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Author Topic: Creative M Searching For a Curious F Dark Soul to be His Muse. [Extr or Exotic]  (Read 906 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

The first thing Im going to say about myself is a link to three of my favorite threads on this site.;all;all

The first is a modern hentai themed story revolving around a very tough heroine who fights and is tracked by modern day dragons degenerated to a cold blooded rather then undead form of monsterous vampire.  The second is a romantic rescue of a captured unicorn by a very smart princess against a vile evil who lusts for both of thier bodies and thier souls.  The third one is a science fiction handmaiden's tale about a stellar Nuroman empire which captures and modifies a young slave as you witness her lowly posision with the family which owns her.  Based on these stroies, you will see a lot about me.  I enjoy an active and interesting storyline.  I like having various settings and relationships and I enjoy exploring borders which Id never approach in real life, but within the safety of a storyline, I may try to explore dark, forbidden pathways.  I can go extreme or exotic and am very creative, if you describe to me an interesting kink, I could tailor make something like these plotlines for you.

When I first began playing, I was easily ammused.  One of the earliest stories I explored was 'Paradise Lost' about a Nazi breeding program which enslaves the home island of the DC universe Wonder Woman during WWII.  I wanted to do it like an adult comic book of the time... with Wonder Woman or whoever escaping and wrecking vengence among the U-boat fleet.  The story never gets far enough, and if you really look it over, you see why.  Too much endless pain, humiliation, and enslavement is just depressing.  Its sexy and intense, but you have to wind up and release the tension in layers... you have to have a plot to make the sex mean anything to anyone.  Thats when I 'evolved' to a new level in my stories and made the ones I have listed above.  Each has friends and badguys and subplots and safe areas so that an equilibrium can be found.  There has be momentum and wieght to the story, or else it  just wont be interesting.  So here are some unfinished ideas, perhaps a sample and some notes on one and maybe some vague impressions.  Just some meaningful tidbits that I would like for you to look through and concider.  If any of it just inspires you on a whole new take on the story, please let me know.  Maye you and I can write out the next Modern Fairy Tale.
Tentacle Love is about a really cool skit I saw on Robot Chicken.  I wish I could claim more credit for it.  In it a slime demon calls up and has a crush on this magical girl he violated just the other day.  She is evasive... going on and on about what daddy definitely wont let her date.  In this story, we can do a kind of serious version of 'La Blue Girl' or any other hentai magic girl verses tentacle horror.  Id like it if he helps her out... helps her and some of her friends escape maybe, etc.  Perhaps eventaully they develop feelings for each other, but he is always a corupted demon thing and her a magical beautiful guarian of light.  I have notes about the two warring clans, etc.  If you read it, though, I think you will get the picture.
ORKUS is for someone who might have a desire for nonhuman forced orgies.  The scene was inspired by Return of the Jedi, with Lea being chained to Jabbah the Huts throne and clad in only a bronze bikini.  You will never understand how that scene 'inspired' me as a child.  Probably why I like 'exotic' rp so much.  Anyway, originally I did this as a series of 'Black Nova' stories.  In each, a princess is given over to an evil warlord pirate and his scallywag crew of motley alien races.  That just kept going too far too fast.  Though I was trying to shoot for some political storylines, just too savage, so a change has been called for.  In this version, the princess is no prize, but a warioress.  She is captured but doesnt surrender without a fight.  They do mean things to her, strip her while they record her capture.  She is going to be used in a political struggle with her father.  She escapes and has to make her way along this rugged land.  Shes captured and has to escape a few times, having to bargin with crime lords and a small band of smugglers.  So, lots of action, fun, sexy bondage and rape, hopefully some deviant behaviors like rimming, watersports, or temporary lactation, maybe.  None of which would have to happen too often unless there is a lot of interest on both sides.

Kamakazi Sisters
Heres an idea that might peak your interest.  Theres these two women... one is kind of innocent looking... the other more intelligent and mature.  They run scams on guys... taking them for thier money and getting proof so they continue to blackmail them.  For this...they are targeted by a worse evil.  A really talented assassin.  He likes to capture, torment and bond women... until as Stockholm Sydrome sets in.  So, he tortures... hurts them... does whatever he wants.  Anyway, eventually they become his slaves.  The younger one is dressed as a school girl... always has round lollipops, pigtails, and uses a special modified yo-yo for her attacks.  The older one is dressed like a chaufer... like Charity, Lex Luthor's henchwoman.  Shes a generalist... best at kung fu and a pistols she keeps up her skirt on garters.

