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Author Topic: World of Warcraft Interest Check  (Read 14836 times)

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Offline CmdrRenegade

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #75 on: May 14, 2010, 10:38:44 PM »
I don't think anyone has made a Mage yet...I believe we're missing warrior....hunter and warlock

I've made a Warrior.

Online Diabolus Lupus

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #76 on: May 14, 2010, 10:40:15 PM »
Name: Otoahhastis Swiftwind

Age: 24

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Specialization: Feral

Talents: Skinning, Leather Working, First Aid, Cooking and Fishing

Spells/Skills: Rip, Shred, Lacerate, Mangle, Mark of the Wild, Rejuvenation, Moonfire, Maul, Claw, Ravage, Healing Touch, Rebirth, Wrath, Starfire, Entangling Roots, Demoralizing Roar, Swipe, Pounce, Savage Roar, Maim, Thorns, Rake. Druid Forms- Dire Bear, Cat, Travel, Swift Flight

Faction: Horde

Secondary Faction/s: Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition

Titles: Great Stalker (of Gnomes), Far Hunter, Punter of Gnomes, Guardian of Cenarius

Status within your hometown: Exalted

Appearance: Otoahhastis stands about 8'7” tall, weighing around 640 lbs. Her fur is pure black with the exception of the white stripes on her muzzle.

History: Otoahhastis grew up on the plains of Mulgore. She knew from a young age that she was destined to travel far from the plains she knew. When she was around 16, her parents took her before Hamuul Runetotem himself and was told that she could be a great druid one day, if her parents had no objections. Seeing the opportunity for what it was they let their daughter go to walk the path of the druid. She grasped the teachings quickly and easily. Within a few short years she had traveled far beyond the plains of her home and encountered many strange new creatures. The only creature she found that she truly hated was the Gnome, a slimy little creature that barely came to her knees and had the audacity to think it wise to take on a creature five times their size.

Personality: For the most part Otoahhastis is really easy going, but don't take that to mean she's a push over. When circumstances require her to act, she can be fierce calling on the power of her cat or bear form as the situation requires. The only thing he can't stand is the sight of a Gnome. If she finds a Gnome, she feels obligated to at least try and punt it as far away as possible.

Armor: Otoahhastis wears leather armor that she has worked hard to earn and obtain. The armor is black dyed leather and bears the symbol of her clan on the chest piece.

Weapon: Gnome Iron is a great staff that Otoahhastis likes to use for its dependability to send a gnome flying quite a ways. It is also good for generally knocking heads around, when she actually uses it seeing as her bear and cat forms lack opposable thumbs.

Guild/Team: Not sure yet

Mount of choice: Black War Kodo or Bronze Drake

Hearthstone location: Thunder Bluff

Sexual Experience: Some

Sexual Preferences: Open to just about anything, but is more interested in men than women.

Turn Offs: check out my O&O's

Rivals: None as of yet

Aspect: (Just leave this blank, I will explain more at a later time)

Racial Hatred: Gnomes

Some details might change but this is what I have at the moment.
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Offline Wolfy

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #77 on: May 14, 2010, 10:41:58 PM »
If you scroll back, mine is a mage. Not that I mind 2 mages.

D:..Darn it. lol

Well..I could either be a Mage, Shaman, or Paladin...

I've always wondered about the Naughty aspects of the use of that one Mage Ability that creates 3 clones...

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #78 on: May 14, 2010, 10:44:39 PM »

Offline Wolfy

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #79 on: May 14, 2010, 11:01:39 PM »
Then again, a Blood elf Warlock may not be so bad..hmm..

Offline Wolfy

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #80 on: May 14, 2010, 11:38:05 PM »
Name: Rihoko

Age: 19(Appearance wise, anyway...her real age is a secret! ;D )

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock

Specialization: Demonology/Affliction

Talents: Alchemy and Blacksmithing. She is also very adept at changing her clothes through magical means, and has a large range of outfits for several occasions, not just her armor.

Spells/Skills: Well, all Warlocks Spells, of course. Also a Master Chef and Angler.

Faction: Horde

Secondary Faction/s: BloodSail Buccaneers.

