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Author Topic: FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!  (Read 712 times)

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FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!
« on: May 17, 2010, 05:17:46 AM »
Hey, I'm x3yugimutoux3! I am a F looking for a M to play either Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, or Both Elric brothers for a single pairing or a threesome rp.





My OC:

Lillian is Ed and Al's childhood friend, found by Pinako Rockbell, abandoned in the park. The Rockbell family adopted her and she grew very close to Ed. (or Al, if you wanna be him...or both, as I mentioned before). She calls Ed "Teddy" and is always very affectionate. She has reddish-blonde curly hair, and green eyes. She is also proficient at alchemy. She has a switch personality, being capable of being soft, and sweet at times, and being fiesty and has attitude at other times.

I have a couple threesome ideas, several AlphonseXLillian ideas, and COUNTLESS EdwardXLillian if anyone is interested who can play a male character, just pm me. Also, feel free to check out my On's/Off's if you like. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Re: FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2010, 04:23:33 AM »
Just got a few new ideas for this.

1. Operation:Grandpa! (could be AlphonseXLillian or EdwardXLillian)
This plot is basically based on Hohenheim bugging his sons to give him not much else to say.

2. Boy's Night Out
This plot involves Roy dragging Ed along on a guy's night. But Mustang takes him to a strip club... Edward naturally protests, but Roy says he paid for Ed to have some 'company' for the night. The girl turns out to be Lillian, who is pretending to be an erotic escort for Roy's plan. She's not in a wig or anything so Ed can clearly tell that its her. Despite his efforts to prove that it's her, she continues by staying in-character, as the role of his escort. Ed and Lillian live together in Risembool now, so Ed is bombarded with questions from her faux character, Bambi (its the cutest bimbo name I could come up with). 'Bambi' asks about whether he has a girlfriend or not. Since he and Lillian haven't expressed their feelings for each other yet, obviously the answer is no, but she mentions something like "oh well, I asked because you thought I was some girl named Lillian" and starts asking cute questions about 'her' as if it were a real stranger asking. Ed can play along, but to what extent is up to you. He can either answer the questions uneasily, knowing that it's Lillian asking the questions, or he could take it as an opportunity to get a quick thrill by making love to her, knowing it's the woman he loves, but still getting that no-strings-attached, taboo, naughty-little-secret type rush. When they leave (she'll look at her watch and say that her shift is over, leaving early to head back home before him) and when he sees her at home, she pretends to act like she knows nothing. Depending on which level of 'playing-along' you choose, he either makes love to her when he gets home (if the uneasily answering questions all night) or notices she is wobbly and can't sit or maneuver well (if no-strings-attached faux fling) knowing why she's so sore lol.

3. Whatever it Takes...
This plot revolves around a group of chauvanistic male military figures making demands, and Roy sending Ed and Lillian to handle negotiations. This group is chauvanistic to the extreme, and expects Ed to be the same, so he has to play along. They negotiate, with Ed (since they view women as unintelligent) and near the end of the conference, start making 'small talk' mainly talking about sex, and 'keeping your woman in her place'. Ed must play along if he's to conclude these negotiations, but he knows that he'll probably pay the price later. After, Ed is surprised to find that although she disliked the extreme chauvanism talk, the sexual dominance idea actually turned her on. Oh and since Roy knew about the chauvanist group, he ordered Lillian to dress sexy, and one of them makes a comment of "ooo! You brought eye-candy!" lol

4. The Office--Kinky
Basically, Mustang'a Fuhrer now and likes throwing his power around for sexual use. He orders the third Friday of every month "Peek at the Panties Day", where all female officers/state-alchemists are mandated to strip and do their job around Central HQ, walking around in nothing but their skivvies. Lillian reluctantly obeys, only after the threat of a Court Marshall... And going throughout the day, Ed (or Al) gets aroused seeing her like that all day but not being able to do anything about it...until they get home. *molest molest*

Pm me and we can discuss it more.

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Re: FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2010, 02:08:00 PM »
gots 2 more ideas for this!

idea #1: Green with Envy
pairing: EdwardXLillian
details: Ed and Lillian are living together currently, this taking place AFTER AL gets his body back. They aren't dating, but live together, and Ed (AS USUAL) buries himself in work and research, but unfortunately, this workaholism means neglecting the one person he has left with him all the time, since Al is engaged to marry Winry soon. Lillian gets frustrated with her affection being completely ignored, and it being taken for granted. This is where she gets a little visit from Envy...yes, the homunculus. He doesn't necessarily want to KILL Ed anymore, but he still hates him, and delights in the chance to make the Fullmetal Alchemist feel lik complete crap. He knows of Lillian's predicament, and proposes an alliance, and a wickedly devious plan that would definitely make Ed sit and think.
The plan: Envy and Lillian pretend that they are a couple, thus making Ed jealous. They make an emotional show, revealing to him that he has been neglecting her, and that he is an emotionless, cold-hearted workaholic, that treats his childhood friend (Lillian, who cooks, cleans, and does most of the work around the house, keeping it organized and such) as if she weren't a friend at all, that she feels as if she might as well be a cook/maid/servant. Envy makes a huge deal about elaborating on the fact that "You HAD your chance, but you blew it. She's with me now, and I'M the man that can GIVE HER what she needs. Love...affection...appreciation...thoughtful encouragements. But you're not man enough to see what's right in front of you, and you've lost her. Forever." or something very similar. So as Lillian feigns being upset and leaves to stay with Envy, Ed is left to sit and think. on how he HAD taken her for granted...he HAD been neglecting her...and he realizes that he never realized what he had until she left, and when she WAS there and wanted affection, he chose to be an ASSHOLE and deny her the one thing she wanted. But he tries to get her back, and is confronted with the frightening fact that he has a DEADLINE! When he sees her again, Envy had given her an 'engagement ring' that Lillian had used alchemy to make, simply for the fact that if Ed knew that he had a time limit, that it would light the fire of determined motivation under his ass, making sure he came up with somethin GOOD to win her back, and FAST.

Idea #2: It Takes Two To TANGO!
pairing: EdwardXLillian
details: inspired by "Take the Lead"'s Tango scene with Antonio Banderas. the scene can only be described as... *i just jizzed/creamed my pants/panties*
link to scene of inspiration: 
Take the Lead - Tango scene - Antonio Banderas 

Take the Lead - Tango scene - Antonio Banderas

 i've also come up with an excerpt from my mind...not written in stone, but you know, just to give you an idea of the mood and/or essence of the scene. oh btw, this is ALSO set after Al gets his body back.

 Lillian swallowed hard. That tango they had finished today had taken a MAJOR effect on her. Her blood was pumping, and her adrenaline was surging through her, only increasing her arousal. Ed opened the front door as they got home, standing aside to let her go in before he. "Ladies First..." he said smoothly, panting slightly. The intense routine had gotten to him as well, his pants already sporting a tent. Thank god it was already dark outside, so no one else noticed. She went in ahead of him, and he followed, immediately shutting and locking the door behind them. As soon as that was done, she felt his arms tug her to him roughly, and his mouth descending upon her exposed neck from behind. He bit down, eliciting a loud moan from her. "T-Teddy! Aaahhhhh!" she cried out as his hands pinned her arms behind her back, so she couldn't move. "God, I want you, Lillian..." he said gruffly, his voice deep with lust. "...NOW." he growled, biting down on her neck again, only harder this time, earning a yelp of pleasure from her delicious mouth.

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Re: FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2010, 05:53:58 PM »
hehe still looking lol

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Re: FMA: Edward and/or Alphonse wanted!
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2013, 06:20:29 AM »