Anyway, this guy is fat... and hes a dick.  Hes ugly... has the girls sponge bathe him a couple of times a week... that kind fo thing.  Hes a dork.  I picture he pisses down thier throat... makes them rim him... through hormone therapy they both freely lactate for him.  They both were locked collars with shocking probes and which can tighten at his command from a remote made into his   If hes bored... he spanks or tases them... etc.  Anyway, they find out that hes done this before and ultimately is going to pit them against each other and have them kill each other.  He likes the whole breaking process... once he as them, he bores easily.

Soooooo, they kill him.  Hes the best... and he taught them... but they couldnt match him ever.  So they poison his drink... one is giving him a blow job while the other is rimming him.  They both pull out knives and start slicing.  Because they take him by such surprise, they get to kill him.  But... hes involved him in thier world, so... they decide they need protection.  Id like to play out some animae style action and some crazy hentai sexual action too.  A blending of these styles... perhaps they have to survive a rivals attack or something.  Anyway, they decide they need another master and go through thier old masters files and choose someone.

Thier choice is a beautiful young man... he has a code... doesnt kill women and children... hes just as good as thier old master.  They end up 'surrendering' to him.  Then... they strip to prove thier unarmed and kind of... seduce/negotiate with him.  Eventually they end up offering everythign to him that they used to give thier old master.  They become his slaves... kind of more repected and not as much cruelty... but pain and rimming and such still expected.  They become part of his team and he becomes even better at his job with them and thier training.  Does this sound interesting?  Hope so.  Heres kind of a sample of what I picture could happen.

     Though he couldnt belive everything these two had done for him... he still had needs.  Ryu began to stir, though he was hemmed in by two naked, full breasted beauties on either side of him, he needed to somehow climb past them and out of heaven.  The older sister stirred, lifting up and tiredly asking where he was going.  He answered, "I need to use the watercloset."

     Lifting up, she nudged her younger sister awake then launched herself at the naked, slender, beautiful young man they had sworn themselves to serve.  Pressing her full, warm breasts against his back, he could be able to feel a bit of wetness where some of her milk dripped onto him as she wrapped her arms around his neak, pulling him closer, not letting him leave.  "There is no need to leave your warm bed, my Master.  My sister would love to be of use to you."

     The younger sister had been a bit groggy for only seconds before her eyes got that sharp, empathic look she always seemed to have when she was around guys.  Either she was processing what a guy wanted, or she gave off an innocent aura to herself, it was always one face or the other, she was always easy to read.  Seeing where her older sister was taking this, she moved herself with perfect trust, easily getting out of the bed ahead of him, kneeling close to the ground before him gently pulling aside the covers baring his complete body to her.  Taking her sweetest most innocent face, she glanced up at him, her eyes sparkling as she spoke, she said what she knew he needed to hear.  "I am here, Master.  I offer my lips to drink your water."

     Under both of thier attention, plus the pressure building up in his uretha, Ryu's manhood was fully swollen.  The press of the elder sister's breasts and warm attentions and sweet whispers and touch so filled the situation with sexual tension... even holding his piss inside of him seemed intensly erotic for some strange reason.  Seeing the younger sister knelt before him... her hands lightly tracing up his inner thighs and brushing over his penis which trembled at her touch.  He couldnt believe it.  He needed to take a piss... and because of the attentions the suicide sisters... it seemed the most sensual situation to be in.  His eyes were already rolling up into the back of his head as he felt her wet mouth claim him... every inch of his pulsing length.  He trembled... unable to beleive the sitatution he was in.  He couldnt let himself go.

     The elders hands were brushing over his sides and tracing her fingernails over his chest and especailly over each of his nipples.  She continued her breathy whispers in his ear.  "Its alright.  She wants you to... tasting you is our privaledge."  Reaching out one hand, she slipped her fingers through the younger sister's hair as she looked up at him as if her were a god.  Slurping lovingly on him while her beautiful, dark almond eyes gazed up at him.  Catching her eye for only a second, she smiled, proud of what the younger sister could do.  Their old master had been very demanding.  "Shes very good.  She can drink as fast as you can piss.  And afterwards... she wont stop sucking... until shes tastes your passions."  Humming a moaning, lingering agreement, she continued her efforts in earnest.  She could taste droplets of his warm, musky fluids... as long as it was fresh it had an almost citrus-like taste.  One that wasnt completely unpleasant... as long as she was mentally prepared for it.

