beings will meet in Highever to seal a bond. To breed and create not only a new batch of gods, but mythical creatures and demigods.

Note: furries are allowed


Idea 3
Genre: modern taboo
I will be playing: the returning war hero brother
Partner will be plaing: loving relative
Plot Synopsis: My character discarded the wishes his parents had for him and did what he thought was a higher calling: he joined the military. Doing so infuriated his parents and most of his relatives, save one, who supported him the whole way. The war lasted several years, and my character never came home once for leave, he just kept signing up for tour after tour. Newspapers and the media told of his bravery and selflessness on the battlefield, decorating him a war hero.
When the war is finally over, my character returns home, but is not welcomed by his famly, save that one special someone who always loved him and supported him no matter what. They are both older now, more mature in looks and thoughts. They are eachother's strength and weakness, and have always been close, but they want more, and they are willing to go the distance, no matter the consequences....

Note: either humans or furries