Titles: Matron/Blood Sail Admiral/The Insane/The Love Fool

Status within your hometown: Exalted, of course.

<- When she's not questing/working/in battle. < Rihoko in Battle Attire. Her hair color stays Red, though. <- A very NSFW picture of Rihoko with her mount. Hair Color is still red, though. :P

History: (Will fill in)

Personality: Unlike most Warlocks, Rihoko isn't unfeeling or destructive...she's rather Up-beat for a Warlock, by Warlock standards. She keeps her demon's in check, however, and they know not to question her. Her Favorite is of course the Succubus, for obvious reasons.

Armor:  See picture!


Guild/Team: None, but open to joining anyone..Pm me if interested. :D

Mount of choice: DreadSteed, Swift Zulian Tiger, Or Venomhide Ravasaur

Hearthstone location: Silvermoon, of course.

Sexual Experience: Various! Rihoko is no spring chicken when it comes to sex! She's tried to keep an open mind and experience anything and everything...and with the help of her dominatrix Succubus, she most certainly has! Rihoko finds that she likes to be tied up...perhaps it's a trait she picked up from her succubus?

Sexual Preferences: Rihoko is Bi-sexual, so she likes both Men and Women, though she leans more towards Women..Draenei Women especially!

Turn Offs: Scat and Watersports.



Racial Hatred: Rihoko would not like to see anyone eliminated! But if she had to choose, she does dislike Night Elves...and perhaps Tauren, just a little...After all, you can never find a good Burger at Thunderbluff! D:
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Offline Question Mark

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #81 on: May 15, 2010, 12:08:45 AM »
Maybe I'm just boring, but I've always been a fan of humans in Warcraft.  They always seen so noble, powerful, and influential in the world, despite having no real magical aptitude, a very short lifespan, and a fairly mundane approach to technology.

In other words...  Could my human mage Emrick Stone participate in this RP?  I'll work on a character profile, but my ability to get it to you soon id hampered by the fact that this is my iPod, and typing at length is fairly diffficult.  :p

Also, is there a summary of charActers and plot elements, or is the whole thing still being put together?

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #82 on: May 15, 2010, 12:12:05 AM »
It's being put together at the moment, I'm just doing the starting post as we speak

Offline zemo8801

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #83 on: May 15, 2010, 01:19:35 AM »
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to come up with my rogue Card. I hope I can think right.

Online Sessha

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #84 on: May 15, 2010, 11:36:08 AM »
 Alright since I didn't hear a ney agaisnt my idea then I shall put my name down to play the paladin in the group. I have errands to run but I will have my character up in short order today. :)

Offline Sanai

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #85 on: May 15, 2010, 11:40:32 AM »
If warrior isnt taken, I am interested. Perhaps as an undead warrior.

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #86 on: May 15, 2010, 11:59:47 AM »
Alright since I didn't hear a ney agaisnt my idea then I shall put my name down to play the paladin in the group. I have errands to run but I will have my character up in short order today. :)

Which Faction?

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #87 on: May 15, 2010, 12:01:07 PM »
There isn't a horde Warrior yet so that heres what I've seen so far.\

Undead Priest
Undead Rogue (Zemo in waiting)
Undead Warrior (Sanai possibly)
3x Tauren Druid
Troll Mage
Blood Elf Warlock

Drenai Paladin
High Elf Priest
High Elf Paladin
Human Warrior
Human Mage

Alright: Alliance needs- Warlock, Hunter, Shaman, Druid.   Horde: Shaman and Hunter.  I had begun the initial post last night, but my power went out.
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Online Sessha

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #88 on: May 15, 2010, 12:43:48 PM »
Which Faction?

 Alliance. I intend to make a High Elf Paladin. Ret spec for the win! :D

Offline LIAR

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #89 on: May 15, 2010, 12:46:37 PM »
Needs more delicious Orc.

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #90 on: May 15, 2010, 01:32:06 PM »
Night Elf as well....and gnomes and Dwarves....

