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Started by nintendo0031, May 14, 2010, 05:17:40 PM

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I am looking for almost any roleplay falling within MxF or MxFxF lines.
I can post from oneliners to a paragraph, just not much over that.


  • Panty Fetish -  I love when a female's underwear is described in a roleplay; the color(s), type, anything. Especially when they are somehow used on my character in a sexual manner. Unusual designs and colors are an on, as well ^^

  • Dominant Women- I don't think this needs much describing.

  • Glasses On Girls - I really like when ever a girl is wearing those small glasses like some animes have.

  • Being One's Slave - Collars, commands, everything to do with this.

  • Thigh Highs - I also like these on females.

  • Multiple Females - Easy to explain.

  • Risky Contests - Like a game of truth or dare, but with a more dark intent.

  • Unusual Plots - Mostly any unusual plot is okay with me, as long as it's within MxF and MxFxF.


  • Feet

  • Anything to do with the bathroom, except showering

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