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Started by Symmetria, May 13, 2010, 11:50:21 AM

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I'm looking to roleplay, and I'm a demanding customer so that I want more than just boinking. Storytelling and plot, the build-up of the relationship and the development of the characters and the story are very important to me, and with all those things, the actual boinking then is all the more satisfying.

Is there anyone else out there who thinks that modern day ways are rather boring? You can say anything and do anything, and casual sex and expressing desire and so on are all ok. Who cares. Freedom of speech. Whatever, man.

No, it's not whatever. It's boring. The reason why I like to read for example Jane Austen's books, and why I think Jane Eyre is actually a very erotic novel, is because of the intrigue of the build-up, the mystery, the obligation for discretion, etiquette, courtesy and manners... Is he truly interested in me, or is he only being polite? How the desire is expressed in the smallest of ways, with looks, or in secret, because the society simply does not tolerate improper behaviour. The potential for misunderstandings and all sorts of plotty mishaps is so much better in historical settings or even in fantasy, like that. I'm a bit of a romantic like that, I like to go through hardships to get the happy ending.

I'm not saying all I'm interested in is the relationship with the maid and the lord, not at all! I simply explained this to prove my point - that the build-up matters almost more than the actual sex, because without the build-up the sex doesn't really mean anything.

Since I'm new in E, I thought that a good way to get started would be to somehow base the game in something already existing.

I like the DnD Forgotten Realms world, for example, so one idea I had was to build (3.5e?) characters so we have a good and equal base to build upon and we are both on the same page. We can play with those characters but I hope to concentrate on rather freeform storytelling, but we have the option of at times solving situations by rolling the dice.

Why not also try so called fandom universes? We can make OC's, or play existing characters, or have an existing character with an OC, in for example Harry Potter, Star Wars, Bioware-games (Baldur's Gate (goes with Forgotten Realms I suppose), Dragon Age...), or some other fandoms that don't come to mind right now.

If you got this far, please take a look at my Ons and Offs. There's an explanation of what kind of characters I like to play and what turns me on, as well as the ticked list of likes and dislikes.

Please contact me if you feel a connection, and we'll conjure up a story together!

PS! If in doubt, we can test how we work together in chemistry and in writing by doing a one-shot before going serious. :)

EDIT PPS: Added an idea for a game, please scroll down to see details. :)


Hey there!  Is there a specific part of FR that you like (Cormyr, the Dales, etc?)  I'd enjoy playing a minor noble who has some sort of relationship with a girl in the town he lives in (probably a fictional town, but in Cormyr somewhere to get the feudal feel of the area). 

What do you think?  PM me if you want!   ;)
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I'd love to have a Harry Potter OC x OC RP with you..:D We can discuss the details in PM, if you like..

So..pm me. :D


Specific idea here, I might add more later. I would play the female, and I'd like a male partner. This time a very sex-oriented story, and it can be very long-running and contain however many encounters from one to infity with the same characters, in the same place.

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Inspired by the absolutely terrible movie  Last Tango in Paris. Seriously, it's a horrible movie. But the idea can work. Two strangers meet by chance in an abandoned apartment, something clicks, and they have sex. They don't tell each other their names, phone numbers or where they live or who they are with... But after that first encounter, both of the strangers will keep on thinking back to it, and find themselves coming back to the same apartment. Perhaps they're looking for a way to escape their lives and problems for a while, perhaps they need something more than their spouse is giving... whatever their reason is, they keep coming back there, and they meet by chance, and they have sex and spend time with each other, enjoying each other's company, proximity, touches, and take comfort in the anonymity of it. If it continues long, they might end up very close, even falling in love, even though they don't really tell any specific details about themselves to each other.


Hmmm...I like that idea. Very intriguing idea. I could see the male being either married or a womanizer but having that one person that doesn't know about him would intrigue him to keep returning. I'll send you a PM...I am very interested.
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