Offline Question Mark

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #91 on: May 15, 2010, 02:02:20 PM »
Hey, the ratio between Horde and Alliance is almost identical to my server!!  There are nearly twice as many enemies as there are Allies.

Mmm, yup, sounds like fair odds to me.

Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #92 on: May 15, 2010, 02:56:34 PM »
Alright theres the post to the actual game.  When I get back I'll set up the OOC and Rules.
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Offline Question Mark

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #93 on: May 15, 2010, 09:04:12 PM »
Here you go!  :D

Name: Emrick Stone

Age: 21

Race: Human (Stormwind)

Class: Emrick prefers the term "Battlemage" since he mixes melee, long range, and physical combat with the casting arts of a traditional mage

Specialization: Fire, Shortswords, Guns

- Mining
- Engineering/Inventing
- Jewelcrafting
- Basic Inscription

Spells: Emrick is very creative and adaptive in his use of magic.  Instead of a specialized and stable arsenal of spells, Emrick prefers a more malleable and raw method of spellwork, usually focused on fire.  He still knows and uses many staples of mage combat (Fire/Frost/Arcane/Etc. missiles, for example) though, and has even made a few of his own.
Liquid Fire - WISOTT.  It's a liquid consisting entirely of flame.  It's essentially ignited napalm.
Burning Matter - Causes an enemy to drop something by making them think it's incredibly hot.  Works on weapons, armor, clothing, held items, and so on.  Can't actually hurt an enemy.
Summon Fire - Summons a fire elemental that is bound to his will.  Emrick's not a big fan of enslaving sentient elements (think of him as an Element-arian  :P), and only does this in emergencies.

- Basic tailoring and leatherworking
- Basic foraging and cooking (he never got the hang of conjuring food)
- Communication and diplomacy
- Reading/Writing/Speaking foreign languages (Fluent: Common, Thalassian) (Literate: Draenish, Goblin) (Basic: Orcish, Gnomish)

Faction: Dalaran

Secondary Faction/s: Listed in order of importance/value
- The Explorer's League
- The Alliance (Specifically Stormwind, Ironforge, and Gnomergan)
- Steamwheedle Cartel
- The Scryers of Shattrah City
- The Consortium

Titles: Emrick is neither notable nor old enough to have earned a title.  In formal settings, he's often addressed as "of Dalaran" or "of Stormwind".

Status within your Hometown: Unknown/Neutral


History: Emrick was born in a newly rebuilt Stormwind in the year 17.  He was raised in relative peace in the heart of Stormwind, taught from an early age to appreciate the Light and it's tenants of Respect, Compassion, and Tenacity.  His priestess mother, Brisca, was killed by renegade orc warlocks during a trip to the Redridge mountains when he was eight.  His father Haddren, a paladin, raised him over the next five years.  It was not uncommon for the pair to travel through northern Elwynn for weeks, often at Emrick's urging.  From a young age, he expressed deep interest in exploration and survivalism, and constantly sought education in combat from his reluctant father.

When the first rumors of war and plague in Lordaeron reached Stormwind, the Order of the Silver Hand called for volunteers to travel north and bolster the paladins of Stratholme.  Around the same time, Emrick began displaying the first signs of sensitivity to magic, unknowingly causing several objects to burst into flame over several months.  Although he saw little cause for worry in the vague rumors, Emrick's father answered the Silver Hand's call for help, mainly so that he could leave Emrick to benefit from the academies and magisters of Dalaran, even if only for a few months.

Emrick was 13 when he first arrived in Dalaran.  He immediately joined the hundreds of other apprentices there, studying the lore of magic and learning to control his inherent ability to manipulate the ley energies of Azeroth.  It was nearly six months later when news of Lordaeron's fall to the betrayal of Arthas reached Dalaran, followed quickly by the destruction of Quel'Thalas by the Scourge army.  The news was largely hidden from the apprentices, as were the reports that the Scourge would be assaulting Dalaran directly.  Emrick continued his training and learning undisturbed by the outside world, excelling in his knowledge of lore and history, languages, and the manipulation of fire.

