Assassin's Creed (Video game Romance!)

Started by Gunnygirl, May 11, 2010, 09:29:12 PM

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Does anyone want to fulfill a bit of a role, The storyline will slightly be the same but when our Altair starts to hunt the Nine his fourth surprisingly is a woman, she believes he will kill her but his honor stays his hand.

In my idea the world in the video game will be a slightly different and there will be a chance were the couple will have to make a decision, remain together or go different directions and find each other again in the future. We can discuss this and come up with other ideas and RP that may not have happened in the game. I am very open.

Are you able to fit the shoes of Altair?

My Character:
Alyzia, traitor to her people. A beautiful woman with sun kissed brown skin and long elegant hair. She was a whore till she repent her sins and became the unwilling wife to Majd Addin, the illegitimate ruler of Jerusalem. She has seen her fair share of death and murder in her time but that in no way has marred her beauty or her ability to seduce a man. She although is not intending to do so with Altair, she needs him and much as he needs her.

What would I like to see in the RP?
Well for one lots of action, adventure, politics, and romance.
Second a long term story line that I can post on at least twice a day.

What do I enjoy in a partner?
Someone who isnt going to go ape shit over a non canon story, yeah we are about to break a hell of a lot of original lore.
Someone who will answer this ad with a forum PM and in the subject box put "Flying on roof tops" so I know you read everything.
Someone who isnt going to push for sex in the story line, it comes when it comes.
Someone who will post at least twice a day, with at least a paragraph to each post.
Someone who thinks they can be true to the sexiness of Altair. *Drools*

Alright, so this was lengthy and a but specific so I understand if I don't get many responses but I hope if someone is interested they hit me up even if they didn't play or know the game fully. Don't let the story intimidate you! Thank you for reading!



I didn't get a chance to look into this post or answers to it much due to work.

I will have more time soon and hope to find the right partner to fill Altairs shoes.  :-*


I started to play #2 and gesh, got some more clues into Altairs life...

Also fell in love with Ezio. So I am up for that time period as well.