     Ryu's control over himself slipped out of his grasp.

One more vague impression which was suggested with another player.  She disappeared... which often happens... so I thought Id back out this idea.  Its vaguely based on my unicorn story, but a grittier Brothers Grim version.  One that reaches from high fantasy to a more Germanic period gothic fairy tale.  So, here goes.

Grim Fate
An evil landlord is cursed, but the curse isnt against him, but his beautiful, teenage daughter.  She is notices wierd things... like animals hiss at her or something.  She is the only blood relative this evil landlord has... so, though she is innocent, she is kind of haughty, which anyone with money in this period would be.  She is spirited away by the surfs... shes tied up, striped, and left in a cemetary by a crossroads.  That night she is collected by a dark couple.  They live under ground, a nasty hag of a witch and a werewolf.  They are both evil and nasty to her.  She is captured and forced into a dark kind of 'marriage' before the werewolf roughly takes her.  They heal her every morning... giving her a holy spring to drink from to keep her flesh pink and healthy.  They force her to do humiliating harsh work and she has to 'service' both of them.  She is tormented and taken and used... but all during this time, she learns.  She finds ways around the passages... who has the key... etc.  Notices thier weaknesses... the witch has an allergy to salt... which there is a good deal of along one passage... and the werewolf is allergic to iron... which all the fenceposts around the cemetary are made of.  Ideally... I see a great battle at the end... with her finally after a lot of sacrifice and such... she kills both of them.  Limps her sore ass to the fountain, drinks, dresses more appropriately, then hikes her way out.  She is no longer cursed, the peasants accept her and help her, she no longer needs a pampered life... becomming a wiser, stronger woman from what shes gone through.

To conclude, Id like to say I am flexible and creative and would like to make something wonderful and dark and passionate with you.  If you like to release your creativity to explore gothic, sweeping storyline themes that go way beyond anything you will normally see, please concider giving me a try.  I love to try different roles from being a fallen angel to a mad scientist or anything in between.  As long as I find it inspiring, Ill be able to post daily most times.  Many times, if work and college allow, I can tag back and forth multiple times a night to cut though paticularly intense scenes.  I think its easy to see that my stories are something you can feel.  Emotion gives scenes and events context and depth... coupled with a well thought out story, I promise we can make beatiful music.

Thanks for concidering me.  PM me if you are interested or have a counteroffer.  Until then, Peace.
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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

From philosophy and both gnostic and neoplatonic thought, I have imagined a world of shadows.  Have you ever heard of Plato's Allegory of the Cave?  What if he was right?  What if we were all imprisoned spiritually and imagined our own reality where we were left alone to wallow in our own self importance?

What if the world was a lot larger than we could imagine and the barriers between our part of the world and 'theirs' was a nebulous line which could be easily crossed?  What if the Creator, when he cast creation into existence, was displacing a primeval Lovecroftian darkness called the Demogorgon, which now seeks to be reunited with this realm by purifying it of our existence?  What kind of world would we live in?  We would be living within my sweet obsession for over a year, a world I myself call Parable.  This is an epic world of catastrophic conflict and soul searching drama so large that it cannot be conveyed in one story but acts as a common setting with many of my converging stories as slowly I weave together my greatest literary creation.

Imagine a setting filled with darkness, magic, and mystical forces attempting to sway the destiny of the Prime Earth.  Magi, or men and women who possess arcane knowledge and elemental birthright, act as the shepherds of humanity, keeping the big, bad spiritual wolves of the Demogorgon and other primordial forces from destroying the Inheritors of the Earth.  You see, our world acts as the central pillar of a delicate spiral staircase of wildly differing realms, called the Agora of Dreams.  Controlling the Prime Earth controlls all of the more magical realms which rely upon the world tree for their existence.  So our worn out and polluted world becomes the battleground of ancient beings and hosts bent on their own domination over all of Creation.  Into our urban, gothic landscape shadows pass from the mists to prey upon our destiny.