When the Scourge invaded Dalaran, Emrick, now 14, helped in the defense.  It was his first direct confrontation with the undead, and his first time witnessing death.  Afterwards, Archimonde sacked the city, but Emrick and most of the population managed to survive by fleeing into the sewers.  The entire experience was incredibly traumatic to the young mage.  Nonetheless, Dalaran persisted, and Emrick helped in rebuilding the magical city.

When Emrick turned 18, he encountered a dwarf expedition party headed for the ruins of Alterac, who happened to pass by Dalaran.  The dwarves were from the Explorer's League, and their stories of bold adventures and enlightening discoveries rekindled Emrick's childhood fascination with exploration.  He left Dalaran, travelling with the dwarves to Alterac and eventually joining the Explorer's League itself.  Ever since then, he's traveled to the remote corners of the world, researching and exploring ancient artifacts and lost ruins, cataloguing his findings and discoveries for the libraries of both Dalaran and Ironforge.  He was also one of the first through the reopened Dark Portal, and remains in Outland to this day, exploring and recording.

Personality: Emrick's youth, combined with his expeditions in Azeroth and Outland, has created a semi-mature personality.  He's both naive and street smart, knowing how to survive and how the world works, but also stuck in the eternal optimism of youth.  He takes things as they come, often jumping to conclusions and acting on impulse.  He's not stupid though; his impulses are based on accurate insight, a knack for seeing through the bullshit and straight to the source of the problem.

Emrick has a boundless imagination, always experimenting with magic and tinkering with his various gadgets and gizmos (a hobby he picked up from a brief stay in Ratchet).  He's bored easily, always on the move and looking for change.  Perhaps his only "serious" hobby is jewelcrafting, a job he focuses on for money and trade (and finds excruciatingly boring).  He prefers diplomacy over violence, talking over combat; this is both because of his relative inexperience with fighting, and because of his overall focus on creation and discovery.

Armor:  A leather vest over a comfortable long sleeved shirt with leather elbows provides most of the protection.  He also wears fingerless gloves with metal tipped knuckles (used for mining and jewelcrafting, not combat), cloth pants with leather kneeguards, and thick leather boots.  Depending on the weather, Emrick may also wear a hooded cloak

Weapon: Two of 'em.
- An ancient Draenish shortsword, restrengthened and enchanted with Scryer magic.
- A composite shotgun, made by himself, that uses ammunition enchanted by Emrick.  Used mainly for hunting.  The barrel can be removed to form a mining chisel, and there's an underslung slot for a skinning knife/bayonet.

Guild: The Explorer's League

Mount: A young mare named Talia.

Hearthstone: Dalaran.  He's never used it though.

Sexual Experience: Somewhat.  He's had two relationships and a single fling, but is currently... "unmolested".  :P
- His first was with a high elf mage-in-training around his age two years after the sacking of Dalaran. <--- Relationship
- His second was with an almost forgotten childhood friend he ran into by pure luck when he revisited Stormwind at age 19 in search of his father.  <--- Fling!
- His third was with a human herbalist he had met in Shattrath City during his time in Terrokar Forest.  <--- Relationship
- Emrick's relationships involved some sexual elements, but he's still fairly naive when it comes to sex in general.  It's not that he's shy when it comes to having sex; he's just inexperienced and doesn't know all that much.

Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual; humans, elves, draenei, trolls, etc. etc.  Anything humanoid, sentient, roughly his height, and not too monstrous looking is acceptable to him.

Turn Offs: My Offs

Rivals: None specifically.

Aspect: ...

Racial Hatred:
Undead - Any and all.
Demons - They're freaking demons!!
Orcs - More of a racial bias than true hate.  His time in Outland has somewhat softened his views a bit.

Racial Affection:
Humans - Duh
Dwarves - Their philosophy of exploration and discovery melds nicely with his own.
High Elves - He spent much of his adolescence in their company.
Blood Elves - He sees them as high elves.
Gnomes and Goblins - He's exchanged schematics and prototypes with them for years, and loves their take on technology: the so-called "physical magic"
Trolls - He's encountered many tribes during his travels: some hostile, some not.  Their ruggedness, utilitarianism, and ability to survive in a wide variety of locales earns Emrick's respect.

Offline Sanai

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #94 on: May 16, 2010, 09:24:44 AM »
Alright since we've got some interest going posting up character Sheets.

Name: Tzain

Age: Was 29 when he died

Race: Undead (Forsaken)

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Fury

Talents: Stealthy, Skilled Tactician, Ruthless, Terrifying Combatant (Uses fear tactics to demoralise the enemy)

Spells/Skills: All normal warrior skills, all fury skills. Blacksmithing (weapons maintenance and modification specialisation)

Faction: Currenlty Forsaken
Secondary Faction/s: Leader of a small band of warriors called the Hatespawn Raiders. This group is entirely made up of warriors, rogues and the occasional death knight or hunter. They are handpicked by Tzain for their ability to butcher, kill and demoralise the enemy. He leads them on raids into vulnerable alliance territories, using hit and run tactics, as well as fear and torture to sow terror and destruction through alliance territory. They are infamous for slaughtering farmers in hillsbrad, and then using the corpses of the slaughtered farmers to devise a trap for alliance soldiers.

Titles:  Hatespawn, Terror of Hillsbrad, Terror Knight, The Hillsbrad Fields Butcher,
Status within your hometown: Exalted by the Forsaken, and by some of the more warlike amongst the horde. More conservative factions, such the tauren druids, revile him and his men for their ruthless and bloody tactics.

Appearance: He has long, dark hair, completely black eyes, that are often bleeding. As an undead, his is thin and somewhat emaciated, however, the rot has not affected him much, and despite his many scars, he does not have as much bone showing as most forsaken.

History: Tzain is a name this warrior invented for himself, after he became Forsaken. As a human, he was killed, fighting the undead when they overran lordaeron. Since then, he has revelled in the art of warfare, fighting in many parts of the world, and even fighting in outland during the burning crusade, and against the scourge in northrend.

Personality: Cold, Ruthless and cruel, Tzain however is not one to show excessive emotion. Usually a smile is the only sign you will have that he is enjoying slaughtering your men and torturing you.

Armor:  Warbringer Armour, with a long, tattered black cloak. Sorry that this pic is not of an undead. To see it as an undead:
Cruel Torment (black/dark gray instead of the brown, the runes/eyes and glow is blood red instead of orange/blue)
Hateful Butcher (Black instead of purple, runes glow red, teeth are a darker colour)
Guild/Team: (If players choose they may create a faction together and create a tabard)

Mount of choice: He rides an undead wyvern, black in colour, with its spine exposed, wearing spiked armour and with glowing red eyes.

Hearthstone location: Currently The Thunerlord Stronghold, in the Blade's Edge Mountains in Outland.

Sexual Experience: Had some sexual experience as a human, which he vaguely remembers. As one of the forsaken, he has often had casual sex with other female's amongst his raiders, and with the occasional other member of the horde. He has also had sexual experience with many of his victims.

Sexual Preferences: He is heterosexual, and has sado-masochistic tendancies. He will do anything humanoid, except gnomes, dwarves and goblins. Of course, if he has sex with a member of the alliance, he is probably going to do some bad, bad things to them. Before he kills them.

Turn Offs: My offs (Anal, scat, waterplay mostly)

Rivals: None at this time.

Aspect: Blank at this time.

Racial Hatred: He hates humans, dwarves, gnomes and night elves. Simply because he feels they are too weakened by their morality, and because he has fought them for so long. He would hate dranei, if they were not so interesting to him.

Racial Affection: He prefers Blood Elves, Trolls and other Forsaken, due to them being more like him in the moral side of things.