Whose choices will matter in this coming age of growing darkness?  Maybe it could be yours.  Will you be a god-like Magi, or a lesser Hedge Mage, or one of the more fragile Faithful, or do you want to be allied with the other Denizens of Shade.  On this world, dragons have denerated into cold blooded, alien vampires united under our ancestor Vlad Dracula, his last name meaning quite literally 'Son of the Dragon'.  (;all)  On this world, lycanthropes are an exiled breed of shamanistic fae spirits whom were reborn over time into our realm and continue ecstaticly the eternal Great Hunt which defines thier culture.  (  The Lupus have a long history with us and one of my stories was an example of the coruption of shamanistic traditions into the stuff of legends for the Brothers Grimn.  ( There is so much more within my world to write about like Titans, great and powerful Magi, the Faen and the Kobold, the abandoned crystal palaces of the moon or the Magi captial city built around the unfinished Tower of Bable.  Join me, take my hand, and slip with me into the mists of the Apeiron... The Boundless...  Touch the Infinite.

OOC.  I have so much raw material and want to work to define different aspects of this vast world.  If you like the idea of exploring in my playground, maybe we could write something together.  I like stories with plot and sexual content.  The setting and its developments would be mine, as I said before, this is part of my organicly growing this world out of my seedy unconscienceness or something.  We would, of course, share rights and credit to our own story and characters.  Send me a PM if this sounds interesting.  I am excited to see just where we could take such literary jaunts into my limitless world.

One more thing, if someone wanted to run a larger multiplayer game using my world, they could have me come along with my blessing as a DM source, plot writer, run oddball charcters/victums, etc.  I could be a coDM if someone were so inclined, I lack administrative skills and so would find this an interesting enterprise.  If this is the case, anyone looking for such an opertunity should just write me a PM and let me know.  Thanks for your interest in reading such a long entry.  Soon, when I can post again on this thread, Ill post up an example of a firstdraft chapter or two of this kind of storyline, if such interests you.

Hope you are all having a Happy Holiday.

I would like to explore the concept of rough statistics used to help guide a roleplaying effect.  In a couple of paragraphs and a few listed thoughts and ideas of what your character can do I think it sets up more the definitions of where a game can go and such.  I have an easy, breazy system for the Faen emphasizing style and individuality and am working on a flat, clunky Kobold system simplified for mass villian deployment.

I am also working on a mindbending system for Magi ((In The Works)) to use which is an arcane style of the Matrix and the X-Men continuums, as well as equal parts of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and classical philosophy thrown in for fun to create a world roughly based to anchient mythology upon which Golden Age comic books, without spandex or the words 'radiation', 'mutant', or 'Silver Age', was based on.  Imagine a world of limitless potential and quality fighting unimaginably anchient evils in the dark places where the World of Man doesnt notice your heroics.  Thats okay, because you exist in the World of Shade.  This is the huge relm of shadowkind mankind cannot even seem to notice, but from which endless dangers and posibilities must be faced by the shephards which keep the world of mankind in place, the Magi.

On this world, the anchient Olympians were powerful Magi who defended the cradle of democracy and western civilization from the Titans.  This was the Golden Age of both socieities, and all of Magi government and culture florished here before spreading further westward on the tide of ages.  Almost all myth is half correct, and so similar battles raged on wherever the words of the bard or the scribe seemed to speak for scores of city-states or town ships with any forgotten twist we can desire.  Magi are the almost man yet almost gods in this chaotic world, powerful protectors battling greater colosal forces and yet troubled by thier own restless souls... thier own hubris.

Now dawns an unforseen future, for a darkness has covered the eyes of the prophets.  Strangers now walk among us, and though they are outworlders, they come from someplace surprisingly close to our world.  Anchient evil plans and Magi politics are conspiring against the guadianship of all of the Magi, their preservation of Creation.  Legends must arise from the ranks of possibly the final generation of Magi to walk this Prime Earth.

Does that not sound sexy?  And two guys arent even shirtless and wrestling with each other in the woods over the affections of some teenage girl.  Just those two words together to me just makes it all so fucking intensely interesting.  These two words are "Unlimited Potential."  Heck, thats almost a challenge.  How can that not peak your interest?  If you have thoughts on these ideas, let me know via PM.  Thanks

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