Offline Drako

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #95 on: May 16, 2010, 01:29:16 PM »
Name: Antinanco Swiftwing

Age: 27

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Specialization: Balance

Talents: Herbalism and Inscription. First aide, Riding

Spells/Skills: Mark of the Wild, Gift of the Wild, Moonfire, Hurricane, Insect Swarm, Typhoon, Wrath, Nature's Grasp, Entangling Roots, Starfire, Thorns, Sooth Animal, Rebirth, Moonkin Form, Swift Flight Form, Aquatic Form, Dire Bear Form, Cat Form, Travel Form

Faction: Horde

Secondary Faction/s: Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition

Titles:  Swift Hunter, Far Runner, Champion of Cenarius

Status within your hometown: Exalted

Appearance: Antinanco is 8' 9” tall and almost 700lbs of muscle. He's solid black but for a white mark on his left shoulder blade in the form of a bird's wing. His horns are white and sweep forward like steer horns.
(Credit for the pic goes to the artist, which isn't me)

History: Antinonco grew up on the Mulgore plains and showed an inclination for being a druid from the time he could walk and started training when most were just learning what their life's path would be. He was an only child but kept a close eye on Otoahhastis, one of the younger females in his tribe that he looked at like a younger sister.

He has had several dealing with the Scarlet Crusade and the humans of the Alliance, none of them good. While he might not go out of his way to attack humans he encounter neither will he help them willingly.

Personality: Antinonco is generally quiet even around other Tauren, though more because he prefers to listen to what others have to say before adding his two cents. He often plays mediator to other people arguments, even between members of the Horde and Alliance, though he hates dealing with humans. And woe to anyone that messes with his “adopted” sister.

Armor:  Lasherweave Regalia, blackened leather armor he's rightfully earned. The druid symbol is emblazoned on the chest piece and his clan symbol on the shoulders.

Weapon: A glowing staff that he acquired in battle. He calls it the Claws of battle due to the four spiky tips on the glowing end of the staff.

Guild/Team: None

Mount of choice: Black War Kodo, Black Drake, Armored Blue Wind Rider

Hearthstone location: Thunder Bluff

Sexual Experience: Knows what he's doing though not an expert by far.

Sexual Preferences: Female

Turn Offs: see my rules

Rivals: None yet


Racial Hatred: Humans (Racist pricks)
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Offline CardwolfTopic starter

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #96 on: May 16, 2010, 07:15:33 PM »
Alright these are all looking good just as a reminder the main thread and ooc thread has been posted.  Though any new players should post profiles or voice interest here and not the ooc thread.

Online Sessha

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #97 on: May 16, 2010, 10:06:20 PM »
Name: Miriallia Highwind

Age: 20

Race: High Elf

Class: Paladin

Specialization: Retribution/Holy

Talents:  Blacksmithing/Mining, First Aid and riding.

Spells/Skills: Blessing of Wisdom, Cleanse, Concentration Aura, Concercration, Divine Plea, Exorcism, Flash of Light, Greater Blessing of Wisdom, Holy Light, Holy Wrath, Lay on Hands, Purify, Redemption, Sacred Shield, Seal of Light, Seal of Righteousness, Sense Undead, Turn Evil, Blessing of Kings, Devotion Aura, Divine Intervention, Divine Protection, Divine Shield, Fire Resistance Aura, Frost Resistance Aura, Greater Blessing of Kings, Hammer of Justice, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Hand of Reckoning, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Salvation, Righteous Defense, Righteous Fury, Shadow Resistence Aura, Shield of Righteousness, Avenging Wrath, Blessing of Might, Crusader Aura, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Greater Blessing of Might, Hammer of Wrath, Judegment of Justice, Judgement of Light, Judgement of Wisdom, Repentance, Retibution Aura, Seal of Command and Seal of Vengence.

Faction: Alliance

Secondary Faction/s: Netherwing Drakes, Lower City, Honor Hold, Sha'tar, Aldor, Kurenai.

Titles: Champion of the Naaru, Hand of Adal

Status within your hometown: Exaulted

Appearance: (this is her look but she has blonde hair and is dressed in hte full tier 9 paladin look.)

History: Miriallia is one of the few remaining High Elves after their near extinction by the scourge under Arthas`s command. Alleria on the other hand was not present at the destruction of the Sunwell due to her parents being apart of the expidition to Draenor twenty years before. Being in Outlands had protected Alleria and the other High Elves that lived their from the Sunwell`s sundering. Living in Outlands was not without it`s incidents either. Due to Outlands now being a part of he twisting nether some strange things began to happen among the remaining populace they began to experence changes in some of the children being born following Draenor`s sundering. Such changes were minor but noticable, such changes were for some reason only being kepted to gender related incidents. The most common was that some females were being born wiht a fully functional penis, testicles and a vagina along with male children being born with a vagina instead of a penis and testicles. As she grew up Miriallia felt herself being drawn toward a life of service to the Holy Light and thus when she was old enough she went through the first ever trials to be held in Outlands for a group of Paladins. Miriallia proved to be a natural and she easily won a postion in the paladins of Outlands.

Personality: Miriallia is a kind woman who belives in and follows the tenents of the Holy Light. Respect, Tenacity and Compasion. Her father a blacksmith also taught her a code to live by as well. "Destroy your enemies, protect the week love justice but do mercy." These are words she has lived by since the day she was born.

Armor:  Full Paladin tier 9 armor

Weapon:  Highwind Mace.

Guild/Team: None.

Mount of choice: Snowy griffon, Armored Blue Griffon, Blue Netherdrake, Phoenix,  paladin charger, Blue Snow Saber.

Hearthstone location: Shattrath

Sexual Experience:  Miriallia has had experence with both males and due to her unique body she has done it with females.

Sexual Preferences: Miriallia doesn't mind having sex with men but becuase of her unquie body and the fact that there are very few people in Outlands to have sex with she perfers women.

Turn Offs: Scat, watersports, and of beastiality.

Rivals: none


Racial Hatred: Fel Orcs.
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Offline Zakharra

Re: World of Warcraft Interest Check
« Reply #98 on: May 17, 2010, 01:34:19 AM »
Name: Kynrind Duskstalker (personal last name, not family)

Age: 150

Race: Kal'dorei (Night Elf)

Class: Hunter

Specialization: Survival

Talents: Grand master Skinner and near Grand master tailor

Spells/Skills:The skills a survival hunter has

Faction: Alliance

Secondary Faction/s: Kal'dorei

Titles: Huntress, The Duskstalker. That Freaking Bitch. Ice-Heart. Slaver's Death.
 Satyrs Slut (this one is guaranteed to send her into a killing rage.)

Status within your hometown: Exalted with Darnassus

Appearance:  *I do not know how to attach a picture, but I can provide a link. The picture is NSFW though. I'll include her Armory link too. Currently she isn't wearing her armor.)  Kynrind is a tall woman. 7'2" tall and 220 lbs, she is a slender yet a somewhat curvy night elven female. She has purple skin, a high cheekboned face, an elegantly shaped nose and a wide mouth. She's more beautiful than pretty. Her ears are long, pierced at several places. Kyn prefers to keep her hair long and loose, but will braid it when necessary. It's color is either white or purple. Kynrind has the traditional facial markings of most female kaldorei. Her's being a dark line down over each eye.

 (Armory link:
 Other link:

History: Kyn was born in Astranaar. She had a happy childhood until at the tender age of adolecence her innocence was ripped from her by a sept of satyrs. The cruel demons took her painfully and completely. Leaving her mentally sacarred.

 Then they discovered the young kaldorie was unusually recentive to their brand of 'play' and instead of  killing her, they kept her alive and used her.  The nexy century was a living hell for Kyn as she was used and abused  by every satyr sept in nothern Kalimdor. Each one adding it's mark to her flesh. On and off, she spent nearly 60 years in their cruel hands. The longest period being a decade that ended right as the Scourge and demonic forces under Archimonde tore through Kalimdor on the way to Hyjal.

 After finding herself free, she has painfully rebuilt her life. The torment she suffered from the satyrs, scarring her soul to the point she is only receptive to the touch of women. Even men she might like send her into a screaming panic as their touch brings back the memories.

 She's formed a very close bond with her younger sister, like a binding between a couple. What one can sense, the other can as well.

Personality: Kyn is a very independant woman. She hates to have to depend on anyone and is extremely prideful. She is fairly cool to most people, but for women she is more open. Males tend to get a cold shouder to downright hostility if they push it. To those she considers friends, she is much more open and will laugh more freely. The only person she is completely open to is her sister, Anoriafell, but even there, some things she cannot share with her sister, who she loves and hates more than life itself. NOTE: Kyn isn't sane. She's functional, but not necessarily sane.

Armor:  The windrunner battle set.

Weapon: (Need to get ingame to look at her polearm and weapons. They are level 80 weapons. Polearm, bow, rifle.)

Guild/Team: (If players choose they may create a faction together and create a tabard)

Mount of choice: Stormsaber

Hearthstone location: The Aldor in Shattrath

Sexual Experience: Forceful sex. Being drugged, magically induced lust. More recently, gentle love from women.

Sexual Preferences: Women (right now), males are a ruthlessly surpressed desire that can send her into a screaming clawing panic.

Turn Offs: Satyrs, Slavers, Men, warlocks of any gender.

Rivals: Right now, any orcs and slavers.

Aspect: (Just leave this blank, I will explain more at a later time)

Racial Hatred: Orcs (her list of hated things is much longer, but for the other faction, Orcs are right at the top for their desecration of Ashenvale forest and the murder of Cenarius.
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Name: Anoriafell Greenmist


Race: Kal'dorei (Night Elf)

Class: Priest

Specialization: Holy/Shadow

Talents: Herbalism, Alchemy

Spells/Skills: Holy priestess skills, with shadow as a side venture now.

Faction: Alliance

Secondary Faction/s: None, she is open to heal anyone of either faction

Titles: Priestess, Mistress of Burns and Knowledge.

Status within your hometown: Revered

Appearance: Anoria is mid sized for a Night Elven woman. Her figure is well curved, her bust heavy and hips and rear soft. Not fat, just the form of someone more suited to healing than close combat.  Her white hair spills down her shoulders. Silver studs decorate the edges of her ears. 4 in each and at the lobe. The tattoos on Anoria's face are dark, a stark contrast to her pale skin. She prefers to wear robes or dresses. (that's the best clothed one I could find. Change the skin and hair to white and you have it. Minus the bow) NSFW,

History: Anoriafell  was born soon after her older sister Kynrind. They had a happy childhood and were very close until Kynrind disappeared. Anoria managed to go on, but her heart was hurt every time her increasingly damaged sister was found and then vanished again. She joined the priesthood out of a desire to help heal her sister.

Until the Lich-King and his Scourge arrived. His arrival shattered Anoria's world, family, faith and her spirit. Her entire family was slaughtered in the battles to defend the World Tree. Anoria was away from the fighting, helping heal the wounded. The destruction at the Tree rendered the young priestess senseless.

She lay unconscious for months, before waking in the Shadowglen on Darnassus. Finding out what happened to her family, Anoria began rebuilding her life. She also found her sister there. Much darker and grimer. Still, she loved her and the two bonded again. Forming a bond as strong as any twin. What one feels, the other can sense. With Anoria though, that is much stronger from her unusual healing abilities.

 Anoria's healing is unusual and very rare. When she heals, she takes the patient's wound onto herself., healing the patient, then heals herself. This means she literally suffers all of the pain from the wound or sickness she is healing. She can regrow missing limbs with a lot of effort.  The priestess also senses the emotions of those around her. This can affect her healing unless she is able to concentrate. For her, the worst thing s not being allowed to heal. Enough of this will make her physuically sick.

Personality: Anoria is as passive as her sister is hostile. She is a quiet woman that will nonetheless take it upon herself to heal those she can. Even if it's the enemy. Much to her sister's dismay. However, as passive as she is, that can hide an aggressive nature that is far more subtle than her sister's more open hostility.

Armor:  Heirloom Dreadmist. (with clerical shoulders, gloves and the like) The robe and gloves are enchanted to not show any blood.

Weapon:  The Staff of the Moon

Guild/Team: None

Mount of choice: Moonsaber

Hearthstone location:  Shattrath

Sexual Experience: Extensive.

Sexual Preferences: Males and females.

Turn Offs: Lots of pain, scat.

Rivals: None

Aspect: (Just leave this blank, I will explain more at a later time)

Racial Hatred:  Orcs*

 *This is fading because of her healing style. Forsaken are rapidly taking their place though.
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